Stop arguing!

Darla – Queen of Arguing

I keep running into women who LOVE to argue!

… and Darla sure was no exception

Me: Good morning 10:33 PM 

Me: u busy? 11:17 PM 

Darla: GM. not for u. 11:18 PM 

Me: well, you’re going to work soon 11:18 PM 

Darla: Already here but can talk. 11:19 PM 

Me: Oh, you started early then 11:37 PM 

Darla: At 10. Hey how are we gonna c each other and u work nites now. 11:40 PM 

Me: what are your hours for the next days? 11:53 PM 

Darla: Idk. C thats gonna be the problem now. 11:56 PM 

Me: you don’t know any hours for the next days? 11:59 PM 

Darla: This week Wed thru fri morning 10pm to 6:30 am. 12:02 AM 

Me: shit, so you’re off tomorrow? 12:08 AM 

Darla: No i didnt say that i said Wednesday thru Friday i work and off this weekend. 12:10 AM 

Darla: How bout that we still not gonna be together now that u work nights. 12:16 AM 

Me: ok, but tomorrow is Tuesday 12:20 AM 

Me: so you’re off? 12:20 AM 

Darla: Boy lisen i have to work Wednesday at 10pm, Thursday at 10pm until friday morning i get off at 6:30am. Then Saturday and Sunday im off. 12:23 AM 

Me: ok but tomorrow is Tuesday 12:30 AM 

Me: so you’re off tomorrow? why is that so hard to answer? 12:31 AM 

Darla: Never mind cause u not lisen to me. Just forget it. 12:33 AM 

Me: what’s wrong with you, I asked about Tuesday and you talk about all days but Tuesday, just text me when you work on TUESDAY 12:36 AM 

Me: well? 12:39 AM 

Darla: I told u i work 12:39 AM 

Darla: U not listen. 12:40 AM 

Me: you didn’t mention Tuesday, answer the question then, what are your hours for that day? is that so hard? 12:41 AM 

Darla: U know wat i think, i think u start a argument just to make me mad so u can do wat ever. Im beginning to c that now. 12:42 AM 

Me: bullshit, reread your texts, I keep asking about Tuesday and you tell me you work Wednesday til Friday and blabla, no word about tomorrow 12:44 AM 

Me: so if you can’t answer a simple question then don’t accuse me 12:44 AM 

Me: so can you answer the question now? 12:46 AM 

Darla: Yes i work Tuesday 12:47 AM 

Darla: I keep telling u that. 12:48 AM 

Me: lol, no, reread your texts, you never mentioned Tuesday, that’s your problem 12:49 AM 

Me: it’s all here in writing, you can show that to anybody else and ask them where you mentioned Tuesday, you didn’t 12:50 AM 

Me: so don’t do me like that 12:50 AM 

Darla: Look today is Tuesday and im here at work now.I dont know why u keep doing me this way but i dont like it. 12:51 AM 

Darla: Andits not me. 12:51 AM 

Me: I’m sorry but when you start at 10 PM then you can’t talk about Wednesday, you also have to mention Tuesday tonight at 10 PM, that’s common sense 12:54 AM 

Darla: I though sincr today is Tuesday i didnt have to mention it. 12:56 AM 

Me: Debbie, seriously? I was trying to find out whether I can see you after work so that’s BS 1:02 AM 

Darla: U act like I don’t want to c u 1:03 AM 

Darla: Why do we keep going through this if we want to c each other.Why. 1:04 AM 

Me: that’s how it sounded, good night 1:15 AM 

Darla: Ok thas how its gonna be. F*ck it gud f*cken night. 1:16 AM 

I admit, I could have handled the situation better but sometimes it’s just pissing me off.

… and I have bad days, too!

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