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Cardi B. and LeBron James Facebook Scams

Ok, some might think this doesn’t belong here but the Cardi B. and LeBron James Facebook scams are everywhere right now and just an example how men (and women) get scammed on social media.

I WILL HELP PEOPLE … The first 5,000 people to write “CASH” I WILL SEND MONEY $ 1.000,000.

Wow, isn’t she generous? The problem is – and many of you know – it’s not real. There have been new Facebook accounts of Cardi B. under names like “Cardi Bee”, “Cardi B giveaway”, “Cardi B sweepstakes” and so on, you can see a video of her talking and in all you have to do is share something, post a comment, post in 10 different groups or something like that.

Every time I see like hundreds of people watching it, many of them do as they were told (“Just type CASH to get your 1,000 Dollars). They comment, they follow like good sheep hoping they’re getting some money.

In some cases it’s worse because if you follow the instructions you will usually end up on a website telling you that you are among the chosen winners, all you have to do now is put in your credit card information.

Credit cards are for “No Charge Anything” verification only, and as a gift recipient, after successful registration, your award will be processed immediately today.

Isn’t this easy? And then you will get your money in no time! Yeah, right! Unfortunately many people even go that far. Common sense, people, use your common sense.

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You will never get any money, ever!

Those scams also have been around for other celebrities (especially Tyler Perry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Oprah but the account names are always slightly different. Right now there are 2 old LeBron James videos on Facebook on a daily basis, when you look at the account it’s a variation of the name LeBron James and the accounts are usually just a few days old with a few pictures of him and then they stream that video with a big giveaway. Same thing, you have to comment, share, go on a shady website in the end where you have to put in your personal information.

The best thing besides reporting those accounts is to ignore them, don’t give them what they want: clicks and attention.

Don’t forget, the internet is full of scams and especially romance scams, use your common sense, use your preferred search engine to gather more information (usually you just have to type in a name or topic and then add the word hoax or scam to your search and you will find out all kinds of interesting stuff).

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