Meeting Andrea

Andrea – meeting attempt gone terribly wrong

So it was time to finally meet, we talked a lot on the phone and agreed to meet, I said I’d call when I was done with work (it was a Saturday morning but unfortunately I had to work).

Me: I should expect done by 3.30, I’ll call you then 2:26 PM 

(Here things went terribly wrong, I was on the way to meet her when a good friend of mine called me that his car broke done. Instead of telling her hoping that she would understand I decided to not mention it and tried to stall – bad decision!).

Andrea:  Where are u 4:12 PM 

Me: Call dropped, now it keeps saying pending, bad reception I guess 4:15 PM 

Me: I can’t call you 4:16 PM 

Andrea:  Ok, where r u 4:16 PM 

Me: Rose 4:17 PM 

Andrea:  Whar store 4:18 PM 

Me: Rose 4:18 PM 

Me: R o s s 4:18 PM 

Andrea:  Ok do want to meet at starbucks? 4:19 PM 

Me: When? Where 4:20 PM 

Andrea:  Ok, the starbucks is on the other side of the highway. 4:21 PM 

Me: There is also one right here in Barnes and Noble 4:22 PM 

Me: Are you still at home? 4:22 PM 

Andrea:  Ok, which one? 4:23 PM 

Andrea:  Would you perfer the Barnes and Noble 4:26 PM 

Me: Yes, I am inside now, bookstore 4:28 PM 

Andrea:  Ok, give me about 30 minutes 4:29 PM 

Me: Oops, I mean I’m not here for 30 minutes, why so late? 4:30 PM 

Andrea:  Im driving 4:31 PM 

Andrea:  U cant wait. 4:31 PM 

Andrea:  Where will u b in 30 minutes 4:32 PM 

Me: Target or dollar store 4:34 PM 

(That was me trying to buy some more time since I had to toe my friends car to the shop. Even he said: “Go man, it’s ok!” but he had helped me a lot so I didn’t want to leave him like this)

Me: But then make it 40 or 50 then I’m done for today 4:35 PM 

Andrea:  Ok, so i shuld b there shortly 4:37 PM 

Me: Where 4:38 PM 

Andrea:  U said u are inside B & N , if not where r u 4:39 PM 

Andrea:  Where r u? 4:44 PM 

Me: I’ll be back there in 40 4:44 PM 

Andrea:  Where r u now? 4:49 PM 

Andrea:  I can meet you there and then you can go about your day. 4:50 PM 

Me: I ran in somebody from work 4:50 PM 

Me: Just left Barnes and noble 4:51 PM 

Andrea:  or are you sending me on a wild goose chase 4:51 PM 

Andrea:  do you want me to meet you are no 4:52 PM 

Me: No, you said 30 min and I said make it 40 or 50 4:52 PM 

Andrea:  Where do u want to meet at 4:53 PM 

Andrea:  20 minutes have passed already. 4:54 PM 

Andrea:  Hello, where r u? 4:56 PM 

Andrea:  Im just driving in the parking lot, tell me where u are going so i can go inside 4:58 PM 

Andrea:  Ok…so u cant meet now? 5:00 PM 

Andrea:  or are you sending me on a wild goose chase 5:01 PM 

Andrea:  Are u available r not? 5:06 PM 

Andrea:  This is what u said But the make it 40 or 50 then I’m done for today(as in if u take 40 or 50 minutes youre leaving) @1635 Then u said I’ll be back there in 40 @1644 Then: No, you said 30 min and I said make it 40 or 50 5:18 PM 

Andrea:  I see its a joke….thanks 5:18 PM 

Andrea:  Perhaps its just you. 5:19 PM 

(I lost track of time and all of a sudden it was almost 7 PM – she must have been very upset, a few more nasty texts with bad language that I won’t post here and 19 (!) missed calls)

Me: It’s hard to listen to you when you constantly twist my words 6:52 PM 

Me: Hello? 7:45 PM 

Me: Some of your texts I got later, it’s probably simply not supposed to happen but today’s actions didn’t happen with any bad intention but I should have walked back to the car where I had service and call you 10:26 PM 

Me: ok, you’re not answering anymore, guess I lost you. This is probably beyond repair 11:42 PM 

So I messed that up pretty good, she didn’t answer anymore.

While most of you and me back then believe(d) that this was it – it wasn’t!

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