Darla – U want to be cuffed?

I was seriously thinking about ending the relationship with Darla.

So much irrational behavior!

Darla: Gud morning. Do u want to be handcuffed. 9:33 AM 

Me: Good morning, Oh my, Idk 9:41 AM 

Darla: I have no problem handcuffing yo ass when u talk shit. 9:46 AM 

Darla: and in addition – I will gag u and then we c 9:49 AM 

Darla: lets c how bad u really is. Put up or shut up. 9:52 AM 

Me: how bad? in what way 9:53 AM 

Darla: How rough u want it. 9:54 AM 

Me: ok 9:54 AM 

Darla: No im asking u. 9:55 AM 

Me: well I’ve never done anything like that before face. 9:58 AM 

Darla: Now u getting scared.lol…lol…. 10:00 AM 

Me: I’m not scared 10:01 AM 

Darla: Yes u are. U didnt know i was gonna get those handcuffs and they are real handcuffs. 10:02 AM 

Me: I’m not scared 10:03 AM 

Darla: Ok ill take your word for it. 10:04 AM 

Darla: Come make love to me. 10:04 AM 

Darla: If your not scared. 10:05 AM 

Me: I’m going to see the doctor at 11.30 10:05 AM 

Darla: Ok i though u would have an excuse. But its fine. 10:08 AM 

Me: it’s not an excuse, it took me 2 weeks to get this appointment, that’s ridiculous that you have to wait that long 10:18 AM 

Darla: No problem u dont have to explain to me.I ts cool. 10:19 AM 

Me: But I want you to understand. Better get those cuffs ready. 10:42 AM 

Me: you don’t even have them yet right? 11:02 AM 

Darla: Look u said u have a doctors appointment so im tired of getting upset wit u. Its not worth the excuses and getting angry. So the thing about u not coming over to my apartment being with me im gonna have to start looking for somebody cause wat u not doing with me somebody else will and they will appreciate me. You’ve been treating me very wrong and im tired of it. So dont bother wit it . ok. 11:10 AM 

Me: I can come later but how can you be mad if I have an appointment? Seriously? 11:13 AM 

Darla: Did u not read my text. Its not worth it. Read it again. 11:15 AM 

Me: keep texting shit, lol 11:20 AM 

Darla: that will be better. 11:41 AM 

Darla: Only. 11:42 AM 

Me: Don’t do that please. Instead you should just get the cuffs ready, I’m not afraid. 2:54 PM 

Darla: Im not doing any thing to u so i dont know wat your talking about. 2:55 PM 

Me: Saying me seeing the doctor is an accuse, it was not 3:02 PM 

Darla: No problem. 3:08 PM 

Me: do you really have cuffs? 3:09 PM 

Darla: Yep. 3:10 PM 

Me: I didn’t know that, ok. 3:17 PM 

Darla: Cant say. 3:40 PM 

Me: why not? 3:43 PM 

Darla: Well the way u do me i got to thinking u dont give a fuck for me guess wat i dont give a fuck about u either.??? 3:47 PM 

Me: Well, I don’t know about you but of course I “give a fuck for you” 3:48 PM 

Darla: U out of your fucken mind. Ima start being busy to. 3:49 PM 

Darla: And yes everything gonna be an accuse. 3:50 PM 

Me: you are busy when you go to work or when you went to visit your daughter, that’s just life, I’m not doing that on purpose. 3:53 PM 

Darla: OK i believe u.? 3:58 PM 

Me: I wish I’d catch you in a bad mood like this in person, maybe then you’d be really rough 4:13 PM 

Me: I still haven’t seen you being rough 4:20 PM 

Darla: U had me moving up here close to u and this is the fucken thanks i get. Being ignored. 4:20 PM 

Me: but I’m not ignoring you 4:26 PM 

Darla: Im trying to be the women u want me to be how hard is that. 4:34 PM 

Darla: U asked for a nice women but u treat me like im nothing. 4:36 PM 

Me: that’s not true and I don’t want you to feel like that 4:39 PM 

Darla: Then be my love and give us a chance. 4:40 PM 

Darla: If u start coming over alot being with me then all the anger will stop. 4:41 PM 

Me: ok. when do you work tonight? 4:47 PM 

Darla: I work at 10pm Monday, Tuesday thru Friday and i get off at 6:30am. 4:49 PM 

Me: Sorry, I can’t always check the phone when my boss is close 5:30 PM 

Me: I could come after work but then you’re gone 6:32 PM 

Me: my break is coming up but that’s like 1 hour 6:32 PM 

Darla: wat gud is that. 6:33 PM 

Me: it’s better than not seeing you at all 6:34 PM 

Darla: U jnow i have to work tonight. 6:36 PM 

Me: yes, that’s why I said it’s better to see you during my break than not at all 6:38 PM 

Darla: Sorry i feel asleep. 7:29 PM 

Me: 45 minutes until you answer? 7:30 PM 

Me: Oh, ok, but that’s not my fault 7:30 PM 

Darla: Now u c how i feel when u do me the same. 7:31 PM 

Me: my break is almost over but please don’t blame me 7:31 PM 

Darla: u must want me wit me with someone else dont u. 7:33 PM 

Me: not at all 7:35 PM 

Me: I wanted to see you, you fell asleep, what can I say 7:35 PM 

Darla: I have begged u and begged u to be wit me.I have asked u and asked u for a relationship wit me.Ive been asked to go out. 7:36 PM 

Me: you falling g asleep is not my fault 7:38 PM 

Darla: Ok its not. 7:39 PM 

Me: break is over, ttyl 7:43 PM 

Me: no text? did you make it to work? 10:58 PM 

Darla: U the one that said ttyl so wat can i say. Ok baby. lol…… 11:01 PM 

Me: I’m getting off a little earlier, I wish you’d be home 11:09 PM 

Darla: Why so i can be ignored as always.?im getting use to that my love. 11:13 PM 

Me: I’d come over right after work 11:18 PM 

Darla: Awwwww how sweet baby ??love of my life. U are soooooo sweet. Lol…… I think about us and how we could of been a couple. But i guess it didnt work out.Im sooooooo sorry baby. Thanks but no thanks. 11:25 PM 

Me: lol, what’s wrong with you now? 11:32 PM 

Darla: Nothing. I got to move on. 11:35 PM 

Me: are you serious? 11:36 PM 

Darla: Do it look like im kidding. 11:37 PM 

Me: can’t tell, don’t see your face 11:38 PM 

Darla: Ok let me say it another way, do it sound like im kidding 11:39 PM 

Me: can’t tell, don’t hear your voice 11:40 PM 

Darla: Im dead serious. 11:41 PM 

Darla: When u find someone u care about and want to be with you’ll realize and look back and say now i know how I felt.It want be so fun to u cause u will be hurt. 11:58 PM 

Me: you make too many assumptions 12:04 AM 

Darla: Why cause im protecting myself from being hurt. 12:05 AM 

Me: because you’re assuming I’d hurt you. well, it’s your decision 12:08 AM 

Darla: No it not my decision to do anything. 12:09 AM 

Darla: Ok well ima let u text wit others im sure yall have alot to text or talk about. 12:12 AM 

Darla: Cause we didnt. 12:12 AM 

Me: if you dump me, what can I do? this morning you asked me if I want to be handcuffed and now you’re dumping me 12:13 AM 

Darla: I aint dumping u i said we cant keep going through this. 12:14 AM 

Darla: U gonna start treating me right. 12:23 AM 

Darla: Be honest with me and ill be honest with u. 12:29 AM 

Me: I am, the whole time 12:36 AM 

Me: I’m home and I’m going straight to bed, good night 12:37 AM 

Darla: Ok we will c. Gud nite. 12:37 AM 

Mood swings, mood swings and then mood swings again.

Makes me sometimes doubt everything I know about dating.

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