Red flags and bad signs

Darla – The “mood swing thing”

I had a busy morning, I needed a tire repair and do some grocery shopping

A nail ended up in my tire on the way home from work last night

Me: Good morning, how are you? 8:57 AM 

Darla: Gm.  8:59 AM 

Darla: Still pissed. 8:59 AM 

Me: Huh? 11 9:05 AM 

Darla: Wat i think is things want change. 9:34 AM 

Me: no, you should reread your texts past 11, your accusations and what you said about the trainer, my work etc. 9:39 AM 

Darla: I still say that.Yes the trainer and everyone and im upset with that. 9:44 AM 

Darla: Im not gonna change wat i said. 9:45 AM 

Me: you get upset because sometimes I can’t talk at work? You can’t either, you told me 2 times recently that you’re at work and you can’t talk. 9:46 AM 

Darla: No i get upset when u dont have time or find time for me. 9:48 AM 

Darla: It seems like i keep begging u but fuck begging Hell im tired of being by myself that’s all i do.If i continue being by mself then the hell with being wit anybody. 9:52 AM 

Me: begging for what? You work, I work, quite simple. I don’t complain about your work so don’t do double standards 9:54 AM 

Darla: Im not. And yea i do work and make my own money. I made it all these yrs. Hell why not i keep on making it. 9:59 AM 

Me: you’re missing the point, I’m talking about your complaints from yesterday, sometimes you can’t talk, sometimes I can’t, heck, I’m not supposed to talk or text at work at all, cell phone use is prohibited. 10:10 AM 

Darla: I get it and i got it.I hear u loud snd cleat no problem. No problem at all. 10:28 AM 

Me: you keep saying “no problem” when it’s about my work but then out of the blue you freak out again like yesterday, that was totally inappropriate 10:33 AM 

Darla: Thats why i said no problem. We just stays friends. So u shouldn’t have to worry. 10:37 AM 

Me: why just friends? That’s not what I want 10:41 AM 

Darla: Obviously u do. It seems like thats all im getting out of it is friendship. So hell ill except that. 10:44 AM 

Me: oh no, that is so not true. 10:45 AM 

Darla: Oh no,we meet a yr ago and we still aint getting nowhere then wat do u call it. 10:48 AM 

Darla: Then your excuse is my attitude.Thats just your excuse not to be in a committed relationship with me.U told me before.So since its not a relationship then the next best thing is being friends. Then u want have to worry about the attitude problem 10:53 AM 

Me: I said several times I want a committed relationship. Let’s talk about in person next week (if possible before work but I don’t know your schedule). I don’t have a problem meeting after work if you’re willing to stay up late 11:00 AM 

Darla: You really stop with the shit. 11:18 AM 

Darla: U always try to make it seem like u dont understand. 11:23 AM 

Me: what’s wrong now? What is it that I don’t understand in your eyes? 11:29 AM 

Darla: Nothings wrong. 11:29 AM 

Me: What is it that I don’t understand in your eyes? 11:45 AM 

Darla: Does it matter now. 11:47 AM 

Me: oh yes it does 11:55 AM 

Darla: Well if u must know like i always keep telling u committed relationship. And how much i want u to be mine and onlt mine. 11:58 AM 

Me: but I said I want that too, and I told you several times I want you to be in control of this relationship (not only in the bedroom but especially there) 12:00 PM 

Darla: Oh no! I would love to hear it out of your words and mouth. That we are in a committed relationship. And we belong to each other. 12:03 PM 

Me: I want to be in a committed relationship and belong to you 12:04 PM 

Darla: Ok then we can plan to do things. 12:07 PM 

Me: ok then 12:21 PM 

Darla: Ok. 12:22 PM 

Darla: Ok. 12:22 PM 

Darla: I’ll text u later on today. 12:56 PM 

Me: ok then 1:02 PM 

Darla: Wyd at work. 7:07 PM 

Me: right now just routine work 7:34 PM 

Darla: U not thinking about me. 7:38 PM 

Me: I do, more often than you can imagine 8:03 PM 

Darla: Sweet same her. 8:04 PM 

Me: that’s nice 8:05 PM 

Darla: Thats all u can say is thats nice. 8:09 PM 

Darla: U dont sound excited. 8:09 PM 

Me: of course I am but you have those mood swings so I’ll wait u til we can see each other in person 8:35 PM 

Darla: Ok there u go again wit the mood swing thing. 8:37 PM 

Darla: C i cant win for losen. 8:38 PM 

Me: it will all be fine when we see each other, I’ll behave 8:44 PM 

Me: and I told you what you’re supposed to do when you see me and I misbehave 8:52 PM 

Darla: Ok and i will do that at 8:55 PM 

Darla: My home. 8:56 PM 

Me: you better 8:56 PM 

Darla: I will. 8:57 PM 

Me: and you won’t listen to what I say 8:58 PM 

Darla: Wat do u mean. I dont have the new apartment until the 10th. 9:01 PM 

Me: I know, talking about when we see each other 9:08 PM 

Darla: U want to have wild sex. 9:15 PM 

Me: yes 9:16 PM 

Me: if I stop texting, I’ll be in the server room for a while later, there I can’t text 9:29 PM 

Darla: Why u say that.. 9:36 PM 

Me: just got home, good night 12:53 AM 

Darla: Gud nite. 3:15 AM

At some point I guess people just get used to arguing.

Especially at work I really didn’t care so much about the tone of our conversations.

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