Become a drone pilot

Become a drone pilot

While this might not sound to be so easy it’s actually a great opportunity to make real good money.

Obviously you would need a decent drone and with so many new options it’s best to google and see what’s out there after reading this post.

Second you would need a license and this is the part that is actually not so easy but doable when you put in the effort and study.

A good place to get started is to look at the website of the Federal Aviation Administration. They have training materials and all the information that you need.

Many people don’t want to invest money and buy a drone or spend time studying but it’s like with a computer:

No input – no output!

Think about the possibilities what you could do once you have a drone and the proper license:

  1. You can sell your own footage and pictures
  2. You can start a cool YouTube channel
  3. You can work for realtors
  4. You can do music videos or help bands to get cool shots
  5. You can do aerial inspections of all kind
  6. You can film weddings and local events
  7. You can film sporting events or local community events

There are endless opportunities once you have what it needs to get started and this is definitely a fun way to make money.

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