Phone battery empty

Darla – I should have let you tied up

Me: Hey, good morning gorgeous 11:55 AM 

Darla: Hey. 11:56 AM 

Me: Just slowly crawling out of bed, lol, have to make it to the shower 12:04 PM 

Darla: Ok 12:05 PM 

Me: and then crawl in your bed 🙂 12:08 PM 

Darla: U want do that. 12:12 PM 

Me: why not 2:01 PM 

Me: hello? 2:19 PM 

Darla: Wat is it. 2:20 PM 

Me: you said you want do that, I asked why not? 2:24 PM 

Darla: Why do we have to go through this time after time why. Wat are u afraid of huh. I stay upset bevcuse of wat i go through wit u. I try to be gud to u but we go through this every time. Wats the problem wit u. U always say u want me in a neg and want to c me then i dont ever c u. Are u afraid to let me go because u know im gonna end up happy and your not. Are, are u afraid u gonna always get somebody that wants u for money. Explain that to me everything i just said. Either way u gonna lose me. 2:32 PM 

Me: I’m not afraid, I had to go in early today therefore I’ll be off at 10. I’ll have my break soon, I really would like to see you, do you want me to come over? 4:27 PM 

Darla: U know i have to work at 10 tonite. 4:31 PM 

Me: I mean coming at 5 (my break) 4:36 PM 

Darla: Are u sure u want to come on your break so lil time. 4:37 PM 

Me: it’s like an hour, you don’t want to see me? 4:38 PM 

Me: please tell me, if yes I have to leave in like 5 min. 4:43 PM 

Darla: Yea i do. 4:44 PM 

Darla: I said yes. 4:44 PM 

Me: ok 4:45 PM 

Me: I will be there in 10 minutes 4:57 PM 

Me: I’m here 5:07 PM 

Darla: U make it ok. 9:08 PM 

Darla: Why didnt u answer me. 9:09 PM 

Darla: Ok well im done. Im deleting u out my phone and the picture to. 9:19 PM 

Me: You are so easy up set my battery went dead, I’m already on the way home 9:32 PM 

Darla: Are u through talking cause i am. 10:07 PM 

Darla: I no longer have your pic or number. 10:08 PM 

Darla: I hope u get the same treatment. 10:09 PM 

Me: Why are you doing shit like that? I came over, we had a good time and then I had to go to work. My phone was not fully charged, what’s the problem? 10:09 PM 

Darla: Im tired of your fucken shit. Fuck putting up wit this bullshit. I told u that shit today. I hope u get the same treatment that u did me. 10:12 PM 

Me: why is this my fault? Seriously? 10:14 PM 

Darla: Anything else u need to say to me cause this is bullshit forreal. 10:16 PM 

Me: Darla, this was not my fault that my battery died, come on, I talk to you often at work 10:17 PM 

Darla: I wish I hand’t removed the cuffs, I should have left your ass tied up in my bed. How about that? 10:33 PM 

Darla: Theres noone like me. Ure in love with me, I know it. And like i said if u cant go by that the screw it.Be mad cause at this point i dont care 10:43 PM 

Me: Stop being so mean 10:49 PM 

Darla: U got me like that. If u dont want my time and love then move around and let somebody else have it. 10:51 PM 

Me: Stop that 11:03 PM 

Darla: If u want to be with me,u better get the fuck with it. 11:44 PM 

Darla: AND I FUCKEN MEAN IT. 11:45 PM 

Me: get with it? 11:46 PM 

Darla: Letting u know that im not playing. Keep this up and ima show u. Just try me. 11:47 PM 

Me: Stop threatening me 11:49 PM 

Darla: Thats not a threat. 11:50 PM 

Me: you get so upset over small things so what when things would get hard in a relationship, then you dump me? 11:53 PM 

Darla: U playing with my feeling and i dont like it. 11:54 PM 

Darla: Either u want it or dont. 11:54 PM 

Me: I don’t play, I asked you whether you can call on sick and you said no 11:57 PM 

Darla: Are u coming in the morning. 11:58 PM 

Me: I’ll set my alarm, so what time are you back home? 12:00 AM 

Darla: I just told u 6:30am. 12:01 AM 

Me: ok 12:02 AM 

Darla: Ok. 12:03 AM 

Me: I should get some sleep then, good night 12:13 AM 

Darla: Gud nite. 12:14 AM 

We had a good time during my break…

… but then she got upset again – over my dead battery.

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