Gold Digger Death Wish

Gold digger’s Death Wish

From the day I met Sheva all she was doing was asking for money. More a less direct. The number of her kids varied from 3 to 6 in various conversations so either she was high at times or forgot how many kids she actually has.

“They will turn my lights off” she cried the next day and I was like “Hey, who’s your energy provider? Let me pay that bill for you.” While I really didn’t have any intention to pay her light bill I was curious how she would react. I wasn’t surprised when she told me that she needed the money in cash and that I can’t pay the electric bill in her name. I see!

One day a friend told me that he saw her in an ad on Craigslist offering her “services” for money. She lied about it though her ad and picture (and her phone number – duh!) were on there. I didn’t speak to her again, she kept texting from time to time asking for things for her kids and herself but I told her that I can’t help her.

The Death Wish

Then I finally got those texts from her:

“I really need you to go away…”

(excuse me? You keep texting me asking for money, I need YOU to go away!)

“I explained that my kids needed things and you dont care as usual I hope you die old and alone.

I really hope you live long and lonely…I hope you miss me for the rest of your life because I am never talking to you ever again!”

(Is that a promise?)

“When you die hopefully nobody will be at your funeral except your coworkers. I’ve never hated anyone like I hate you right now. I never wished death on a person but you can die slow.

You have never been there for me not once..not when we was hungry, homeless, had a fire when I was prostituting myself to feed my family not once you just watched me struggle and judged me. I work in a nursing home where you’ll end up with all your money and possessions that mean so much to you. I have never wanted to slap a white face as much as I wanna slap the shit outta you.”

(Disclaimer: We never had sex, I simply decided to not pursue this and I know for a fact that she made up many stories and even talked to people that I know trying to get money from them – I don’t know all the circumstances but I am not sure how I should feel about an angry gold digger. I didn’t and don’t feel responsible for her life. Is it a sad story? Yes, if all of that is true then it is sad but – despite the fact that she was trying to hide her real name from me – I found her on Facebook and there she was bragging about her “good life” and you see her with other guys on trips and going out to the club and dinner dates. Can’t be so bad then after all, good luck! I hope you find what you’re looking for!)

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