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Everything sucks in the US!

I had to work in the morning so I didn’t text much but then this…

Yes, I wasn’t born here so I have an accent – since the day we spoke, Nina!

Nina: Everything sucks in the US. Was talking to pool guy. He was complimenting my work. I do like you. I think you are a great guy. Especially with dealing with my bad attitude. I can be a little tough at times and you showed you don’t give up easily and you believe that this isn’t the real me. Because it’s not. I have bad days and good days. I think the only hard thing for me is your accent. But it’s because I’m not use to it 12:29 PM 

Nina: But it’s definitely not a deal breaker just hard to decipher is your being serious or not 12:29 PM 

Me: What about my accent???? Usually women love it. I’m confused. 12:31 PM 

Nina: I don’t love it… lol. And I told you I’m not every woman. Sometimes it’s hard to understand you and I have to try… lol 12:31 PM 

Me: Ok, if you don’t understand then please just ask me. We’ll figure it out in time. And you’re still wondering if I am serious or not? Really? 12:33 PM 

Nina: I just don’t understand why me 12:34 PM 

Nina: What made you want to get to know me… I really think we have a balance that could become… but you and I are like night and day. I dont know. I questioned my ex for years as to why me… I can be so mean, so direct and you’re so sweet, gentle 12:35 PM 

Me: I hope you can drop the “why me” thoughts and just accept it. 12:37 PM 

Me: you don’t have to figure out every aspect in life, label and explain it 12:38 PM 

Me: I have no connections to anybody else in your life, I know that was one of your thoughts, lol 12:38 PM 

Nina: Why? You won’t drop the what do I think about you ? 12:38 PM 

Me: What you think about me is important if you seriously want to give this a try. 12:39 PM 

Me: rest a little bit and see me tonight so that we can talk and I will try to speak more clearly 🙂 12:40 PM 

Nina: Yes it is one of my thoughts because I am a pretty private person. And I intend to keep it that way. That’s how I work. If you and I are in a heated fight…. 12:40 PM 

Nina: about to kill eachother… when our friends visit they wouldn’t ever know… that’s how private my life is. I don’t and won’t argue in front of my kids. 12:40 PM 

Me: I can actually mimic some American accents but it’s just not me 12:40 PM 

Nina: I am up and running. No rest I will rest at 730-11 12:40 PM 

Me: it’s like you would talk with a deep Batman voice all the time 12:40 PM 

Nina: Well it wouldn’t matter what I think about you… if I’m willing to give you a try. 12:41 PM 

Nina: I can understand you dear, you’re fine talking the way you are. 12:43 PM 

Nina: Or I guess I should call you honey ? 12:43 PM 

Nina: So how do we get serious? Everyday night after midnight? 12:45 PM 

Nina: Will you start answering questions I ask? Do I have to sign some paperwork for security clearance? Swear to secrecy… 12:46 PM 

Nina: I want a romantic relationship… like a love story… I want to laugh, cry, and be happy on more then just holidays. I crave attention, hate the word no. Like to eat laying down. I hardly watch TV unless documentaries or cops… I don’t sleep with the lights on. I believe a bed should be made everyday. If not you’ll have a shitty day. I believe in showers before bed. Don’t allow my kids to say anything other then yes when answering to someone. So I expect you to answer them the same way. They can’t say uh-huh, ok, or shrug shoulders and definitely can’t answer with “what”. We don’t say dumb, stupid or hate in this house…or to each other. 12:50 PM 

Nina: I’m wondering how do we get serious when you don’t know all those things about me… 12:51 PM 

Nina: And what are deal breakers for you? 12:51 PM 

Nina: I have a lot of guy friends… 12:51 PM 

Nina: A lot 12:51 PM 

Me: I love romance. We should just take it slowly and let things happen. Starting with seeing each other tonight 🙂 1:00 PM 

Me: About your guy friends, either you like me or not. You can have 0 or 100 guy friends, if you want to cheat, you’ll cheat. If not it’s all good 1:01 PM 

Nina: Well I mean like girlfriends that are guys. I wouldn’t cheat. I know what it feels like to be cheated on. 1:11 PM 

Nina: I think I was avoiding you because my stalker… my true stalker… it’s still a little rough addressing that situation. While he doesn’t mean any harm… and I don’t think he’s a threat… it’s always possible he would come by with some dumb mess… 1:28 PM 

Nina: And I didn’t want you to be in the middle. Our kids play sometimes. Not so much since January but often they will ask for them… and it makes it hard because I 1:29 PM 

Nina: don’t want to stop our kids from being friends as they won’t understand… 1:29 PM 

Nina: But this is why I strongly am against dating guys with kids… it’s always been weird for me. In fact I only did it twice in my life time 1:30 PM 

Me: I guess it’s good that I don’t have any kids, I’m the ideal dating candidate it seems 2:56 PM 

Me: are you out picking up the kids? 3:00 PM 

Nina: Yes I am. 3:00 PM 

Nina: Are you learning my schedule ? 3:00 PM 

Nina: I gather you are getting ready for work 3:00 PM 

Nina: Did you eat? 3:00 PM 

Me: yes, I made a tuna salad 3:05 PM 

Nina: That’s funny. I was just gonna ask you if you eat seafood. Lol. 3:06 PM 

Nina: My friends want to have a crawfish boil this weekend…. I know… you gotta work… but I’m not sure what time she was planning… 3:06 PM 

Going back and forth – back and forth!

This is going nowhere, what am I doing here?

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