In the bedroom I have control

Darla – when I have you in my bed…

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, the whole Covid-19 situation has messed up many things at work and in private. Nobody died though and that’s the most important thing!

Darla: Gud morning. 9:59 AM 

Me: Hey, I couldn’t sleep last night so I went back to bed at 6 and got up an hour ago. How is it going? 2:45 PM 

Me: are you sleeping? 5:16 PM 

Darla: No. 5:16 PM 

Me: what are you up to? 6:01 PM 

Darla: Nothing 6:02 PM 

Me: Oh, ok 6:38 PM 

Me: I’m omw home now 11:07 PM 

Darla: I’m mad at u. Put your self in my shoes would u like it if i never took u anywhere nor just wanted to be with u how would u take it. 11:34 PM 

Darla: I dont want u to get mad and upset for wat im gonna say. 11:41 PM 

Darla: Ok since day one when we meet on the dating app we hit it off for and i told myself that i found the rite man. Before we had sex i went and got tested for u when u asked me to because u thought I’m sleeping around. how many women would have done that. I even showed u the test results which u still didnt believe me.I never ever once ask u to give me money for anything. U said the women u met asked u to give them money. All i want for u to do for me is to be my one and only. 11:52 PM 

Me: why bringing this up now? Why are you mad? 11:57 PM 

Darla: My feeling for u are very strong and I want to share a lifetime with u. Im starting to feel like saying fuck it. Im throwing in the towel. I go out to eat by myself, i sleep alone and i go places by myself. I c couples holding hands, kissing, eating together, going to the movies i never had that and it looks like i never will. For once i would love to know how it feels to tell someone i love them and have them tell it back to me. I done that many of times and never got a response. So i hope u understand how i really feel. I cant be wit nobody that dont feel love the way i do. 12:10 AM 

Me: I understand that but I don’t understand why you brought it up right now, love takes time, people often say “I love you” but then they don’t mean it. 12:25 AM 

Darla: No u really dont understand. 12:32 AM 

Darla: Thats how i know u dont really care. U want sex and when I have u in my bed I know I have control but thats it. 12:36 AM 

Me: I’m a little lost where this is coming from right now. 12:57 AM 

Darla: I knew it was gonna make u upset and yes i meant it i want u rite now. 1:00 AM 

Darla: I dont have to lie about nothing. I ment that and the reason i said it is i wanted u to know how it make me feel and wat i wanted but obviously u cant take that thats part of dealing with the ups and downs. im use to that i can deal with u and the bad things in a relationship. That wad the test to c if u can deal with it. Im just gonna keep my mouth shut. U want have to worry i thought u could handle me. 1:09 AM 

Darla: Im not gonna spoil your night. 1:10 AM 

Me: I think sometimes you think too complicated. Shit happened to you in the past but also to me, we all have to deal with it so let’s look forward. 1:30 AM 

Darla: I dont think i did. U got mad wat i said. 1:31 AM 

Me: dogs get mad, I don’t 1:34 AM 

Darla: Oh u callin me a dog 1:35 AM 

Me: no, you called me a dog (saying I got mad like a dog) 1:36 AM 

Me: Humans get upset, dogs get mad 1:37 AM 

Darla: I never ever called u a dog U need to stop. that. 1:38 AM 

Me: You said “U got mad wat i said and I responded that dogs get mad, I don’t (since I’m human) 1:39 AM 

Darla: I know u human. U need to stop saying things like that. 1:40 AM 

Me: then don’t say things like I’m “mad” 1:40 AM 

Darla: How u expect to talk to a person when u dont understand them. 1:41 AM 

Me: that’s life, people don’t always agree with you or understand you. But you cannot automatically assume that a person doesn’t understand you. I said I do. 1:43 AM 

Darla: Oh u do.Then why did u get upset and say why would i bring all this up now. Ppl have their ups and down. Its not gonna be all peaches and cream. 1:47 AM 

Darla: We gonna have our lil spats from time to time. U think u living in a fairy tale. 1:48 AM 

Me: no, never thought I’m living in a fairy tale. And yes, WE all have our ups and downs, you do but so do I. Sorry, I need some sleep, good night. Later. 1:49 AM 

Darla: gud nite 1:52 AM 

Oh my, that was not a pleasant conversation.

What do I keep saying about “red flags” and how to ignore them?

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