Straight to the bedroom

Darla – straight to bed

We talked a lot on the phone the next 2 days and she invited me to come to her house. She seemed to be the nice / shy “let’s talk” kind of girl.

That evening it took her 10 minutes to drag me into her bed. She was dressed up so provocative that it was clear where this was heading. She didn’t leave me any chance to say “no”.

Me: Good morning 10:27 AM 

Darla: Gud morning at work. 12:04 PM 

Me: Did you get some rest? 12:13 PM 

Darla: Yes, I wish you stayed here with me 1:39 PM 

Darla: I’m busy here,I’m talk to u at 5:30 ok 1:48 PM 

Darla: I’ll talk to u at5:30 cause they want let us have cell phones in the department. 1:52 PM 

Me: Ok, no problem 2:22 PM 

Darla: I’m off we can talk. 6:33 PM 

Darla: Hun u there. 8:22 PM 

Me: Yeah, sorry, I waited, you said 5.30 and then I had dinner at 6 and watched TV and dozed off 9:59 PM 

Me: guess you dozed off too 10:24 PM 

Darla: No 10:26 PM 

Me: you didn’t answer 10:31 PM 

Me: and now you’re answering slow, are you tired? 10:41 PM 

Me: hello? 10:53 PM 

Darla: Sorry I kinda dose off when didn’t here from u. 11:00 PM 

Me: yeah, that’s why I asked whether you’re sleeping. Get some rest, no worries 11:02 PM 

Darla: I’m looking at TV. 11:03 PM 

Darla: Lost u last night don’t want to lose u again. 11:03 PM 

Me: I’m here, I was waiting at 5:30 but like I said, no worries, get some rest 11:06 PM 

Darla: I’m not tired,unless u want to rest. 11:07 PM 

Me: no I am not 11:12 PM 

Darla: Gud cause like I said u not getting away this time not now not ever and I mean…… 11:14 PM 

Me: ok 🙂 11:16 PM 

Darla: I’m just gonna have to kidnap u and keep u handcuffed to my bed 4ever. 11:18 PM 

Darla: Lol…… 11:18 PM 

Me: Oh no, kidnapping is not an option 11:20 PM 

Darla: U…! I saw how u could not resist me, u were so helpless, lol 11:28 PM 

Me: I know 11:29 PM 

Darla: Can’t wait to c u again. 11:31 PM 

Me: you sure worked me up

Darla: U loved it 11:33 PM 

Me: I sure did 11:35 PM 

Darla: I want to start spending more time together. 11:37 PM 

Me: Ok 11:37 PM 

Darla: U say I’m sexy,u are sexy and I like everything about u. 11:38 PM 

Me: Yeah, but you can wrap me around your finger if you want to 11:42 PM 

Darla: I want u to wrap me In your arms. 11:43 PM 

Me: I can’t do that if you handcuff me to your bed 11:47 PM 

Darla: The only thing I want to know is if u want me and make this relationship work now. 11:53 PM 

Me: We’re trying to make it work right? It’s still early. 11:54 PM 

Darla: ?? ?? ??????? ??????? ? Miss you! ? ????? ??? ? 12:00 AM 

Me: ? 12:01 AM 

Darla: Wat u like to do for the holidays 12:04 AM 

Me: Probably go to home, I haven’t been back in a long time 12:05 AM 

Darla: That will be nice. 12:05 AM 

Me: Yeah, I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew 12:06 AM 

Darla: Well u going for thanksgiving or Christmas. 12:07 AM 

Darla: Oh and my I add just as long as u come back to me. 12:08 AM 

Darla: Lol…, 12:08 AM 

Me: ? 12:11 AM 

Darla: U can kiss me and touch me all over. 12:15 AM 

Me: Yes I can 12:21 AM 

Darla: Dam who who maken who hot. 12:23 AM 

Me: time will tell 12:26 AM 

Me: And time to go to sleep, good night 12:30 AM 

Darla: I know luv.Gud nite. 12:30 AM 

No drama, I really enjoyed chatting her and seeing her was awesome.

I wasn’t even thinking about Nina anymore.

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