Wild Sex

Andrea – the stalker, wild sex and the future

I was surprised when Andrea called the next morning after I ditched her the day before. In the beginning it was only to take me on a guilt trip and she unloaded all her frustration on me. Then she changed and we agreed to meet the next day and this is what happened:

I was 5 minutes early waiting inside of the book store when she called me. I was wondering if she would pull of something as some kind of revenge for the previous day but she asked me if I’m inside which I confirmed. She asked me to come outside. Here we go again, making things complicated, why couldn’t she just come inside? I gave in and went outside and there she was. She actually looked much better than on her pictures and talked for hours and took a walk in the park where she decided to kiss me. Things got heated real quick and I had to stop her – we were in a public park after all and though it was late at night – you can never know.

Her eyes were wide open and she yelled at me “What do you mean with ‘stop’?” I told her that I feel uncomfortable and she was very upset. Another bummer!

Over the next 3 months we had it all, going to many restaurants in town, movies, wild sex, arguments and then I realized that there was a car in front of her house every time I was over there. She denied knowing the person but it turned out it was her ex who was stalking her and she enjoyed it because he dumped her but now he wanted her back and she played hard to get.

She was hiding stuff from me, mysterious phone calls came more and more often when she forgot to turn of the phone and one evening she fell asleep and her phone was still unlocked and call me a bad person or worse, I looked and I learned the whole truth. Not only was she texting with her ex on a daily basis (and several long phone calls were in her call log) – no, there was also a bunch of other guys with whom she had lots of conversations including sexting.

I didn’t even know how she was doing all this but yes, there had been moments when she said she was tired and go to bed early. I didn’t have time to double check everything but it was obvious that she was just playing and this was the end of the story. I put the phone back on the table, I left the house (and made sure the door was locked, I am not an a-hole) and went to my car in the drive way. Sure enough her stalker was waiting in safe distance. I passed him with high beams on and I sounded the horn a couple of times – my way of saying “good bye”.

Though this is a small town we’ve never crossed paths again. I heard from a friend that until today she’s still living in her big house but I never saw her again and I realized very quickly that this was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Looking back it had been a lot of drama because she was controlling, narcissistic and most likely bipolar (hence going from being nice and sweet to become the biggest bitch).

Things don’t always work out the way we imagine it but given the circumstances it was for the best and without it ending like this I would have never met Nina – but this is another story.

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