Don't let me catch you!

Darla – don’t let me catch u!

When you date somebody in the beginning it’s always the same, you ask questions, you’re trying to get to know the person and you hang out. With Darla it was not so easy to “hang out” because she worked 8 to 5 and I worked 4 (PM) till midnight, often longer because that’s how my job is. I often cannot answer texts at work and there are even times when I have to put the phone in the locker (because you can’t take it to certain areas). I noticed that Darla often got upset when I couldn’t answer so here I was facing them again – the red flags!

Darla: Gud morning. I’m still mad that u barely talked to me last night. Maybe u weren’t at work at all. 7:35 AM 

Me: Good morning. Of course I was at work and I explained it to you before, I can’t always answer. How was work on your end? 8:05 AM 

Darla: OK still here but off soon, I had to come in earlier today. 8:21 AM 

Darla: I’m off now? 10:41 AM 

Me: ok. Well, get some rest then. 10:45 AM 

Darla: Not right now but thanks 10:54 AM 

Me: why not now? 11:12 AM 

Darla: Got to run to see my baby right quick. 11:13 AM 

Me: Oh my, I know that’s an hour drive, why? 11:14 AM 

Darla: To up my money from my baby daughter. 11:15 AM 

Darla: But I’m not gonna stay long. 11:15 AM 

Darla: I’m picking it up then coming back. 11:17 AM 

Darla: I really don’t go anywhere since we don’t c each other.I just like to work and come home. 11:20 AM 

Me: Same here 11:21 AM 

Darla: But why u don’t. 11:22 AM 

Me: I just don’t, most of the time it’s too late anyways 11:23 AM 

Darla: yea I’m not trying to be in anybody’s drama. 11:27 AM 

Me: me neither 11:32 AM 

Darla: My ole landlord said I need to stay in that apartment. 11:39 AM 

Me: huh? Why? 11:42 AM 

Darla: Talking bout they will give me another apartment. Too late 11:51 AM 

Me: after all that shit you’ve been through? Personally I would have gotten a lawyer and sue them 11:52 AM 

Me: they just count on people being lazy or stupid or simply do nothing about it 11:52 AM 

Darla: I told them to kiss my ass 11:58 AM 

Darla: I’ve moved all my stuff out. 11:59 AM 

Me: yeah, but a lawyer could have gotten you some money and more important – teach them a lesson 12:06 PM 

Darla: Well its to late now. 12:09 PM 

Me: no, you can still sue them if you want to despite that you’re out 12:11 PM 

Darla: I do 12:14 PM 

Me: ok 12:25 PM 

Darla: Hey I miss kissing u 12:26 PM 

Me: that’s why I kept trying to see you over the last days but I couldn’t 12:50 PM 

Darla: Well I want to c u soon. 1:26 PM 

Me: ok 1:31 PM 

Darla: Well I’m fixen to head back.So I know we want be able to c one another rite now but I want stop me from dreaming about u making love to me. 2:01 PM 

Me: I do that all the time 2:31 PM 

Darla: About u and I making love to each other. 2:39 PM 

Me: yeah, and you being bossy in the bedroom 2:41 PM 

Darla: I was fixing to say u got quite on me. 4:00 PM 

Darla: We need to make that moment happen. 4:06 PM 

Me: I know 4:29 PM 

Me: I work the same time tonight as always 4:29 PM 

Darla: I know 4:34 PM 

Me: ok 4:46 PM 

Darla: I want to rub on that hairy chest while kissing u and tie u up. 5:00 PM 

Me: I’d like that 5:03 PM 

Darla: I know u will 5:04 PM 

Me: but you never do it, big mouth, no action, lol 5:09 PM 

Darla: We hardly spend time together. 5:12 PM 

Me: I know 5:15 PM 

Darla: Believe me I want to do that to u but we have to figure something out if we want to be together. 5:26 PM 

Me: but also then you have to do it and not argue or listen when I say no 5:29 PM 

Darla: But u so dam sexy. 5:30 PM 

Me: another reason to not listen when I say no 5:31 PM 

Darla: And I want u. 5:31 PM 

Me: well, then be ruthless, lol 5:32 PM 

Darla: OK but like I said we have to figure something out. 5:33 PM 

Me: Busy night, sorry, I’m omw home 12:39 AM 

Darla: I hope u not seeing any bitches, don’t let me catch u. 12:46 AM 

Darla: U will regret it if u do me like that. 12:46 AM 

Me: I’m not doing anything wrong. 12:56 AM 

Darla: U better not. 12:57 AM 

Me: I’m not. Time to go to bed,good night 1:03 AM 

Darla: Nite nite. 1:21 AM 

Don’t let me catch you? Did she really say that?

People begin to wonder why I choose to ignore red flags and make bad choices.

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