Arguing with Darla

Darla – I can have u when I want

In person we actually never fought, she kept twisting my mind and was as sweet as can be.

No conflicts in person, no fights, no stress.

Me: Good morning gorgeous 10:35 AM 

Darla: Mornin. 10:37 AM 

Me: I was excited to see you again 10:44 AM 

Darla: Yea ok. 10:46 AM 

Me: Ok? 10:55 AM 

Darla: Im gud. 10:56 AM 

Me: with what 10:57 AM 

Darla: U dont need to come over. I want do that again im gud. 10:59 AM 

Me: ?? 10:59 AM 

Me: why are you saying that? so you just wanted sex again and now what? 10:59 AM 

Darla: No, i just wanted u to stay with me and u couldnt do that. So i dont want no sex . 11:01 AM 

Me: I came straight from work, didn’t have anything with me, didn’t have clothes 11:03 AM 

Darla: No problem. Like i said u don’t have to bother coming back. 11:05 AM 

Me: so you don’t want to see me anymore? 11:06 AM 

Darla: U already have somebody so i hope it go well for u. 11:07 AM 

Me: not that shit again, what’s wrong, only because you didn’t get what you wanted, wow. I don’t have anybody else. 11:08 AM 

Darla: Somebody else already got it from u 11:11 AM 

Darla: Its fine u didnt stay so dont worry about it im not. 11:16 AM 

Me: it’s not all about one day, stop that 11:17 AM 

Darla: I live alone and not with nobody ill be alright 11:20 AM 

Me: I can’t win with you 11:38 AM 

Darla: That makes two of us. 11:39 AM 

Me: I’m really easy to handle, seriously 11:44 AM 

Me: and you disappear again 12:57 PM 

Darla: U just keep me on hold and i dont like it and i am not gonna go through it wit anyone. 1:02 PM 

Me: I’m not keeping you on hold, I just wanted to take it a little more slow 1:21 PM 

Darla: Well u keep taking it slow. Until u ever decide we’ll be friends. 1:28 PM 

Me: I don’t like when you say stuff like that 5:42 PM 

Darla: wat do u want from me. 5:45 PM 

Me: I do want a relationship, like I said so I thought we’d talk a little bit and then you jumped me. 5:51 PM 

Darla: U scared when I jump u coz then u r helpless 5:53 PM 

Darla: All i asked u was to stay the nite and we could of made passionate love together. I just didnt want sex i wanted u as well. But u keep avoiding me. U know wat i think i think i was getting aggressive and u got scared. 6:27 PM 

Darla: So it gonna be a long time when u c each other like before. Things never gonna change. 6:32 PM 

Me: why would you say that, you should tell me to come over right now instead you say stuff like that 6:37 PM 

Darla: C thats another thing why come u wait till i invite u over. If we are together u shouldn’t have to wait on me to tell u that. There’s no one here but me. 6:41 PM 

Me: well, I don’t know whether you’re home or not, you still need to get stuff for your apartment so right now I’d always ask 6:43 PM 

Darla: So wat i dont matter im home. 6:44 PM 

Me: ok, now I know 6:48 PM 

Darla: U know wat. 6:49 PM 

Me: that you’re at home and not out getting stuff 6:56 PM 

Darla: Then come over. 6:57 PM 

Me: what time are you leaving for work? I’m doing laundry right now, changed my sheets and I had other stuff 7:02 PM 

Darla: Go ahead then ill be gud. Dont worry bout it. 7:04 PM 

Me: how about answering my question 7:05 PM 

Darla: Dont worry bout it. 7:06 PM 

Darla: Its all gud. 7:06 PM 

Me: Stop that 7:12 PM 

Me: why are you not answering? 10:24 PM 

Darla: U didnt say nothing. 10:25 PM 

Me: yes I did, after my last text you got quiet 10:30 PM 

Me: you never told me when you’re actually leaving your home 10:30 PM 

Darla: Wat are u talking about leaving my home. 10:31 PM 

Me: Leaving for work 10:32 PM 

Darla: Told u at 12 last nite when u was here. 10:34 PM 

Me: that’s when you start or leave the house? 10:48 PM 

Darla: dont do that.Thats always your excuse.I told u its all gud. 10:50 PM 

Darla: U really dont have to come. 10:51 PM 

Me: well but I wanted to 10:51 PM 

Darla: Yea ok. 10:52 PM 

Me: but you don’t want me to come? 10:54 PM 

Darla: Nope 10:55 PM 

Darla: ? trust me its all gud. 10:57 PM 

Me: you’re not making this easy 10:58 PM 

Darla: Ikr.? 10:58 PM 

Me: not helpful 11:00 PM 

Darla: Ikr. 11:01 PM 

Me: why don’t you want to see me? 11:02 PM 

Darla: u have the whole nite to do wat u want im going to work so u if we done talking enjoy yourself. 11:05 PM 

Darla: ?Have a nice time my time will be soon. 11:06 PM 

Me: well I wanted to see you 11:06 PM 

Me: what time? 11:08 PM 

Darla: Being with someone who want to be with me. 11:09 PM 

Me: Oh now you’re talking shit again? 11:09 PM 

Darla: Thats not shit thats the truh. 11:10 PM 

Darla: Truth. U like to play games. So i got a game for u when i find them im done. So keep doing wat u love doing. 11:12 PM 

Me: so now you’re saying you don’t want me anymore? 11:12 PM 

Me: see you’re having those mood swings again only because I didn’t do what you wanted me to do 11:19 PM 

Darla: U didnt have to. U can keep it. 11:21 PM 

Darla: Dont worry im not gonna fight over u. They won. 11:35 PM 

Me: lol, but there is nobody 11:39 PM 

Darla: Thays ashame u cant even admit it.Oh and by the way im not a ugly are bad built woman lol…so its not hard to get noticed. Just letting u know that. 11:43 PM 

Me: what’s wrong with you? why are you doing this? o lyrics because I didn’t what you wanted me to do? 11:45 PM 

Darla: Thats not a problem. 11:46 PM 

Me: wow, you just want sex, that’s all, I see that now 11:48 PM 

Darla: Think wat u want. When I want u I know I can have u 11:51 PM 

Me: Oh you’re going to work now I guess 11:57 PM 

Me: so you’re on your way? 12:00 AM 

Me: well? 12:05 AM 

Darla: im at work gud nite. 12:15 AM 

Me: that’s typical, good night 12:18 AM 

I never understood those mood swings.

But Darla was not the first with those 2 personalities.

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