I can tie you up!

Darla – I can tie you up!

Me: Good morning. I’m starving’ like Marvin in Marvin’s garden. I haven’t had breakfast yet, how are you? 8:51 AM

Darla: Gud morning starving like Marvin.lol…..just kidding.Gud morning. 8:52 AM 

Me: how is it going? 9:10 AM 

Darla: Going washing. 9:10 AM 

Me: washing what? 9:21 AM 

Darla: My clothes 9:21 AM 

Darla: I bought something that will drive u crazy. 9:25 AM 

Me: Bought what? oh, ok. Have fun 9:26 AM 

Darla: U will see but I know u will luv it. 9:27 AM 

Me: Ok then. 9:36 AM 

Darla: Ok u don’t have to get mad u have to wait. 9:38 AM 

Me: I’m not mad. Never forget that texts can sound different, you don’t see a smile or the persons facial expression, it’s just words without the sound of the voice, body language or something else 9:39 AM 

Darla: I’m not saying its your fault.I just said u have to wait. 9:43 AM 

Me: I hear you, ok. 9:49 AM 

Darla: When can I c u? 9:51 AM 

Darla: No answer, ok, I’m not in no hurry to be wit anyone any way. 9:54 AM 

Me: I am shopping, tty. 9:57 AM

(I didn’t answer for 3 minutes and she gets mad? Oh my!) 

Me: How is it going? 2:54 PM 

Darla: How’s wat going. 3:02 PM 

Me: your day, the washing, everything 3:06 PM 

Darla: It was ok and I have clean clothes thats all that matters to me. 3:07 PM 

Me: I hear you, ok. Yeah, I also have to do laundry, my sheets, but I also have to work tomorrow, that sucks. I spent a lot of time shopping, I was out of everything. 3:16 PM 

Darla: I’m working to so don’t sweat it. 3:20 PM 

Me: yeah, but you got your stuff done today which is awesome 3:23 PM 

Darla: Im pretty sure when u get home u will have plenty of time to do wat u need to do. 3:26 PM 

Me: might be late again and then I’ll be tired 3:29 PM 

Darla: Don’t worry I’m not gonna ask for u to come over or meet u. Do wat u got to do.Its cool. 3:31 PM 

Darla: I’m not tripping anymore. 3:31 PM 

Darla: I’ll be alright. 3:31 PM 

Me: Oh today I wouldn’t even think about it, work will be really late. 3:41 PM 

Darla: I want u to be here but I going to work.I told u don’t sweat it. I don’t have any string tied to u. Not yet. I can tie u up. If u tired thats cool by me. 3:44 PM 

Me: ok, we will figure it out, no pressure 3:46 PM 

Darla: Wat are we figure out. 3:49 PM 

Me: us 3:56 PM 

Darla: Oh ok we’ll I’ll give u plenty of space to decide wat u want to do. If u want a relationship wit me or wat ever. 3:59 PM 

Darla: Ima give u all the time u need. 4:00 PM 

Me: ok, awesome 4:14 PM 

Me: I’m heading home, told ya it would be late 🙁 10:13 PM 

Darla: Well get some rest when u make it home. 10:14 PM 

Me: Ok, have a good night and sleep well 11:15 PM 

Darla: Gud nite. 11:23 PM 

I sensed a lot of negativity or was it just me? Couldn’t tell this day because it had been stressful.

Did she say “I can tie you up?”

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