Hello Nina!

Crazy? Red flags everywhere

So I was chatting on the dating app and had a conversation going for like 2 minutes. She seemed to be nice but then when I asked what she likes to do for fun she wrote this:

Well, I’m xx years old, surely I haven’t got life figured out but at my age I would think I’m on the right path. I’ve matured fast and accomplished a lot in my short life span. Surely, no one is fully trustful of, everyone they meet (especially in my field) and especially how “we came about” your track record isn’t that great ?? since you had been married before.

You saw my profile, you must realize that you’re never going to find, someone like me ( I am the best). So what do you want from me.. is it love? Citizenship, a sexual fling? To be my daddy? honestly have in common?

I’m sure you realized by now “I am a huge bitch” ?

I was just thinking, wow, wait a minute – I messaged you but you messaged back, you saw my profile pictures, (maybe) read my profile, what I’m looking for and all that. Yes, you read that I am 13 years older than you so if that bothers you don’t answer, don’t start a conversation or simply tell me “No thank you, good luck”.

A truly narcissistic person and I made the mistake to continue talking to her because I was simply curious. Hello Nina!

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