Gone like a ghost

Great date ends with a robbery

I went on a date with this beautiful woman and everything went smooth. We had a great dinner with a friendly waiter, we went to see a movie that we both liked and decided to go to the park for a walk.

So you read “robbery” in the headline and now you’re assuming we got robbed in the park right? Well, we actually never made it to the park and here is why:

I stopped at a gas station because I had to use the restroom. I asked her if she wants to come, she said no. I asked if she wants anything and she said no thank you. She gave me that “hurry up and come back quickly” smile that made my heart melt.

I went to the restroom and while I was in there my mom (!) called. I took the call and maybe spent 2 minutes longer in the restroom. When I came back outside I saw her standing outside of my car in tears. I asked what happened and she told me that somebody opened the door and grabbed her (expensive Michael Kors) purse with all her belongings in it (including her phone).

I thought it was a joke but there were eye witnesses and somebody even filmed it with his smartphone. It was painful to watch but it also made me think “Ok, instead of filming it you could have done something to stop him!”. We ended up at the police station, they took her statement bla bla… long story short, they never found the guy.

I offered to drive her home but she wanted to take a cab. The date was ruined.

The following days I tried to call her but my calls went straight to voice mail. I tried for a few days since I knew her phone was stolen. I thought she might get a new one with the same phone number. I didn’t have her address, couldn’t find her on Facebook or any other social media. Eventually the line had been disconnected.

I never heard from her again. She walked into my life with that special smile and she disappeared like a ghost somewhere to nowhere.

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