Darla - I won't miss you

Darla – I won’t miss you at all

Dating is really not easy when you permanently encounter people who are not in their right mind somehow.

Even my friends say “You sure know how to attract the crazy ones!”

Darla: Hey u to busy to text me now? So u with your trainner. Well this time u always say i disappear on u well i c u doing the same. Well since u busy all the time. I really want u to go ahead and forget about texting me. I c u isnt that busy. Im gonna leave u alone so take care of yourself and i want be texting u anymore. 11:04 PM 

Me: omg, you do that all the time. one moment you’re excited about your new apartment and oozing for me and now you’re giving me that BS again, why???? 11:07 PM 

Darla: That it u playing games and i dont like it. There is no OMG to it U know wat u are doing and u never text me back after that.ok well cool u dont have to text me again. I know u with tje trainner now and no i c it for my own eyes. Thats ok though not gonna trip with ya. 11:11 PM 

Me: wtf are you talking about? I answered all your texts 11:12 PM 

Me: see it with your own eyes, like what, that I’m at work? like you go to work? like you get busy at work? seriously? 11:13 PM 

Darla: U didnt anyway gud nite and have fun. 11:13 PM 

Me: what are you talking about?? didn’t what? 11:15 PM 

Me: what’s wrong with you at night, not the first time that your personality changes or is somebody else typing? 11:19 PM 

Darla: I c why i get up set look wat u do. Then u play innocence and play these games with me.i told u lol…..ikr and u didnt text back. U know when I have u in my bed u r like a little helpless baby. Know the things I can to to u but I wont wait for u all the time. 11:22 PM 

Me: ok, tell me what I did wrong, what do you call playing games? 11:24 PM 

Darla: Then u talk about me disappearing. Im not crazy and im not slow. Thats ok keep playing your games cause its pushed me far and far away. I will never ever go on any dating line again. 11:25 PM 

Me: I’m asking what I did wrong besides going to work? and when you texted me I texted right back though I’m still here until 12 11:28 PM 

Darla: Im pretty sure somebody is waiting do me a favor and tell them that they dont have to wait nomore. Its ok if we dont ever talk anymore I wont miss it. 11:28 PM 

Me: answer my question, what did I do wrong? 11:30 PM 

Me: well? 11:36 PM 

Darla: Why did u disappear answer that. 11:38 PM 

Me: I didn’t 11:38 PM 

Me: we talked on the phone earlier this morning about the mattress and then I didn’t hear from you later. I took my shower, went to work later, still no message 11:40 PM 

Me: so I thought you’re sleeping 11:40 PM 

Darla: Yes u did u just stop talking now its dark and still no answer. So now u know how it feels to ask the same thing. 11:40 PM 

Me: what did I not answer? 11:41 PM 

Darla: Then y always talking about your trainer. Hummm 11:41 PM 

Me: I didn’t mention him today at all 11:43 PM 

Darla: I just told u. Never mind dont worry about answering u not obligated to me. 11:44 PM 

Me: but when I’m on training I let you know so that you’re not wondering why I can’t text 11:44 PM 

Darla: Is that it . 11:48 PM 

Me: is that what 11:48 PM 

Darla: Fwd:but when I’m on training I let you know so that you’re not wondering why I can’t text 11:50 PM 

Me: yeah, so what’s wrong with that? 11:51 PM 

Me: and the reason why I didn’t mention training is because I don’t have any today, that’s why I texted you right back when you gave me that bs 11:51 PM 

Darla: well thats not bullshit but im gonna let u keep working or wat ever so im not gonna take up anymore of your time tonight. Gud nite. 11:54 PM 

Me: what are you talking about now? I’m leaving in 5 minutes 11:55 PM 

Me: see, you do that shit again, simply disappearing 12:13 AM 

Darla: Im not disappearing 12:24 AM 

Darla: Thats wat u know. 12:24 AM 

Me: I’m home now 12:24 AM 

Darla: Ok.going to bed 12:39 AM 

Me: good night 12:41 AM 

Darla: Gud nite 12:42 AM 

Am I a sucker for bad conversations or what?

And of course she had to bring up sex again.

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