The end - good bye!

Andrea – “Take care” – “Bye!”

I was wondering if I would hear from her after yesterday but sure enough…

I wasn’t even up when I heard the notification sound knowing it’s her!

Andrea: I’m so glad I had the opportunity to sleep on this…like before your actions are very passive agressive. 7:32 AM 

Andrea: You like to give Ulltimatums, and its ok, for u you to make comments, but, if someone does the same in return, you r offended 7:35 AM 

Andrea: I have shared a lot of verbal time with you…which has resulted in a total loss, some sort of game… But I’m glad it was errors and not my heart…. Not sure if it was nice meeting you, but im sure you will fit in well here in town. 7:39 AM 

Andrea: TAKE CARE.:-) 7:40 AM 

Me: Well, I hope you don’t treat the next guy the same way. I just reread to make I wasn’t overreacting because I was tired – I quoted YOUR “disagreeing like a couple that has been married for 20 years” comment (because we were disagreeing and I meant it in a nice, funny way), and here is YOUR reaction to this: 8:01 AM 

Me: What…. 4:34 PM ** What r you talking about???? 4:34 PM ** 20 years…marriage….?????…r you talking About. 4:35 PM ** Who r u talking about. 4:36 PM ** Change in conversation .. . 4:37 PM ** Im done 4:39PM 8:02 AM 

Me: and tell me if this is the reaction of a grown-up woman. “I’m done”? Again? Seriously? Don’t treat people like this. Good luck and take care. 8:03 AM 

Andrea: I had no problem with you making that comment…but you have overreacted..and it is well with my soul. 8:03 AM 

Andrea: Oh me asking what are you talking about in strange behavior… 8:04 AM 

Andrea: Wow… 8:04 AM 

Andrea: Totally off the deep end.. 8:05 AM 

Andrea: My life was fine before all this, and will b great after.. You are the one whos missing something in your life….. 8:06 AM 

Andrea: So go find it……..HAPPY TRAILS! and those caps were not shouting, caps does not always mean shouting, it can mean excitment. 8:07 AM 

Andrea: Goodbye. 8:07 AM 

Me: You mentioned ” talk like mature adults” – act like one and observe your mistakes. 8:17 AM 

Andrea: Ok…thank u i will take your advice. 8:31 AM 

Andrea: You are right 8:31 AM 

Andrea: I am wrong 8:31 AM 

Andrea: Perhaps, my BAD behavior was due to… i said before…..communicating with “THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN” 8:33 AM 

Andrea: No…i don’t need that kinda drama in my life. 8:33 AM 

Andrea: Have a good day! 8:34 AM 

Me: u2, thx 8:36 AM 

Andrea: I was right, u would fibd a reason not to reveal yourself before Saturday. 9:11 AM 

Andrea: Find 9:11 AM 

Andrea: And to think i was looking foward to the meeting……lol 9:12 AM 

Me: you should read my messages more carefully, yesterday I said we can definitely go for a coffee, MAYBE even watch the movie, possibly become friends but not lovers. 9:12 AM 

Andrea: , how can u consider this if u are avoiding a phone call… How can you talk in person. 9:14 AM 

Andrea: No reply from you? 9:18 AM 

Andrea: Lovers….I have not considered being lovers, I BARELY know you, never suggested Lovers, or MARRIAGE….. 9:20 AM 

Andrea: i think im missing something. 9:20 AM 

Me: that’s what I wrote YESTERDAY, today is a new day and you made up your mind, too – let’s just stick with that 9:24 AM 

Me: remember: No…i don’t need that kinda drama in my life. 8:33 AM Have a good day! 8:34 AM 9:26 AM 

Me: please stop trying to call me 9:33 AM 

Me: you don’t need that kind of drama 9:33 AM 

Andrea: Tell me if youre not answering your phone. 9:34 AM 

Andrea: U hide behind text, and texting can have so many different meanings 9:34 AM 

Andrea: So does that mesn youre not answering? 9:35 AM 

Me: you don’t need that kind of drama 9:36 AM 

Andrea: U obviously do not wish to talk…I’ve tried talking NOT TEXTING….so it would help if you tell me you do not wish to talk. 9:37 AM 

Me: that’s also something you like to do – post things multiple times – yesterday you did it several times. Not cool while I am at work 9:37 AM 

Me: I don’t wish to talk 9:37 AM 

Andrea: Answer, and i will leave you alone. 9:37 AM 

Me: I don’t wish to talk 9:38 AM 

Andrea: So forget this happened? 9:38 AM 

Me: and you’re mature and will leave me alone anyway 9:38 AM 

Andrea: So forget this happened? 9:38 AM 

Andrea: So forget this happened? 9:39 AM 

Andrea: You are pouting right now. 9:39 AM 

Me: I won’t forget, at least not that fast. I should have trust my instincts in the first place when somebody “used” your phone and sent me that ****, but when you talked about calling the police, calling me an a**hole and scammer – that would have been the time to let go. But I tried again… and here we are 9:39 AM 

Andrea: Do you wish to forget this encounter has ever happened? 9:40 AM 

Me: I’m totally calm, believe me. I’m glad we didn’t meet because I am unfortunately the guy who would give in in a personal conversation. 9:40 AM 

Andrea: U talk very bad of my actions…however you have not been a total angel 9:42 AM 

Me: no, and I never claimed I was 9:42 AM 

Andrea: Relationships are give and take, and i should have trusted my intincts esrly on, from the odd behavior in the night. 9:43 AM 

Andrea: Cant talk in the night….cannot give out phone number. 9:44 AM 

Andrea: U act as though you were the only one affected……but…my instincts were that you were selfish. 9:44 AM 

Me: blame it on whatever you want, this happened because of you. You don’t do that to people, especially not when you pretend to LIKE them 9:45 AM 

Andrea: But i tried, i called, i stayed up late to with you, long breaks to talk on the phone….. But I’m a hsrd cold person…..ok 9:46 AM 

Andrea: Pretend 9:47 AM 

Me: let’s stop the “pinning the blame” game, remember what you said: “Understood .. I’m not a match for you” and “Perhaps its noonez fault” – that’s the best way to look at it 9:47 AM 

Andrea: Ok….here we go…pretend abiut what. 9:48 AM 

Me: please stop it – this isn’t going anywhere 9:56 AM 

Andrea: Ok…so again…would you like to chalk this up as it never happened…mend our heart strings, move on like you said, forget coffee, and movie, and just go? 9:56 AM 

Andrea: Ok…please answer my questions 9:58 AM 

Me: I said earlier I won’t forget, I’ll always try to see the positive in whatever happens in my life and learn from it. And the only way to be friends is to stop trying to pin the blame on each other, make it clear that this is a friendship only situation. If we can agree on this we’ll be fine 10:02 AM 

Andrea: Ok…what if you like my friendship. 10:09 AM 

Andrea: However, yes we do need to stop…I’m not suede how tho take you now. 10:09 AM 

Me: I don’t understand the question – what if you like my friendship?! I think then we become good friends? Or what do you mean? 10:12 AM 

Andrea: R u at work now? 10:13 AM 

Me: no 10:14 AM 

Me: what does that mean: Ok…what if you like my friendship 10:14 AM 

Andrea: So.. When would you like tho meet, we can be brief.. We don’t have to do ciffee or a movie, just tho say hi! 10:15 AM 

Andrea: It means, you have established it goes no further. 10:16 AM 

Andrea: But….ok 10:16 AM 

Andrea: I don’t wish to fight anymore. 10:16 AM 

Andrea: So.. When would you like tho meet, we can be brief.. We don’t have to do ciffee or a movie, just tho say hi! 10:17 AM 

Andrea: It means, you have established it goes no further. Did i answer your question. 10:20 AM 

Andrea: Ok…are u busy 10:21 AM 

Me: I read what you said, I’ll think about it 10:23 AM 

Andrea: I said several things, ehich one r you thinking about? 10:25 AM 

Andrea: Which one 10:25 AM 

Me: about where and when to meet 10:26 AM 

Andrea: , it sounds as if you do not wish to be bothered, you haved totally switched to an off position… 10:26 AM 

Andrea: If thats something you have to think about… After 3 weeks, then perhaps its not important. 10:27 AM 

Andrea: I can bow out gracefully. 🙂 no hard feelings, 10:28 AM 

Me: and “off position” would be to stop talking after you said “No…i don’t need that kinda drama in my life. Have a good day! 10:29 AM 

Andrea: At this point i feel like im begging for your understanding and your time. 10:29 AM 

Me: so I am still talking but let’s give it some time, I don’t want you to try to persuade me 10:29 AM 

Andrea: And again….u said stop pointing….and you pull up another old text. 10:30 AM 

Andrea: Well, u take all the time you need, please dobt be surprised if i have had a change of heart when youre ready…. 10:31 AM 

Andrea: Again , its not just about you…there are two pdople involved here. 10:32 AM 

Me: like I said, this is about friendship only – NO romantic relationship. So if you have a change of heart about being friends – I understand if you would have a boyfriend by then and he doesn’t want you to have a “normal” friend. 10:34 AM 

Andrea: Not Sure what that means,, but you, have stated earlier, that you YOU WERE DONE, i missed that in the text… So sorry for trying to call and still continue to text you… 10:37 AM 

Me: I think it’s good that discussed all this BEFORE we actually met, afterwards it might have been harder 10:38 AM 

Me: see, sometimes you can miss a text – when I do it you get upset 10:39 AM 

Andrea: And you’re glad we didnt meet….wow…i missed these things..those are hurtful awful things to say 10:45 AM 

Me: don’t twist my words, I said it would have made things more complicated because I am the idiot who gives in way too much to the woman I like in person 10:49 AM 

Andrea: Its ok.. , we dont have to talk, text, or meet. 10:55 AM 

Andrea: Perhaps this is best. Brfore i met u, and it grew into something stronger, 10:55 AM 

Andrea: I’m hurt that i shared all the time i did with you…but it is whay it is. 10:56 AM 

Andrea: Sorry 10:57 AM 

Andrea: It is what it is…. 10:57 AM 

Andrea: Now i will take an early lunch….eith a FREIND to help me get over this. 10:58 AM 

Me: Earlier you said: But I’m glad it was errors and not my heart…. Not sure if it was nice meeting you, but im sure you will fit in well here in town. Its ok….i have accepted your decisions, I’m all good… My life was fine before all this, and will b great after.. – and the next moment you are “hurt”. 11:01 AM 

Me: and don’t say it like this, “a FREIND to help me get over this” – now you make me feel bad. You said you’ll be great. 11:13 AM 

Andrea: I’m hurt that i shared all the time i did with you…but it is what it is. I would not expect u to feel bad, for doing what you do best…THIS IS WHAT U DO….i was the fool for entertaining you. 4:00 PM 

Me: Stop it 4:21 PM 

Me: I’m not happy about you either 4:23 PM 

Me: It could have been different 4:24 PM 

Andrea: Yes, if u wanted it to. I really believe u were afraid. 4:26 PM 

Andrea: Lol..u could have been my prince 4:27 PM 

Andrea: Im just curious… Did you find someone more interesting? 4:50 PM 

Andrea: U can’t answer that for me… As you can see I’m trying to find closure. 5:06 PM 

Andrea: Me U talk very bad of my actions…however you have not been a total angel Him no, and I never claimed I was 5:33 PM 

Me: no, nobody more interesting, but being called a scammer, asshole, slow communicator, “change of shift” and whatever – I don’t have to take that, why should I? It’s ok to be suspicious and cautious but you can do that in a more polite way. And just look how often YOU said “I’m done” – I can’t even count anymore 5:45 PM 

Me: it’s totally ok to not be an angel all the time but you went way over the top, I took it a couple of times and I also warned you: please don’t do it again. If you cannot learn from your mistakes then I am either not worth it or there is another reason. After you told me that you were upset about me calling Mrs. Hyde I never did that again. Even yesterday when you started acting like that again. 5:49 PM 

Andrea: U did call me ms, Hyde however u found another way to make the same statement. “changing again” “weird at night” “i see why you want a movie at night” those are all stabs at me… 6:13 PM 

Andrea: I did not overreact each time you did it, however, i understood it to be part of the “online dating anxiety” but to say that it was actually you, and then get HIGHLY upset…i never behaved that eY with you. 6:15 PM 

Me: ok, like you said, I’m not an angel either and I haven’t dated in a while but it’s probably like you said: it no ones “fault” – just 2 people who don’t match 6:17 PM 

Andrea: You have told me to act like an adult… When i thought all of our conversations were mature (besides the jokes, games, and insults) 6:17 PM 

Andrea: Perhaps you should take some blame.. U accused me of chatting with ither guyz, people yoh work with….. For no reason. Why would you do that? 6:20 PM 

Andrea: Im still calm, after you say these thingz. 6:21 PM 

Andrea: but for some reason… when you gave me the warning…. I knew you would find a reason…. to start a disagreement….. in order to avoid meeting me 6:22 PM 

Me: you don’t make any sense, I told you yesterday we can still meet – as friends. I don’t have a problem with that. 6:23 PM 

Andrea: Then you say; it’s totally ok to not be an angel all the time but you went way over the top, I took it a couple of times and I also warned you: please don’t do it again. you warned me…… but you continuously provoked hostility… by bringing up old, negative conversations. 6:24 PM 

Andrea: you say we don’t match…… well you know either I will never know this…. you fail to be relaxed…. open honest…. and just let things flow 6:25 PM 

Andrea: and perhaps… it was some anxiety, because you have not dated in a while. 6:26 PM 

Andrea: I’m comfortable with dating… and my dates are comfortable with me. unless they’re not being a gentleman. 6:27 PM 

Andrea: all I asked was for you to be open and honest and true….. but you have a huge problem with letting go of the past. 6:28 PM 

Andrea: you don’t make any sense, I told you yesterday we can still meet – as friends. I don’t have a problem with that. Tomorrow morning? 6:29 PM 

Me: ok, then let’s let go of the past now – ok? 6:30 PM 

Andrea: Ok…i was really missing you, dispite what people say… 6:33 PM 

Andrea: What do you think makes us hold on? 6:34 PM 

Andrea: No answer? 6:46 PM 

Me: I was 10 minutes too late for work today and my boss makes me pay 6:48 PM 

Me: so I’ll be busy for a while… I have no answer right now, I don’t know 6:48 PM 

Andrea: Oh…no… 6:49 PM 

Andrea: Ok…what about tomorrow? 6:49 PM 

Andrea: We need tho get this anxiety out of the way. 6:50 PM 

Me: I’m not anxious, seriously. ttyl 6:52 PM 

Me: I hope I have some more quiet time now… why would I be anxious? I think you still don’t get it 8:57 PM 

Andrea: I dont get what…please explain.. 9:02 PM 

Andrea: Even though you may not feel the same, i would still like to know who you are. Regardless. 9:03 PM 

Me: you are looking again for something on my end – anxiety – but I am not anxious at all. And I was very relaxed, on the phone usually it went well, you didn’t always like what I said but that’s normal. You still don’t seem to understand why I am disappointed… 9:07 PM 

Andrea: I do understand, i have explained to you, that your reasons for being upset are reasonable, however, my reasons also have merit because I’ve been speaking to someone for three weeks, and have not seen them. 9:10 PM 

Andrea: The behavior on both sides have been indifferent, but yogi said yourself, it will subside after meeting. 9:12 PM 

Me: you mention that guy YOGI a lot – is that the other guy you’re talking to? 9:14 PM 

Andrea:Really, I’m not hurt, but very frustrated, because i feel as though you are continuing tho hide, further increasing my belief that this is some sort of joke…..but i often ask myself why would you play a joke like this.. What would you have to gain? 9:16 PM 

Andrea: Lol………look at the many messages ive sent to you, with typos, (mis spelled words) this is a typo.. not sure if I would talk to someone named yogi …..the only one i know with that name is Yogi the bear….lol 9:19 PM 

Andrea: R u reading to understand me , are just looking over my messages? 9:20 PM 

Me: exactly, nothing. And I warned you – never give anybody any money – so clearly this is also not about money. I was serious, I’m looking for a LTR, I told you what that includes, but I’m not desperate so I don’t do it at any cost. 3 weeks is not really long to figure out it doesn’t work. We both had relationships that took years – until we found out – not gonna work 9:21 PM 

Andrea: I’m not sure if your other relationships started online….but i told you this was new for me and very different…not you personally, but the entire experience…so yes, i don’t know what to expect. 9:27 PM 

Andrea: You just take everything and internalize it..and that’s not good. 9:28 PM 

Andrea: Well i guess u r busy again. 9:34 PM 

Me: work comes and goes. You keep telling what’s not good about me, I accept that, many things are in the eye of the beholder. I was willing to move on when you said you’re done with me 9:44 PM 

Andrea: Ok…i keep telling you what’s not good about you? 9:46 PM 

Andrea: i don’t know much about you, yes i like you have shared things we do not appreciate.. But i do not recall pointing out personal things about you that i don’t like. Please remind me if i have. 9:50 PM 

Andrea: Do you still feel like you want to move on? 9:51 PM 

Andrea: I’m sure you will if someone else, of which is not so cautious has caught your attention. 9:53 PM 

Andrea: And you wish to give your time to that person. 9:54 PM 

Me: stop saying it has to do with somebody else. It has not, you had my full attention those 3 weeks. I was not seeing, dating or talking to anybody else 9:58 PM 

Me: except for the one lady – nothing romantic though 9:59 PM 

Andrea: I never said thou were seeing someone over the past 3 weeks,, i was referring to now.. Because u r disappointed, and, ok with moving on. 10:03 PM 

Me: nope, still haven’t started seeing / talking / dating somebody 10:05 PM 

Me: well, I see you are busy on okcupid, why are you asking me if I started talking to somebody else? 10:18 PM 

Andrea: , please stop assuming, I’m NOT on the dating site 10:20 PM 

Me: ah, I forgot, you are just SHOWN as online, ok 10:20 PM 

Me: slow response time 10:24 PM 

Me: do you have time to talk now or would you prefer a rain check? 10:26 PM 

Andrea: I’m ok, i was just being respectful whilr u r at work. 10:27 PM 

Me: yeah right, you keep chatting the whole time and then you stop. I have time now – so you wanna chat or rain check? 10:30 PM 

Andrea: I said ok… Did you not understand 10:31 PM 

Andrea: Ooook. R u about to call 10:34 PM 

Me: you said that you are ok, that was not necessarily an answer. So we keep talking here… I would like to know what you would like to accomplish – can you share your thoughts? 10:35 PM 

Andrea: Did u say u were about to call, or did i misunderstand you? 10:36 PM 

Me: yes, you misunderstood, I was talking about chatting here, I am still at work 10:38 PM 

Andrea: Hello. 10:38 PM 

Me: I said “talk” but then corrected myself by saying “so you wanna chat” 10:38 PM 

Andrea: Ok, , I’ve been chatting the entire time 10:39 PM 

Andrea: I’m not sure why you would ask me if I want to chat. 10:40 PM 

Andrea: Im here.. 10:40 PM 

Andrea: R u there? 10:41 PM 

Me: evading… I would like to know what you would like to accomplish – can you share your thoughts? 10:42 PM 

Andrea: Not evading, just tried to clarify…But…to answer ur question, i would like to SEE who you are. 10:45 PM 

Me: just out of curiosity or to possibly become friends? (which you earlier didn’t want – so I am confused now) 10:47 PM 

Andrea: I never told u i did not want to b friends. 10:48 PM 

Andrea: U told me… thats all it would be was friends…. not lovers. 10:49 PM 

Andrea: I want to meet you, has that changed for you? 10:50 PM 

Andrea: U asked me to chat, now u appesr to b occupied. 10:51 PM 

Me: not true 10:52 PM 

Me: I said “maybe friends” (after all this I can’t be sure) and you said ” if i have been reduced to a maybe, you can keep that” – you can keep that to me means “no, I don’t want that” 10:52 PM 

Andrea: Well…”maybe” to me means, not sure. As in u will think about being my friend. 10:55 PM 

Andrea: It tskes u a while to respond, perhaps you need a raincheck? 10:58 PM 

Me: I am not sure, yes, I said that earlier today, that is correct 11:01 PM 

Andrea: Ok so y r you asking me the question, i think if you want to meet, we can do so and we can go from there. 11:04 PM 

Andrea: Those are my thoughts. 11:04 PM 

Me: ok, fair enough 11:05 PM 

Me: and if you want to know something please ask before you start making assumptions (again), just saying (just in case) 11:06 PM 

Andrea: So i asked u earlier 11:07 PM 

Me: asked me what? 11:08 PM 

Andrea: @1649 Ok…what about tomorrow? 11:09 PM 

Andrea: Scroll up 11:09 PM 

Andrea: Also, i have not assumed anything, 11:10 PM 

Andrea: U r making all the assumptions, about me tonight. 11:10 PM 

Andrea: But you still refuse to answer. 11:11 PM 

Me: I said that earlier, coffee yes but I would like to skip the movie for now 11:12 PM 

Andrea: Ok…. 11:12 PM 

Andrea: What time and where? 11:13 PM 

Andrea: Hello? 11:16 PM 

Andrea: U alaays get struck right here. 11:17 PM 

Andrea: Stuck 11:17 PM 

Me: did this come through (not before 1 PM) 11:18 PM 

Me: I will tell you tomorrow, I have to run some errands in the morning.. Do you need a big heads up or is short notice ok? Definitely not before 1:00 PM 11:19 PM 

Me: it keeps showing an error 11:20 PM 

Andrea: Ok, coffe usually occurs in the morning, but when will u b done with your errands. 11:23 PM 

Andrea: I thought you we’re free tomorrow…. whereas we had plans already. 11:24 PM 

Me: actually we said 6:15 PM for the movie 11:25 PM 

Andrea: Ok.. Would you like to keep this time…i figured its just coffee, so it would not take up much time. 11:28 PM 

Me: no, actually earlier would be nicer, I’ll tell you tomorrow 11:31 PM 

Andrea: Ok..thats not much of a notice considering i have schedule to. 11:32 PM 

Andrea: Is it not easy just to set a time? 11:32 PM 

Me: I understand, ok. I’ll try to let you know as early as possible and you tell me yes or no 11:33 PM 

Andrea: So u r busy tomorrow? 11:34 PM 

Andrea: Just to set a time appears to b a challenge…but ok 11:35 PM 

Me: ok 11:36 PM 

Me: The guy who’s supposed to take over my shift hasn’t shown yet, 20 min. over 🙁 12:20 AM 

Me: No good night, I see. Good night 1:19 AM 

So we went from good bye and not talk anymore to meet for coffee.

This was not the end – it was just the beginning!

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