Trouble in paradise

Darla – I know u want sex!

We kept seeing each other but our work schedules clashed a lot and it turned out she was quite a jealous person.

When I didn’t answer her texts within seconds she got mad.

Darla: Gud mornin sexy 8:05 AM 

Darla: U really didn’t talk to me last nite. 9:11 AM 

Darla: Why are you now answering? Wyd? Well I c things haven’t change so instead of dealing with this again we just need to move on and keep going our separate ways.I’m just gonna keep to myself. 10:58 AM 

Me: I took my shower when I came home and wanted to rest my eyes and slept longer than I wanted to, don’t give me that attitude again please, you fell asleep 2 days ago 11:04 AM 

Me: well? 3:28 PM 

Darla: I’m sorry well wat. 3:29 PM 

Me: what I wrote earlier this morning, you didn’t answer 3:31 PM 

Darla: I’m just think you’re doing something. 3:34 PM 

Darla: That’s wat I don’t want anymore. 3:40 PM 

Me: yeah, you have your attitude again – the first moment something is not like you want it 3:43 PM 

Darla: No thats not the reason.My attitude has nothing to do with it.Its u still making excuses. And if my attitude was the case then why u bothering being with me which makes no sense wanting to be with a person that has a attitude then. 4:09 PM 

Me: You know I work a lot, our schedules clash, please be a little more patient 5:04 PM 

Darla: OK 5:17 PM 

Me: Yesterday I was just wiped out, I had a rough week 5:20 PM 

Darla: Ok, I said Im not tripping. I’m not gonna be here anyways. 5:24 PM 

Me: Wyd? 5:28 PM 

Darla: my sister came to go to my nephew birthday party 5:34 PM 

Me: Birthday party on Halloween? Cool 5:38 PM 

Me: How is the party going? 9:46 PM 

Darla: We didn’t get to go. 9:53 PM 

(I didn’t text back because we had an emergency at work and there are areas where we’re not even allowed to take our cell phones. It was past 3 at night when I finally came home)

Me: Good morning, why didn’t you go? 11:02 AM 

Darla: Was late. And I’m a quiet person. 11:04 AM 

Me: no you’re not, you’re very outspoken 11:10 AM 

Darla: Well if u say so. Cause I don’t think so. 11:13 AM 

Me: you know you are, you can have a temper, you can be demanding, angry, straight forward 11:21 AM 

Darla: Maybe that’s why Im by myself which is OK. 11:22 AM 

Me: no, I can live with that (except maybe the attitude sometimes, lol) 11:26 AM 

Darla: I’m telling u if my getting up set is the problem we don’t have to talk cause I don’t want anyone to say my attitude is the reason. Im a dam gud women and I can’t go through BS .That’s why I can be by myself. Who knows maybe its not meant to be. Cause everything comes out of my mouth is not right for a man. 11:34 AM 

Darla: Its must not be meant for me to have a man. 11:36 AM 

Me: that’s not true 3:09 PM 

Darla: Well all I know is you don’t have much time to talk and I want you in my bed so what is the problem? 4:25 PM 

Me: It’s just work, last night I came home past 3 4:36 PM 

Darla: OK if u have somebody else and y’all have plans then u need to be with that person IMA say gud luck and take care.I don’t want no parts and drama. 4:40 PM 

Me: No, I don’t have anybody, stop saying that 4:43 PM 

Darla: I don’t want to be in no drama with anybody’s man.I’m not gonna have no one getting in my face about nothing.I told u rite now I’m drama free and that’s wat I’m gonna stay. 4:46 PM 

Darla: I don’t want to stop u though. 4:46 PM 

Me: drama with what? 4:50 PM 

Darla: With wat ever your dealing wit. or who ever. 5:07 PM 

Me: I’m not dealing with anything or anybody 5:09 PM 

Darla: Then wat do u want from me if we don’t talk. 5:11 PM 

Me: we can talk, I just said I had a long night and you know I can’t take my phone into the dead zone. 5:17 PM 

Darla: Im ok to be in by myself.Like I said I’m pretty sure u will find someone u like to be with. 5:26 PM 

Me: stop doing that shit 5:32 PM 

Darla: OK here’s the thing can u be sure that u want to b wit me? And I want to start going out to dinners and movies and no more excuse s and I want have a attitude. 6:02 PM 

Me: ok 6:08 PM 

Darla: Wat are u ok about. 6:10 PM 

Me: movies and dinners 6:15 PM 

Darla: So we gonna be only friends cause if so that’s fine. 6:40 PM 

Me: no, I didn’t say that 6:46 PM 

Darla: I know u didn’t say that.That’s wat I’m asking. 6:46 PM 

Darla: I’m just saying if all u want is be just friends it want hurt my feelings. 6:49 PM 

Me: no I want more 7:24 PM 

Darla: If u want a relationship wit me I’m in it 4life and there’s no turning back out of it so u better be sure.I’m tell u I’m very very romantic and I like romantic things. Like dinner for two, negs and bubble bathe, rose. If u can’t handle how I can make u feel when Im on top of u then u need to tell me now. 7:36 PM 

Me: I never said I can’t handle it. 9:29 PM 

Darla: I really don’t have time for u being scared of me. 9:45 PM 

Me: I’m not scared. 9:45 PM 

Darla: Oh yes u are, u don’t like it the u can’t resist me. 9:46 PM 

Me: I never said that. 9:46 PM 

Darla: U c I know u want me but u can’t admit it. 9:49 PM 

Me: Stop making assumptions please. 9:49 PM 

Darla: U dont understand. But there is always somebody that will. I’ve always said u still too classy for me. 10:11 PM 

Me: too classy? me? why? 10:14 PM 

Me: you’re answering very slowly, wyd? 10:29 PM 

Darla: Yea cause u talking about attitudes and romantic is a joke and I c u are a classy person ,u don’t be around people but only your type u don’t like nosey people, every time I use to joke with u that wasn’t gud enough.U dont take me out. Nor u barely invited me to your house. U always spent time with your friends. 10:41 PM 

Me: You told me yesterday “Gud cause like I said u not getting away this time not now not ever and I mean it” and now you’re saying “I’m done”, I don understand you 10:44 PM 

Darla: This is the reason why I said that 11:00 PM 

Me: well, it’s either yes or no, you can’t change your mind every 5 minutes 11:07 PM 

Darla: First I look at the way u do and then I sit back and look at the written u say. Then I put two and two together and I’m not stupid I feel u been messing around but that’s really not my business. U stop talking to me when ur at work all of a sudden. I don’t have anything to hide. Now u tell me u not talking to anyone. I know better. So I should of shut up before I opened my mouth to say that. 11:10 PM 

Me: I am not talking to anybody 11:11 PM 

Darla: I know u want sex 11:13 PM 

Me: Stop accusing me please (what you said before the “sex”). 11:15 PM 

Darla: I’m just gonna watch myself and play it by ear. 11:25 PM 

Me: Not sure what that means 11:42 PM 

Darla: Im not gonna show my feeling for someone that don’t show theirs. Like u said I’m not gonna luv a person that don’t love me back so that’s why I said I’m going to be scaptacal. 11:48 PM 

Darla: I’m not gonna let anyone hurt me again. I’m sorry but u too. Gud nite. 11:50 PM 

Me: Good night, sorry, I got busy again (work!) 12:49 AM

Oh my, trouble in paradise, already.

It seems I am very good at attracting a certain type of women.

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