I will tie you up!

Darla – I’ll tie you up!

Sometimes women keep men hooked with sex.

I guess that’s what’s happening here.

Me: Good morning, why the cussing, gonna be like what? 7:31 AM 

Me: are you up? 10:59 AM 

Darla: Yes i am. 11:15 AM 

Me: How is it going? Did you get your power turned on and your air bed? 11:24 AM 

Darla: Yea everything is gud. 11:26 AM 

Me: ok. I have to go to the Time Warner Cable store in the afternoon, will you be there and can you show me the apartment or is it not a good time? 12:28 PM 

Darla: No, Ill be busy 12:35 PM 

Me: Ok 12:39 PM 

Darla: I have to run to get a few things from my sister for my apartment. 12:42 PM 

Me: meaning you won’t be back by then, I understand, ok 12:46 PM 

Darla: First off if u dont come it want be a surprise and no worries cause u never come anyway and second off my sister is giving me some stuff for my apartment. 12:52 PM 

Me: I promise I’d come but I understand what you’re saying 12:55 PM 

Darla: Dont make any promises u cant keep with me. 12:57 PM 

Me: Ok 12:58 PM 

Darla: Well ill text u and let u know im back not gonna take long. 1:04 PM 

Me: ok 1:53 PM 

Darla: On my way back. 2:55 PM 

Me: ok 2:59 PM 

Me: you probably won’t back in time if you just left 3:01 PM 

Darla: Wat time u go to work. 3:02 PM 

Me: have to be there at 4 3:06 PM 

Me: like always for the last weeks 3:06 PM 

Me: 4 to 12.30,sometimes I can leave at midnight 3:07 PM 

Darla: .ell i dont get off until 6:30 am. 3:12 PM 

Me: I know 3:15 PM 

Darla: wat u want to do. 3:27 PM 

Me: I understand that you have to work 3:29 PM 

Darla: Same here. 3:36 PM 

Me: ok 3:38 PM 

Darla: Well i tried to make it back to c u.I was on my way. 3:41 PM 

Me: I know it was just a little late, you know my hours by now 3:43 PM 

Darla: I know 3:44 PM 

Me: ok 3:49 PM 

Darla: It wasnt you’re fault.We need to understand one another. 3:50 PM 

Me: that’s right 3:59 PM 

Me: at work now, tty when I can 4:00 PM 

Darla: C now that i got my place we still cant c each other. 4:07 PM 

Darla: I knew it was gonna happen tho. 4:08 PM 

Me: are you serious, you just have it for one day 5:04 PM 

Darla: No i have it until im ready to move. 5:08 PM 

Me: I mean you just got it 5:12 PM 

Darla: I know that but i wanted u to come over. 5:13 PM 

Me: I’m off at 12.30 5:14 PM 

Me: I can come then 5:14 PM 

Darla: Ill be at work. 5:14 PM 

Me: ok, not my fault then 5:43 PM 

Darla: No its not so be very happy. 5:44 PM 

Me: I’m not happy about it 5:47 PM 

Darla: Well i wish i was off. 5:50 PM 

Me: yeah, me too, you can’t switch shift or go on later? 5:57 PM 

Darla: I wish i could the other guy guy that frys is on vacation and the other guy goes to school. 5:59 PM 

Me: I see, ok 6:05 PM 

Darla: Are u still gonna make love to me. 6:57 PM 

Me: why are you questioning that, I work, you work 6:59 PM 

Darla: Ik.I was asking discard it. 7:01 PM 

Me: it hasn’t changed 7:22 PM 

Me: omw home, you haven’t said anything since my last text at 7.22 12:32 AM 

Darla: U dont forget nothing do u lol….. 12:35 AM 

Me: nope 12:39 AM 

Darla: Lol……U is somthing else. 12:39 AM 

Darla: U going to bed. 12:43 AM 

Me: I’m home 12:47 AM 

Me: I guess since you’re at work 12:47 AM 

Darla: Wont be in the morning.Ill be naked and showered free. 12:49 AM 

Me: showered free? 12:57 AM 

Darla: Im take me a hot shower when i get home. 12:59 AM 

Darla: I got my my air mattress. 1:01 AM 

Me: I bet, I’d do the same 1:03 AM 

Darla: Do wat. 1:03 AM 

Me: shower after work, I just did, good night 1:22 AM 

Me: So my last text was saying you good night, you never said good night to me and no good morning either. Why are you doing this? 10:21 PM 

Me: you can’t talk? 11:16 PM 

Darla: Im not gonna.I dont have time for your fucked up sick ass (GAMES MR.BS). 11:19 PM 

Me: wtf is wrong now??? 11:36 PM 

Darla: U since the day i met u.????? 11:41 PM 

Me: what are you upset now? we talked yesterday, I said good night and then nothing from you 11:47 PM 

Me: like I said, your bipolar mood swings are scary, you’re so unstable, thats not right 11:55 PM 

Darla: U know wat im not fixin to explain anything to u.U could of came over but yo ass to dam scared to come. U sit yo ass up there waiting on me to say something instead of coming over. Fuck this shit as i told u, it is wat it is. Im done talking about this bullshit of a fuckin so called relationship. Ima give u a thumbs up?so no problem and no worries. Just remember wat goes around comes back on yo ass. Oh and u can delete my pics cause and wat ever because i dont give a shit. 12:01 AM 

Darla: Thats should answer all your dam question. 12:02 AM 

Darla: Some ppl like me have to work cant be uppity like u. 12:04 AM 

Me: well, that’s BS since you were the one who needed to go leave town, you know when I go to work so you could have gone earlier to be back earlier or later when I’m at work. you always like to overlook your own shortcomings. 12:07 AM 

Me: I work more hours than you btw 12:28 AM 

Me: so have you calmed down or do you want to stop talking to me? 7:39 PM 

Darla: Yes i calmed down. 7:40 PM 

Me: you work tonight? I’ll be off at 11 or 12,not sure yet 7:47 PM 

Darla: No! Im at home. Still mad, Ill tie ur ass up. 7:49 PM 

Me: well, I can let you know when I’m leaving if you want me to 7:50 PM 

Darla: Ok, ur in trouble. U know once ur in my bed ur mine. 7:50 PM 

Me: Yeah, right. Did you get your stuff over there? 11:48 PM 

Darla: Just got my my air mattress rite now. 11:50 PM 

Me: ok. So are you at SR apartments or BC? The number you gave to me is SR according to Google. 11:52 PM 

Darla: No i didnt say SR. I said BC i never said that. C there u go again u must be meeting someone else cause i never said SR. U just told off on yourself. 11:56 PM 

Darla: i knew u was gonna fuck up. 11:56 PM 

Me: Stop it 12:00 AM 

Me: so I’m leaving in 5 minutes, do you want to keep accusing me or do you want me to come over? 12:03 AM 

Darla: I never told u i lived at SR Dammit if u seeing someone else then leave me alone. I know i didnt say SR. 12:03 AM 

Me: I’m not seeing anybody else, cut it out 12:05 AM 

Darla: Then why would u give me the wrong address im not stupid nor slow. 12:07 AM 

Me: ok, my bad so what now? what do you want me to do? 12:15 AM 

Darla: U coming over 12:16 AM 

Me: ok, it’s 20 min. from work, omw 12:19 AM 

Darla: Ill be here waiting. Ill tie ur ass up and then u ll see. 12:20 AM 

Me: I’m here so it’s building 2? 12:40 AM 

Me: and then left or right side? 12:41 AM 

Me: I can’t see that in the dark 12:41 AM 

Darla: Here i come down stairs. 12:42 AM 

Not going into details about the night but she got me – again.

What was the catch phrase of the Borg in Star Trek? Right!

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