Andrea, should I stay or should I go?

Andrea – should I stay or should I go?

I had mixed feelings about yesterday’s conversation, should I stay or should I go?!

Let’s see what the new day brings!

Andrea:   Gm dear, Rise and Shine…..your princess awaits you. 7:01 AM 

Andrea:   Sleep is not necessary 7:13 AM 

Andrea:   Are u not speaking today? 8:56 AM 

Andrea:   What is your favorite color? 10:55 AM 

Me: I like red a lot my princess 11:16 AM 

Andrea:   Oh…… I’m your princess 11:22 AM 

Me: what’s your fav. color your highness? 11:27 AM 

Andrea:   ..I love purple.. My Prince. 11:35 AM 

Andrea:   It has sort of a sense of ROYALTY. 11:36 AM 

Andrea:   I really like to see the color mixed with gray and black, very nice together. 11:37 AM 

Me: still not done here 11:44 AM 

Andrea:   Ok 11:47 AM 

Andrea:   Are u curious, or excited in regards to meeting me? 1:54 PM 

Me: Both 1:54 PM 

Andrea:   Wow… The “Maze Runner” is playing, i know you like Scientific movies. 1:59 PM 

Andrea:   Google nearby cinemas, there are several movies there thou may find interesting. Then share your thoughts. 2:00 PM 

Andrea:   I did not see any movies with biting, so you will b fine. Please don’t think I’m looking for casual sex from u because I AM NOT..I AM FINE NOT TALKING ABOUT IT…i say this because I’m getting that you believe this is what a want. 2:03 PM 

Me: Huh? Where is this coming from now? You are absolutely wrong, that thought never crossed my mind (casual sex). 2:39 PM 

Andrea:   Ok.. 2:42 PM 

Andrea:   Were you able to look at yhe movies at the theaters nearby? 2:43 PM 

Me: nope, still have to do some things before I leave 2:51 PM 

Me: but please help me here – how did you get the impression that I was thinking such a thing??? 2:51 PM 

Andrea:   No, its ok, u have clarified your purpose. 2:52 PM 

Me: for now, yes… but helping me understand what happened helps me to avoid something like that in the future. I still don’t know you 2:56 PM 

Andrea:   I think when we come close to this area, u quickly tell me, you don’t like having these conversations. 2:58 PM 

Andrea:   So I’m not suede if I’m saying something sexual to you or not. 2:59 PM 

Me: I see, ok. Well, I’ll try to open up, it’s not that I cannot or don’t like to talk about sexual topics, I guess I never really learned it, it was nothing that we talked about at home when I was a child and so I never really got used to it. 3:02 PM 

Andrea:   But you did explain to me that I was SEXY, and whether or not i like biting, is this talk ok for u……meaning this is a safe lane 3:03 PM 

Me: let’s make this simple, I learned to be very polite and respectful when it’s about talking to women about sex. So we can talk about whatever YOU want – because then I know it’s ok for you. 3:06 PM 

Andrea:   For me its all about RESPECT, and i do not believe that you are wrong in your decision to b a gentleman, actually, i find this attractive. 3:26 PM 

Andrea:   Please understand, this is not a requirement of you. I am impressed with who you are….DONT CHANGE. 3:27 PM 

Andrea:   :-* 3:27 PM 

Me: as you wish 3:30 PM 

Andrea:   Really…does that include whatever i wish… 3:46 PM 

Me: what do you wish? If you would have one wish free? 3:52 PM 

Andrea:   Lol…. Regarding this situation?????? 3:53 PM 

Andrea:   ???? 3:53 PM 

Andrea:   That, you are REAL 3:54 PM 

Andrea:   WAIT 3:54 PM 

Me: well, I am, so that doesn’t count 3:54 PM 

Andrea:   whos honoring thes wishes? 3:55 PM 

Me: depends on how hard it is to make it come true – so tell me 3:58 PM 

Andrea:   Lol…do i have to… 4:01 PM 

Andrea:   That would b giving you details regarding my inner most feelings…. 4:01 PM 

Andrea:   R u at work 4:03 PM 

Me: give it a try 4:03 PM 

Me: sry, too many nosy eyes and ears 4:09 PM 

Andrea:   No worries 4:09 PM 

Me: so how can I MAKE you tell me your wish? 4:11 PM 

Andrea:   So…i will just leave it at you being real. 4:11 PM 

Andrea:   I will leave that to you… you may find it quite adventurous 4:13 PM 

Me: so not fair – you were the one saying “do I HAVE to” and my answer now is YES, you HAVE to 🙂 4:16 PM 

Andrea:   Lol…lol 4:19 PM 

Andrea:   okay now I’m saying make me…. make me give you that iinformation 4:20 PM 

Me: C’mon, maybe you will get a reward?! 4:23 PM 

Andrea:   Really…lol….like 4:24 PM 

Andrea:   ????? 4:24 PM 

Me: I’ll answer one question – anything you like 4:26 PM 

Andrea:   Any…. 4:27 PM 

Andrea:   Any question????? 4:27 PM 

Andrea:   Well….i am hoping you r a man of your word. 4:29 PM 

Andrea:   Integrity 4:29 PM 

Andrea:   Oh! R u retracting ur last statement? 4:36 PM 

Me: any 4:54 PM 

Me: my boss kept me busy – but I said “ANY” 4:58 PM 

Andrea:   Ok…. 5:01 PM 

Andrea:   R u ready? 5:01 PM 

Me: I am but are you? 5:04 PM 

Me: hm, you are not it seems 🙂 5:14 PM 

Andrea:   My geanie in a bottle. 5:14 PM 

Me: oh, and usually you won’t get a reward UPFRONT, this is not how it works. 5:15 PM 

Andrea:   So…….. 5:16 PM 

Andrea:   Give it to me baby 5:16 PM 

Andrea:   Lol 5:16 PM 

Andrea:   My wish. 5:16 PM 

Me: am I missing something? Can you post your answer again please? “That would b giving you details regarding my inner most feelings” ??? 5:18 PM 

Me: This is the reward, the phone number, not the wish, this has nothing to do with most inner feelings 5:24 PM 

Andrea:   And neither does a phone number, i obese thou were not going tho stand by your words….. 5:27 PM 

Andrea:   @1626….. I’ll answer one question – anything you like 5:28 PM 

Andrea:   U have disappointed me again. 5:28 PM 

Andrea:   Oh well. 5:28 PM 

Me: as a REWARD so that you tell me your “most inner feelings” – did you answer that? I don’t see it 5:31 PM 

Andrea:  stop… are a taker and not a giver 5:33 PM 

Andrea:   Those were not your conditions. 5:33 PM 

Andrea:   Ok…yes they were…. 5:34 PM 

Andrea:   So, i guess, i will place my inner most feelings back in my pocket. 5:35 PM 

Andrea:   Your private phone number appears to be VERY important to you…..even it’d i shared, u would not respond….it s almost expected from you……. 5:44 PM 

Andrea:   Im not angry, y r you soooo quiet. 5:44 PM 

Andrea:   You want me tho trade my innermost feelings for a phone number??? Wow….smh 5:46 PM 

Me: I just don’t want to get into a fight again – you said “do I have to” which suggested you are somehow willing to tell me 5:54 PM 

Me: I also wasn’t sure whether you really meant it “innermost feelings” or whether it was more meant to be funny. I have to configure a workstation soon – possible silence has nothing to do with this conversation 🙂 6:03 PM 

Andrea:   Ok…I’m not looking to have any type of disagreement with you…I’m fine right now….i think its funny thou fix a computer every day at the exact same time.. 6:13 PM 

Andrea:   Ttyl. 6:13 PM 

Me: we always have to wait until the office is empty – this is happening between 5 and 6, then we’ll get really busy 7:34 PM 

Me: what’s “funny” about that? 7:34 PM 

Andrea:   Nothing, someone, messaged me today on the dating site with the same introduction as you….should i be worried about this? 7:39 PM 

Me: loooool 7:40 PM 

Me: definitely 7:40 PM 

Me: get him on the phone as soon as possible, if he has an accent then…. oh oh 7:40 PM 

Andrea:   Lol…..really..stop joking, I’m serious. 7:44 PM 

Me: ok, I’ll stop 7:44 PM 

Andrea:   This is how things start… 7:45 PM 

Andrea:   What can you tell me now to ensure you are a real person, here in town? 7:46 PM 

Me: I visited the farmers market – you didn’t even know about it, maybe you are not here? I went to urgent care today which is right next to Hospital 7:47 PM 

Me: I was in the library last week, I can describe it to you – and I told you where the thrift store nearby 7:50 PM 

Me: but one question – the guy with the same message, the first question: Was that also about Big Bang or maybe Seinfeld? 7:52 PM 

Andrea:   I didn’t analyze it, i just noticed it was in the same format. 7:54 PM 

Andrea:   Google can explain everything. 7:58 PM 

Andrea:   Perhaps i can see you on my way to work in the morning? 7:59 PM 

Me: how? No 8:01 PM 

Me: Google doesn’t explain everything right. I was just googleing my cell phone number and on many of this reverse number searches it actually shoes up as a landline. 8:02 PM 

Andrea:   So, no, u wouldn’t see me in the morning. 8:09 PM 

Me: We could run into each other at the Walmart, dollar tree and bed bath and beyond 8:16 PM 

Me: Of course the Best Buy 8:16 PM 

Andrea:   I see. 8:28 PM 

Me: most of my shopping I do at the Walmart 8:30 PM 

Andrea:   Ok, r u trying to prove to me ?????++ 8:31 PM 

Me: no, because you still don’t believe me, I get that 8:34 PM 

Andrea:   Ok…again you never confirmed what movie you wanted to see, do you plan on really going? You have researched everything, but you avoid the movie choice. 8:36 PM 

Andrea:   r you going tho the movie r not? 8:37 PM 

Andrea:   No MORE GAMES. 8:37 PM 

Me: I am really ok with Lucy 8:38 PM 

Me: you took that joke with her being bossy too serious 8:38 PM 

Me: shouldn’t you like “No good deed” or did you already see it? 8:40 PM 

Andrea:   No, i haven’t been to the theater in a while. 8:47 PM 

Andrea:   R u busy again? 8:55 PM 

Me: no 8:56 PM 

Andrea:   Ok, running out of words to say, r on the dating site? 8:57 PM 

Me: I was writing a few lines to my brother overseas 8:58 PM 

Andrea:   Oh…ok 9:00 PM 

Me: what are you doing? 9:05 PM 

Andrea:   Nothing much. 9:09 PM 

Me: it’s sad that you still don’t even believe that I am here in town 🙁 9:11 PM 

Andrea:   Its om, you will prove that on Saturday. 9:13 PM 

Andrea:   People usually don’t migrate to this area unless they are associated with the military. 9:14 PM 

Me: I honestly started thinking today what could possible go wrong, lol… when I hurt my arm I was thinking for a second “hopefully I don’t have to be in the hospital, she will never believe me” (unless you would come and visit me) 9:15 PM 

Andrea:   Would you want me too come visit you 9:17 PM 

Me: I guess so 9:17 PM 

Andrea:   Well so far, i would like to b more open with you but there are still some inconsistencies. 9:19 PM 

Andrea:   U guess so…. 9:20 PM 

Andrea:   Strange 9:20 PM 

Andrea:   U would not give out your number. but you would want me to visit you in the hospital? 9:21 PM 

Andrea:   Again 9:22 PM 

Andrea:   Again…. people usually don’t migrate to this area unless they are associated with the military. 9:23 PM 

Me: Stop overthinking, I do live here in town 9:23 PM 

Andrea:   Ok…i believe you. 9:24 PM 

Me: though this is way too early I’m trying to picture how LIVING with you would be… would you be suspicious all the time? If I have to work overtime (can happen btw)? Next year I have to participate in a seminar out of town for a week. 9:29 PM 

Andrea:   Oh….wonderful, you will enjoy it, however, we would not get to marriage if I am that suspicious 9:32 PM 

Me: probably not 🙂 9:33 PM 

Andrea:   Ok…do you feel as though you are wasting your time? 9:34 PM 

Me: why? Absolutely not 9:35 PM 

Me: but maybe we just become friends but not lovers 9:35 PM 

Andrea:   I was just curious 9:35 PM 

Andrea:   This has been going on for what 3 weeks now?, can you tell me the exact date? 9:36 PM 

Me: maybe… I here to town on Aug 22 – and I assume I didn’t start texting the next day, lol. 9:38 PM 

Me: you got quiet 9:54 PM 

Andrea:   Im here 9:56 PM 

Me: I know it’s hard when so many guys message you on the dating site 9:59 PM 

Andrea:   What does that have to do with anything, or u being truthful? 10:00 PM 

Me: it means that I understand when you answer slow because you probably get many messages 10:04 PM 

Andrea:   Assumption 10:05 PM 

Andrea:   Mr I cannot talk after 1200 10:06 PM 

Me: well, you just told me today about the guy who wrote you the same text… and then earlier on the phone the guy who asked for your phone number and promised not to call 10:06 PM 

Andrea:   Lol..ok what does that have to do with you? 10:07 PM 

Andrea:   now look who has a slow response time 10:09 PM 

Andrea:   never answered why you cannot talk after you get off work. 10:09 PM 

Me: I was talking about YOU 10:09 PM 

Me: because you got quiet 10:10 PM 

Andrea:   I am NOT quiet. my responses have been continuous 10:11 PM 

Andrea:   why are you avoiding my questions 10:11 PM 

Andrea:   answer please 10:12 PM 

Me: talking after 12? 10:13 PM 

Me: and where is the 2nd question? 10:14 PM 

Me: I honestly don’t remember ever been talking to somebody after midnight because most people are asleep at that time. 10:14 PM 

Andrea:   @2200 What does that have to do with anything, or u being truthful? 10:15 PM 

Me: I told you, you got quiet so I started a new topic 10:16 PM 

Andrea:   answer the questions 10:16 PM 

Me: @ 9:38 PM “I came to town on Aug 22…” then silence until I said @ 9:54 PM “you got quiet” – I think it’s fair enough to ask after 16 min, right? 10:17 PM 

Me: I honestly don’t remember ever been talking to somebody after midnight because most people are asleep at that time. @10:14 PM 10:18 PM 

Me: answer to question #2: I told you, you got quiet so I started a new topic @10:16 PM 10:19 PM 

Andrea:   So if they’re asking you to call them after midnight what is the problem? 10:19 PM 

Me: I never said it is 10:20 PM 

Me: but i also want to go to bed then, remember, I don’t sleep a lot 10:20 PM 

Andrea:   U will always talk your way out of things you do not wish to do or can’t do 10:22 PM 

Andrea:   like not taking a break to make a phone call 10:23 PM 

Andrea:   for whatever reason, you enjoy a game 10:23 PM 

Me: what game? What are you talking about now? 10:25 PM 

Andrea:   Your disregard of questions, is the number one sign of a game . 10:27 PM 

Me: what you still don’t get is that there seems to be a delay with the messages sometimes. I answer the questions when I see them – or I tell you that I won’t answer them (for now) 10:29 PM 

Me: CAPS? Yes, I learned from the best 🙂 10:30 PM 

Andrea:   Still cant talk after 1200 huh 10:30 PM 

Andrea:   Oh no…..Dr. Jekyl 10:31 PM 

Andrea:   😉 10:31 PM 

Andrea:   Still cant talk after 1200 huh 10:32 PM 

Andrea:   Still cant talk after 1200 huh 10:32 PM 

Andrea:   Still cant talk after 1200 huh 10:32 PM 

Andrea:   U always appear to b on a strict schedule, 10:33 PM 

Andrea:   Everything about you is scheduled 10:33 PM 

Me: what’s wrong with being organized? And today I was totally OFF schedule 10:33 PM 

Me: I was still talking to you though I was starvin’ like Marvin 10:34 PM 

Andrea:   And each day, you are like right on the money. 10:34 PM 

Andrea:   Wow…This is not a phrase that a non native speaker would use….. 10:35 PM 

Andrea:   Wow….ok 10:35 PM 

Andrea:   it’s okay for me to communicate with you when I should be sleep 10:36 PM 

Andrea:   however you refuse to make the same sacrifice…. in order to prove your self… 10:37 PM 

Me: lol, thx… I take this as a compliment (phrase) 10:37 PM 

Andrea:   something so simple 10:37 PM 

Andrea:   WHATEVER 10:38 PM 

Me: I thought Saturday will settle that? You refuse to make the sacrifice to use Skype – so, what does that tell me? 10:38 PM 

Andrea:   Wbatever u wisj to believe 10:39 PM 

Me: as I wish, ok 10:41 PM 

Andrea:   it’s okay for me to communicate with you when I should be sleep… however you refuse to make the same sacrifice…. in order to prove your self…. 10:43 PM 

Andrea:   it’s okay for me to communicate with you when I should be sleep… however you refuse to make the same sacrifice…. in order to prove your self…. 10:43 PM 

Me: when should you be asleep? I would always respect that 10:44 PM 

Andrea:   U hsve selfish tendecies, primarily ITS ALL ABOUT YOU. 10:47 PM 

Me: no, I don’t think so 10:48 PM 

Andrea:   Well u have 6 minutes now 10:54 PM 

Me: I’m really worried, you don’t like me being organized and interpret this as selfish – right now I am SINGLE so yes, probably everything is according to MY schedule. A relationship means compromises and adjustments 10:55 PM 

Andrea:   Oh you identified that fact, however, u cannot comply 10:56 PM 

Andrea:   Oh sorry, were not in a relationship 10:57 PM 

Me: Ikr 10:58 PM 

Me: and with “relationship” I was referring to a romantic relationship 10:59 PM 

Andrea:   Oh sorry, were not in a relationship 10:59 PM 

Andrea:   @2257 Oh sorry, were not in a relationship 10:59 PM 

Andrea:   Whatever u say 11:00 PM 

Me: with “relationship” I was referring to a romantic relationship 11:04 PM 

Me: How do you define our current relationship? 11:09 PM 

Andrea:   Goodnight..ttyl 11:11 PM 

Me: Answer the question please 11:11 PM 

Me: Oh, that means I can’t call you after midnight 11:12 PM 

Andrea:   Goodnight… 11:12 PM 

Me: Good night 11:19 PM 

Me: No call after midnight, you disappear all of a sudden, very suspicious 11:24 PM 

Me: Hmmmmm………. 12:18 AM 

So much back and forth, so many suspicions and all that before we even met.

This was one of the moments where I was asking myself “Why am I doing this?”

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