First time talking to Andrea

First time texting with Andrea

So after talking on the dating app for a while we finally exchanged numbers and started texting.

Me: Knock, knock, it’s (me).

Andrea: Hey, how was your weekend.

Me: pretty good though busy… and yours?

Andrea: extremely busy, however I feel as though I accomplished nothing.., new week…. I look forward to great and wonderful things.;-)

Me: That sounds awesome, I haven’t made any plans yet (besides work). that’s the spirit… I was working on a project yesterday but in the evening it also felt like I accomplished not a lot which is not true because I learned a lot (I was actually editing since I work in music video production)

Andrea: Wonderful. Is this a cell or computer line?
Andrea: Is this a cell or computer line?

(yes, she sent it twice since it took me a minute to answer because I was grabbing a coffee in the kitchen)

Andrea: you appear to have a lot of projects going on these days

(oh, so first it’s wonderful but now it sounds like it’s a bad thing?!)

Me: what makes you say that?

Andrea: Originally, you are putting your bed together, you just announced another project….. is this not so… correct me if I’m wrong…;-)

Me: at the moment that’s because I don’t know anybody in the area but I also want to go out more and explore. I just checked on (the dating app), I don’t see where I mentioned the bed, that is strange, lol

(or did I not mention it? Strange indeed!)

Andrea: Well, you didn’t quite say bed… however your furniture.

Me: True. So what is your point regarding my time? You think I wouldn’t have time for you?

Andrea: No…..i did not say..nor imply that….

Me: right now I am very interested in getting to know you better. It seems like this is not so easy 🙂

Andrea: Lol….u r too funny, i was told i was a hard catch, but woth it…..

(Not a wrong thing to say if it’s a joke, back then I didn’t know what about to come. What do you guys think? Just a joke? Serious signs of a superiority complex?)

Me: I wouldn’t doubt that for a second (“worth it”) – well, I also don’t doubt you being a “hard catch”, lol. Probably a “nerd” like me is not the right person to “catch” you, ha ha…

Andrea: Well, im not sure if i would call myself a nerd….. but I love interesting things, I just try to avoid nonsense, what do you believe makes you a nerd, what do you believe makes you a nerd?

(random info: meanwhile it was 9:27 in the AM)

Me: I’ve been often called a nerd because my intelligence seems to be above average, I have been insecure around girls for most of my life, I work a lot with computers… but if I know people a little bit longer I am actually funny and not shy at all. It just takes time.

(did I really say that? Bragging about me being smart? You shouldn’t say stuff like that about yourself)

Andrea: so what type of relationships have you shared in the past, or have you only been engaged in computer love….lol

Me: lol, no… I had 2 relationships (each about 10 years), one was with a very bossy girl and the other one was with a very depressed girl (which I didn’t know from the beginning because it was not obvious at all). We did everything together, I didn’t go out without her yet she was jealous and paranoid for no reason. It was just toxic at the end. How about you?

Andrea: Wow… no reason?

Me: I am very serious about that, I had been loyal all the time – but to understand it better: while being on a plane a flight attendant asked me what I want to drink and she yelled at her to not flirt with me, that was so embarrassing I can’t even tell you.

Andrea: you’re not in an attractive guy,…. it indeed this is you in your photograph….soooooooo .. I could see how a little jealousy… would present itself… as long as it is healthy

Me: “you’re not in an attractive guy” – lol, thank you. A “little ” jealousy is ok but I am serious, she was going over the top and that very often. But it seems I have a tendency to attract bossy and depressed women

Andrea: Sorry, unattractive, typo.

Andrea: I’m sure girls hit on you all the time. what is your definition of bossy?

Me: I think women are expecting me to ask for a date first… and I don’t want to rush it (I mean ask too early and then get a “no”).

Andrea: Ok…..ok, u dont take rejection very well?

Me: Better than years ago but still not in a way that I don’t care

Me (after 5 minutes with no answer): I guess you got busy. Are you at work?

Andrea: U never answered is the photograph on the dating app actually you, it looks.

Andrea: Mmmmmmhhhhh…….what is your name… that just felt weird.

(weird indeed, we’ve been chatting quite a while – remember, also before on the app and nobody asked)

Advice: Even on any dating website, don’t just say “Hey” or “How are you” or “What’s up” in a first message. Say hello, say your name and mention something in his or her profile that you like or that you have in common and that you would like to hear from him / her.

Me: My name is (me) and yours?

Andrea: Andrea

(she actually told me her middle name back then, I found out later that she did that so that I couldn’t find her on social media or other sites.)

Me: Nice to “meet” you Andrea. Is there something you would be willing to share regarding your previous relationships?

Andrea: Oh…ok, I would rather speak of such personal things in a different forum.. Not via a text… But i am out of an 18 year marriage.

Me: what do you mean with “different” forum?

Andrea: Not texting my life.

Me: I understand. So you mean talking on the phone and / or meeting in person? or skyping seems to be in?!

Me: (after waiting 5 minutes) you really seem to be busy now, I’ll grab a bite for lunch at 12, maybe you can text me later

Andrea: (after approx. 20 minutes) Sorry, i was a little busy, I DONT skype.

Andrea: What makes my conversation better than the others?

Me: With Skype I meant voice (not video) or simply chatting because it’s easier than texting but ok.

Andrea: U spend a lot of time on you’re computer, i don’t

Me: You seem to be very open and direct, not a lot of blabla, I consider you intelligent by what I’ve learned so far (women who appear to be stupid – and unfortunately many are – or it is me being judgmental – are a huge turn off)

Andrea: You should get out more.

Andrea:Oh..ok, so i past the test.

12:18 PM Me: it’s not about passing a test, so far I’ve enjoyed our communication. It’s more a gut feeling. What makes you say that I should go out more?

12:22 PM Andrea: Just to take a break from your computer, chatting, skyping,

12:23 PM Andrea :But believe it or not, I have never skyped.

12:23 PM Me: I work with computers in my job, I use Skype to stay in contact with my family who is living far away, I haven’t skyped with somebody from the dating site yet. 

12:26 PM Me: I enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking and many more

12:27 PM Andrea: Oh…..wonderful…

12:28 PM Andrea: Uuuhh, i was raised in the midwest, i am not a good swimmer, so i love to be around all those things

12:31 PM Andrea: But i guess i would b just for show.

12:32 PM Me: you should to the things you truly enjoy
12:37 PM Me:I have to grab some lunch and make a couple of phone calls, I’ll be back in about 1 hour

12:37 PM Andrea: I agree, im not a good swimmer, sooooo, i don’t do those t things.
12:38 PM Andrea: Ok

1:49 PM Me: ok, I’m back – text me when you have time
1:50 PM Me:are you at work?

1:51 PM Andrea: Still
1:51 PM Andrea: What made you want tho come to Texas? I thought Washington was nice.

1:52 PM Me: Washington is not bad. Baltimore is not far from there but Baltimore is the drug capital of the US it seems, not a nice city at all. But in the end it was because my job was closed and I was offered to work here or be unemployed.

1:59 PM Andrea: Oh..ok, well, I’m glad you are still employed..

2:05 PM Andrea: How was your vacation in Dubai

2:06 PM Me: it’s a whole new world, all the money they spent on big buildings, impressive shopping malls.. but it was very safe, no crimes at all. What kind of job do you have? Do you work with computers at all?

2:10 PM Andrea: Everyday……I was having a moment with old skool music, CUTIE PIE… may not know that song.

2:16 PM Me:well, now I do

2:19 PM Andrea: REALLY……NO…..who sings it without looking it up.

2:20 PM Me: I said “NOW I do”, I looked it up – is it One Way from 1982 or are there other versions?

2:22 PM Andrea: Ok, got it…lol….yes that’s correct..i used to love the song…. Reminds me how old i am.

Me: you still haven’t told me about your job – if you don’t want to share then give me a vague idea please 2:26 PM

Andrea: I communicate with people daily…;-) 2:28 PM
Andrea: In this field for 19 years. 2:28 PM
Andrea: LOVE IT. 2:28 PM

Me: I shouldn’t have said “vague”, ok 2:29 PM

Andrea: HEY……..LOL 2:30 PM
Andrea: Stay tuned you will learn what it is a do. 2:30 PM

Me: of course I stay tuned, you think I’ll give up? 2:31 PM

Andrea: U never answered y u were in DUBAI 2:31 PM
Andrea: THATS left to be seen. 😉 =-O 2:32 PM
Andrea: Dubai ???????? 2:33 PM
Andrea: Were you prior military? 2:33 PM
Andrea: Are associated???? 2:33 PM

Me: Nope, because you never asked. You asked “How was it in Dubai” and I answered. It was just for vacation, very affordable from Germany 2:34 PM
Me: Prior military? I’m German. Associated? With whom or what? 2:37 PM

Andrea: Lol…..i guess, no military, father mother……. 2:38 PM

Me: nope not at all 2:39 PM
Me: you will know when you hear me talking – bad German accent, probably poor grammar 2:40 PM

Andrea: Well, u appear to be writing fine. 2:42 PM
Andrea: Or are you depending on the computer, cant be that bad if you work here in AMERICA. 2:43 PM

Me: maybe one day you want to talk on the phone then you’ll see, no, HEAR 2:43 PM

Andrea: Ooooooh, should i be scared. 2:44 PM
Andrea: I forgot to tell you why I’m skeptical about online dating. 2:49 PM
Andrea: A girl i know was ripped off for over 50 grand….thinking she was going to meet the love of her life. 2:50 PM
Andrea: He had a fake pic, lived in Africa, claiming to b working on a major oil rig….. 2:51 PM
Andrea: I don’t know the details, but now they have cracked down on the probability of this occurrence, Herbert you still grave to b careful. 2:52 PM

Me: oh my… but sorry, why sending a stranger 50 grand? That sounds stupid to me. But I’ve heard of those African scammers, usually somebody gets sick or something else bad happens and they ask for money, but 50 GRAND? Sorry, that’s not smart at all 2:54 PM

Andrea: No, he nickled and dimed her over a period of time. 2:56 PM
Andrea: So…..tell me how do i know you’re not this guy…….lol….seriously?????? 2:57 PM

Me: hm, call me? Meet me? And I honestly don’t think somebody from Africa can have a German accent or fake it 2:59 PM
Me: do you have friends who speak German? 3:00 PM

Andrea: No…actually i dont, considering how diverse i am…. 3:01 PM
Andrea: I was in Germany in 04…..the men were very forward, and appeared to be very attracted to dark skinned women….not sure, could have been a fantasy. 3:03 PM

Me: it’s like with everything – some are, some don’t. Well, all I can offer you is to call me and listen to my voice whether I sound African in any way. After all I could also be a German scammer, they are not so well known yet 🙂 3:16 PM

Andrea: Yeah, could be right 3:35 PM

Me: no, I’m not – of course not. Well, whenever you want to talk to me on the phone just let me know 3:45 PM

Andrea: Is this the correct number? 4:02 PM

Me: same number you’re texting to 4:03 PM

Andrea: R u still at work 4:05 PM

Me: you want to call me now? 4:06 PM

Andrea: Not if youre at work. 4:07 PM

Me: I’m at work but pretty unoccupied atm 4:07 PM
Me: well, then you have to call earlier, I work 4 PM to 12 this week, I just got in earlier for a meeting we had 4:08 PM

Andrea: Oh ok…r u sure u r ready for this 4:09 PM
Andrea: Really, not 8pm. 4:10 PM

Me: no – but you can call anyway 4:11 PM
Me: wow, I’m glad you called 4:58 PM

Andrea: Really….;-) 4:59 PM

Me: yes Ma’am 5:00 PM

Andrea: Wonderful, now you should hope that I look like the picture I have posted 5:02 PM
Andrea: Lol…;-) 5:02 PM

Me: Why is that? 5:05 PM

Andrea: Thats one of the surprises that come along with computer love. 5:06 PM

Me: I see, ok 5:07 PM
Me: I like talking to you, I meant that 5:08 PM

To be continued here!

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