Dating Andrea

Andrea – Reboot?

Last night Andrea went all weird and said the strangest things, so how would this new day begin?

Let’s see what happened!

Andrea:  My phone recived a call from your number @ 1022. 2:16 AM 

Andrea:  Sorry, my phone recieved a call from this number @ 1025.. Can I help you? 2:18 AM 

Me: Seriously? 7:37 AM 

(More games I guess? I did NOT call her and why would she text me in the middle of the night at 2:16 AM? Hello? I was sleeping!)

Andrea:  Really, u know u did, r you, missing me……lol….lol 7:51 AM 

Me: no – and no 7:54 AM 

Andrea:  Yes, i forgot, just Check your time stamp on your computer, that keeps a log of everything you said, as well as the other person…. 7:54 AM 

Andrea:  Scary, ok, be careful not to pocketcall your VICTIMS. 7:55 AM 

Andrea:  GGOD DAY MATE. 7:55 AM 

Andrea:  Hopefully u were not spoofing my phone. 7:57 AM 

Me: just cut the crap. I was at work at 10:22 so WRONG PERSON! You can tell me why you can be nice on the phone and then in the evening turn into an insulting individual – I’m still curious about that 7:58 AM 

Andrea:  Listen, your conversation is the one that changes, as if someone takes over the computer, you forget things we talked about, as evidenced by the responses you give. 8:05 AM 

Andrea:  You claimed u wanted to see a movie, however, u totally avoided the question when i asked you WHAT TIME… 8:06 AM 

Andrea:  Theres your answer… 8:06 AM 

Me: I never forgot anything that we talked about on the phone. I might be more distracted at work but that’s all. 8:11 AM 




Me: I didn’t lie to you. I asked you the question whether your “maybe” meant that you missed me or not. Then – without answering – you asked me about the movies and dared to insist that you answer me first. Then you got mad, started writing only in capitals and insulted me. I even copied you the times that we spoke on the phone from my record 8:15 AM 

Andrea:  I know, a record, that’s scary…i don’t get MAD, that’s what dogs do… You r a very suspicious intenty, and i have caught u in several lies. Y would u need to keep a phone record? 8:21 AM 

Me: … and it’s not an excuse but simply the truth. But if that is what is really going on in your mind then I can’t help you. 8:21 AM 

Andrea:  Again 8:21 AM 


Andrea:  See how you just avoid. 8:22 AM 

Me: My motive is to find the right girl for a ltr 8:23 AM 

Me: It’s OK, Andrea , I’m clearly not what you’re looking for, good luck with your search 8:25 AM 

Andrea:  Im not searching….. 8:31 AM 

Andrea:  You are, and i wish u the best of luck, try not bring so secretive and perhaps that may help. ..too many inconsistencies. 8:32 AM 

Me: like I said, going from “let’s watch a movie together” to CAPITALS and insults – this is on your end, at that time it was only chatting because I was already at work. No inconsistencies but lots of suspicions. And calling me an a**hole nailed it 8:35 AM 

Andrea:  Wow ..please stop, your tone, your responses, everything changed, right after you took a 30 minute interruption. 8:38 AM 

Andrea:  But it does not feel great being called MS. HYDE either, 8:39 AM 

Andrea: U r choosing to usr work and your German native to explain away your inconsistency,,,, but you continue to do that, and you will continue tho make people believe you are NOT REAL. 8:40 AM 

Andrea:  IF SOME ONE gives me there number, its a real stateside number, no specific set hours are times, no drastoc change in yhe conversations 8:42 AM 

Andrea:  What would thou expect. 8:42 AM 

Me: Ok, let’s stop the pinning the blame game, it doesn’t work, you are too suspicious. Period. It was me – all the time, no games, maybe a couple of times in a bad mood at work but if you look back at our conversation then I don’t think I did anything wrong 8:42 AM 

Andrea:  Oh….i see…blame it on the other person. 8:42 AM 

Andrea:  No…your conversations pp. the phone were not harmless, just your texting and the swifch du Rt ing the night. 8:44 AM 

Andrea:  Are you at work now? 8:44 AM 

Andrea:  Are you at work now? 8:45 AM 

Me: … and YOU lied to me btw – nobody took your phone when this happened in the first place, it has been you all the time. I suspected that but it was hard to believe. 8:45 AM 

Andrea:  Lol…please don’t explain what happens in my home. 8:57 AM 

Me: ok, let’s just stop here, no hard feelings and the best of luck to you 8:58 AM 

Andrea:  I have no reason tho life tho you. 8:58 AM 

Andrea:  Sure. 9:00 AM 

Andrea:  U see now where I’m coming from 9:00 AM 

Andrea:  U never answered 9:00 AM 

Me: neither do I 9:01 AM 

Andrea:  Are you at work now? 9:01 AM 

Andrea:  Are you at work now? 9:01 AM 

Andrea:  U get your questions answered but i cant. 9:02 AM 

Me: I am NOT at work. Sometimes messages seem to be delayed on Google, this is not the first time that happened. I either answer a question when I see it or I might tell you that I won’t answer it right now. 9:02 AM 

Andrea:  What are you still curious about? 9:55 AM 

Andrea:  Hello 10:00 AM 

Andrea:  R u there? 10:00 AM 

Me: still doing some laundry 10:01 AM 

Andrea:  What are you still curious about? 10:03 AM 

Me: let’s not talk about that now, like you said, positive thoughts (positive Gedanken) 10:04 AM 

Andrea:  :-* 10:05 AM 

Andrea:  :-* 10:05 AM 

Andrea:  Is that better. 10:05 AM 

Me: not sure, what does it mean? Is it a smiley? 10:07 AM 

Andrea:  No, a KISS. 10:12 AM 

Me: ??? 10:13 AM 

Me: oh, ok 10:13 AM 

Andrea:  Is that ok….now 10:20 AM 

Me: yes 10:22 AM 

Me: are you at work now? 10:40 AM 

Andrea:  No. 10:42 AM 

Andrea:  But u sound like you are very busy this morning 10:44 AM 

Me: done with the laundry and right now I try to fix the indoor ice dispenser at my fridge – no more ice cubes coming out 10:45 AM 

Me: do you know how to fix this? Maybe you also have an indoor ice dispenser? 10:59 AM 

Andrea:  Yes, i do…i was hoping you were the handy man ago that i can refer to you when I’m in need… 11:04 AM 

Me: it depends I guess – I never had one of those 11:20 AM 

Andrea:  So…do you have someone special back in Germany? 11:22 AM 

Andrea:  U tube a video of the mske and brand, and perhaps this will help. 11:23 AM 

Me: I did this – but none of this seems to apply to my situation. There might be a couple of cubes stuck, just got a flashlight and you can’t see it from the top but from the outlet that’s what it looks like 11:27 AM 

Me: I’ll try to use my steamer and make them melt 11:27 AM 

Andrea:  Ok….u missed my question 11:29 AM 

Andrea:  So…do you have someone special back in Germany? 11:29 AM 

Me: see, it’s happening again, this popped up later but has a time stamp from BEFORE the YouTube answer of yours. You mean like a girlfriend? I was married a long time ago. Nobody else is waiting anywhere for me 11:32 AM 

Andrea:  Oh, so its safe for me to travel with you? 11:37 AM 

Andrea:  Its popping up because i resent it again. 11:37 AM 

Me: lol, yes, that would be absolutely safe 11:38 AM 

Me: anybody waiting there for YOU? 11:39 AM 

Andrea:  You….lol 11:39 AM 

Me: and no, I meant it was popping up later, I got it twice – but the order of the time stamps is wrong. 11:39 AM 

Me: when you asked me about shopping and I said Walmart that was not everything of course. Meanwhile I’ve found some stores in the area that are nice and I even visited the Farmer’s Market 11:41 AM 

Andrea:  Really, where is the farmers market. 11:43 AM 

Me: I was at the one at the hospital but found out that there is also one closer that is actually better 11:43 AM 

Andrea:  Really, I’ve never seen or heard of a farmers market 11:45 AM 

Me: Peaches a pricey though (I think) but I’ll check out the other soon. 11:47 AM 

Andrea:  So would you like to go there there instead. 11:47 AM 

Me: you seem to be busy, I’ll start lunch and then do my meditation time. Ttyl 12:02 PM 

Me: I was too slow, tried to call back 12:10 PM 

Andrea:  Sorry, got your message….ok 12:11 PM 

Me: you can call but I would like to eat soon 12:11 PM 

Me: ok, then later 12:14 PM 

Me: are you there? 2:32 PM 

Me: oh my, that starts promising, I walk in and heard my boss yelling at a coworker, I suppose that means he’s in a good mood 4:01 PM 

Me: if you have time – I have a language question for you (use of words) 4:12 PM 

Andrea:  Ok….ask away. 4:51 PM 

Me: are women offended when men say “boobs” instead of “breasts”? I remember I asked that several people but all men and of course they said it’s ok. So is “boobs” a “bad” word or totally ok to use? 5:00 PM 

Andrea:  Well, it depends on what type of forum…a more professional convetsation may require u to use breast, a personal, hsnging with friends, joking, “boobs” is ok…..hope that helps. 5:18 PM 

Me: so in public with people you don’t know (well) it’s better to say “breasts”? But with you I can say “boobs”? 5:20 PM 

Andrea:  Lol..not to someone u just meet in public…lol, but because i have established a rapport with u boobs is fine with me. 5:30 PM 

Me: I don’t want to be disrespectful using bad language. I also don’t want to discuss sexual topics, I told you, but I also don’t want you to think I am not interested in sex (it sounded a little bit like that but the reception during the last conversation before I went to work was really bad) 5:58 PM 

Andrea:  No… You discuss whatever u are comfortable with….you know very well, i will let u know if you are disrespectful. 6:06 PM 

Me: yeah, I know that by now 7:11 PM 

Me: it has finally become a little more quiet, I guess I can breathe now 7:12 PM 

Andrea:  Good. 7:19 PM 

Me: what are you doing? 7:23 PM 

Andrea:  Reading, 7:29 PM 

Andrea:  And thinking about our conversation today. 7:30 PM 

Me: any part in particular or just general? Anything you would like to discuss? 7:34 PM 

Andrea:  How genuine you really are. Is this real, simply, just wanting to see who and what you are all about. 7:36 PM 

Me: can you use another word for genuine? I looked it up but it has many very different translations in German, not sure what you mean 7:39 PM 

Andrea:  True, realistic, 7:44 PM 

Me: I see, ok. I’m not a good actor (believe me, I tried) so yes, I guess I am genuine. 7:48 PM 

Andrea:  Regarding, our conversions over the past two weeks. 7:49 PM 

Andrea:  What are your thoughts at this point. As well as your feelings about all of this? 7:51 PM 

Me: so you are seriously thinking about changing the picture in your profile? 7:53 PM 

Andrea:  Lol….i havent given it any more thought, however, are you avoidind the question i asked you? 8:04 PM 

Me: see, it happened again, “What are your thoughts… ” popped up after I answered “so you are seriously….”. Well, I don’t know many women with whom I had those long conversations over the last 30 years, that’s for sure. And I enjoy it 8:09 PM 

Andrea:  Sso are u hopeful, that everything will fall in place? 8:10 PM 

Andrea:  Or, just keeping an open mind. 8:11 PM 

Me: no, open mind sounds wrong 8:12 PM 

Me: things might fall into place 8:13 PM 

Me: I don’t know what happens when you see me… maybe I should update my picture 🙂 8:13 PM 

Me: so let me ask you the same question 8:18 PM 

Andrea:  Perhaps, you should….but, i think you have made some impression thus far… However, u did suggest that i change mine…. Were you serious. 8:19 PM 

Me: I think you said it first that you might want to change it but yes, I agreed. I mean you look beautiful and sexy on the picture, there is nothing wrong with that. But I can also imagine that you attract a certain group of men who doesn’t really want to talk to you for a long time. 8:23 PM 

Andrea:  Oh…i see, however, this did not run you away, you can see clearly that the look, is not the same a the conversation we have. 8:29 PM 

Andrea:  Perhaps after we meet, i will not need the site at all. 😉 8:30 PM 

Me: ideally, yes, that’s true 8:32 PM 

Me: you mean you would be so shocked that you never want to date again right? Or are you saying you might not need the site anymore because you want to be with me? (Not sure….) 8:33 PM 

Andrea:  The later…u are too funny 8:42 PM 

Andrea:  😉 8:42 PM 

Me: sometimes… no, actually people usually think I am funny 8:55 PM 

Andrea:  But, perhaps u are hiding behind a photo that could give the wrong u Impezstion. 9:04 PM 

Me: u Impezstion ? 9:08 PM 

Andrea:  Impression 9:10 PM 

Andrea:  Sorry. 9:10 PM 

Me: I told you, I have some more facial hair now (goatie – or something like that), I look more like the Emperor Ming from Flash Gordon (beard, not the eyes, lol) 9:13 PM 

Andrea:  Lol….ok, are you ashamed? 9:14 PM 

Me: no, I heard women say that I look handsome so I guess there is some truth in that though it is in the eye of the beholder 9:19 PM 

Andrea:  Yes…women on the site, or generally? 9:21 PM 

Me: do you want to send me an actual picture?  9:21 PM 

Andrea:  Really, this is about your pic not my pic…lol 9:23 PM 

Me: but you mentioned earlier to send me a “full body picture” – but yes, now we ended up talking about the evil Ming 9:25 PM 

Andrea:  Oh..yes i did… however that curiosity will be satisfied Saturday…;-) 9:26 PM 

Me: fair enough 9:32 PM 

Me: Interesting that you didn’t comment on that I find you beautiful and sexy in your picture 9:47 PM 

Andrea:  Well, this is your opinion….so what Can i xay. 9:49 PM 

Me: ok 9:51 PM 

Andrea:  Sorry say….. 9:52 PM 

Andrea:  So you never got a break to call me….huh:-) 9:53 PM 

Me: are you saying you miss my voice? 9:59 PM 

Me: hm, maybe not. 10:06 PM 

Andrea:  Yes….;-) 10:06 PM 

Andrea:  So I take it you did not miss my voice. 10:18 PM 

Me: no, don’t say that. If I would agree with you then we both would be wrong 10:21 PM 

Andrea:  Ok 10:22 PM 

Me: Are you tired? 10:45 PM 

Me: You should probably go to bed, your answers come slower and slower 10:51 PM 

Andrea:  Lol..ok 10:52 PM 

Me: Good night 10:57 PM 

Me: Time for me to go to sleep 12:37 AM 

So was that a reboot? An excuse? On the phone she claimed somebody took her phone and chatted with me and that she didn’t write some of those things.

Should I believe her? And who did all this if not her?

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