Do you want to end this?

Andrea: “Do you want to end this?”

People need to understand that on the phone she could be all nice but also the next second turn into Mrs. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll or Mrs. Hyde? Things could change in a heartbeat!

Andrea:  R you busy now? 5:07 PM 

Me: no 5:07 PM 

Andrea:  Ttyl 5:14 PM 

Me:  I said I am not busy so why “ttyl”? 5:15 PM 

Andrea:  Just because 5:15 PM 

Me: well, you’ve made a decision regarding where this might lead (or not lead), so that was important 5:16 PM 

Andrea:  I don’t understand are you upset? 5:17 PM 

Andrea:  I don’t know whet it would lead. 5:17 PM 

Andrea:  And you don’t either, but i would assume not very far right now…because i have not meet you. 5:18 PM 

Me: well, you clearly said ” we are not married nor are we getting married…” – so you’ve made a decision (already) 5:18 PM 

Me: let’s not fight and move on, I can respect your decision 5:19 PM 

Andrea:  R u serious…..can you even possibly think of marriage so early? 5:20 PM 

Me: you are missing the point and you don’t read what I’m saying 5:21 PM 

Me: @4:55PM: LTR for me means MARRIAGE (eventually) – after a certain amount of time of course, I don’t want to fool around, I’m too old for that 5:21 PM 

Andrea:  @4:55PM: LTR for me means MARRIAGE ####### (eventually) – after a certain amount of time of course, ########## This makes sense I don’t want to fool around, I’m too old for that 5:24 PM 

Andrea:  I have said nothing tho discount eventually, hwoever, we are not doing it orrow. 5:25 PM 

Andrea:  Do you understand my point. 5:26 PM 

Me: I think you have been pretty clear and I get that, no worries, let’s not talk about it anymore 5:26 PM 

Me: maybe without thinking about a possible romantic relationship we can become really good friends 5:26 PM 

Andrea:  Is that what you would like tho establish….please let me know. 5:30 PM 

Andrea:  Hello 5:31 PM 

Andrea:  Can i get an? answer 5:32 PM 

Me: my point was to establish a LTR that leads to MARRIAGE – I was very clear about that 5:42 PM 

Andrea:  Ok… I got your point… 5:53 PM 

Andrea:  But you also said this happens after a certain amount of time….right? 5:55 PM 

Andrea:  I guess u r busy. 5:57 PM 

Me: I never said “let’s get married tomorrow”, I am not an idiot. Yes, it’s getting busy (6 PM, as usual) 6:00 PM 

Andrea:  Clockwork… 6:02 PM 

Andrea:  What is so busy……u said u have a small work order….no one is there, what do you mean? 6:04 PM 

Me: no, I said “short and sweet” – my boss told me in a few words but it’s actually a lot of work. It’s like “ok, now climb up that mountain!” (which is the Mt. Everest) 7:22 PM 

Me: what r u doing? 7:56 PM 

Me: Rise and shine princess 8:32 PM 

Andrea:  Yes 8:33 PM 

Andrea:  I figured u were busy tonight, no time to text with me. 8:34 PM 

Me: No time doesn’t happen very often 8:34 PM 

Andrea:  Clarify 8:35 PM 

Me: That I am too busy to text at all 8:36 PM 

Andrea: im takung this to mean u cannot text? 8:45 PM 

Me: You seem to be busy chatting with other guys now that you know that I’m not the right person for you and that you will NEVER marry me 8:45 PM 

Andrea:  What… 8:46 PM 

Andrea:  I could also say that you were too busy chatting with other women…. now that you know I’m not ready to get married tomorrow 8:46 PM 

Andrea:  you did seem pretty upset about the conversation earlier 8:46 PM 

Andrea:  U just accused me of chatting with other guys, how would u know. 8:48 PM 

Andrea:  sounds like you are accusing me of what you are doing 8:48 PM 

Me: no, but you made up your mind earlier – and I thought now you move on 8:49 PM 

Andrea:  Dont think for me. 8:50 PM 

Andrea:  Think for yourself, wheras your thoughts appear to be distorted. 8:51 PM 

Me: maybe one of the other guys you’re talking to is a coworker of mine?! That would be embarassing 8:51 PM 

Andrea:  Do u not wish to communicats with me anymore 8:52 PM 

Andrea:  Is that a hint 8:53 PM 

Andrea:  Answer please 8:53 PM 

Andrea:  Answer please 8:54 PM 

Andrea:  Answer please 8:54 PM 

Andrea:  Im not going tho fight with you anymore. 8:54 PM 

Andrea:  Answer 8:54 PM 

Me: stop being so demanding, my boss came in. Of course we can talk, I know where I’m at with you and that is ok 9:15 PM 

Andrea:  Go answer your phone….u know take a break. 9:16 PM 

Andrea:  Your boss must work all day and night .. 9:17 PM 

Andrea:  U cant take a break. 9:17 PM 

Me: just checking the dating site, the only visitor of my profile today was you, lol 9:17 PM 

Andrea:  Good, i noticed your job is sales and marketing, not IT/computers? 9:19 PM 

Andrea:  However, u didn’t visit me at all… 9:19 PM 

Me: I don’t put on there that I am a system analyst – for several reasons – and since I do marketing for a friend though it’s not a lie. No, I didn’t visit your profile because you never change the picture. 9:20 PM 

Andrea:  Answer your phone …you can’t take a break? 9:21 PM 

Me: I’m running several tests right now, I cannot leave my station 9:22 PM 

Andrea:  Y did u change german american 9:22 PM 

Andrea:  Excuses 9:22 PM 

Me: Huh? 9:23 PM 

Andrea:  U cant talk, u cant text, but u can loom on OKCUPID 9:23 PM 


Andrea:  I KNOW SOMEONE who does this, however his duties greatly differ from what you describe. 9:25 PM 

Me: Y did u change – huh? 9:25 PM 

Andrea:  Y did u change your ethnicity….huh 9:27 PM 

Andrea:  Very slow cimmunicator on thursdays 9:27 PM 

Andrea:  Slow typer this shift 9:28 PM 

Me: I haven’t made any changes recently, I think it said “white” from the beginning 9:29 PM 

Andrea:  Ok…ur not doing well tonight…good night. 9:30 PM 

Andrea:  Ok 9:30 PM 

Andrea:  It doesn’t matter. 9:30 PM 

Andrea:  U have behaved awfully strange this evening 9:31 PM 

Andrea:  How can you expect to establish a relationship with this behavior. 9:33 PM 

Andrea:  I guess your speaking with another victim. 9:33 PM 

Me: I was not happy to hear what you said about a possible relationship between us, I thought it was still “open” but I will accept it and move on 9:33 PM 

Andrea:  I never said anything indifferent, except it won’t happen overnight. 9:34 PM 

Andrea:  U made the other assumptions 9:34 PM 

Andrea:  I SAID MARRIAGE 9:35 PM 

Me: and going back to your weird behavior and using terms like “victim” or doubting again (a friend having a job like mine? Seriously? I bet NOT like mine, believe me) and saying “slow typer” though you know I am at work – not helpful 9:35 PM 

Andrea:  MARRIAGE 9:35 PM 

Andrea:  you do not need to start crap right now. 9:36 PM 

Andrea:  , y answer your phone 9:36 PM 

Andrea:  Won’t you go answer your phone…before things get worse. 9:37 PM 

Andrea:  Unless u don’t care. 9:37 PM 

Me: I can’t believe you are doing it – again, wow 9:38 PM 

Andrea:  Doing what? 9:39 PM 

Andrea:  Asking you to answer your phone? 9:39 PM 

Andrea:  Ok…i see tonight is not a good night for you…. 9:41 PM 

Andrea:  However you were fine today… 9:41 PM 

Andrea:  Sorry your having a bad night. 9:42 PM 

Me: acting weird, say “Won’t you go answer your phone…before things get worse” – seriously? 9:42 PM 

Andrea:  The conversation . The confusion via the text. 9:48 PM 


Me: Capitals again 9:51 PM 

Me: Changing again in the evening, wow, that’s why you want to move in the evening? Now I get it 9:52 PM 

Me: oh, and one “I’m done” again, wow, I forgot about that. 10:00 PM 

Andrea:  Are u feeling better? 11:24 PM 

Andrea:  Are u feeling better? 11:37 PM 

Andrea:  Are u feeling better? 11:37 PM 

Me: About? 11:40 PM 

Andrea:  U appeared to b upsey tonight 11:41 PM 

Andrea:  Starting around 8pm 11:42 PM 

Me: You appeared to act weird again, just tired of that, especially when I was quoting YOU with the 20 years and you acted out 11:43 PM 

Me: And again saying “I’m done”, guess what, now I am 11:44 PM 

Me: Good night 11:44 PM 

Andrea:  …u changed drastically after i said were not getting married 11:44 PM 

Andrea:  Wow….how did i know thou would do that right before it was time to meet… 11:45 PM 

Andrea:  No worries….i understand 11:46 PM 

Andrea:  So i guess we are not friends either? 11:46 PM 

Me: I’ll leave that open, time will tell 11:47 PM 

Andrea:  Y r u overreacting. Would you rather not communicate at all at this time? 11:48 PM 

Me: And we can meet for a coffee so that you finally see that I am a real person 11:48 PM 

Andrea:  Oh….no movie? 11:49 PM 

Me: We’ll see 11:50 PM 

Andrea:  Did you have a bad night tonight at work? 11:50 PM 

Andrea:  You started accusing me of chatting with other guys…perhaps your co worker 11:52 PM 

Andrea:  What was that all about? 11:52 PM 

Andrea:  No answer… Well its over before it got started… 11:54 PM 

Andrea:  U r not very positive i believe u are very upset with more than me. 11:55 PM 

Me: That was at the very end, stop it 11:56 PM 

Andrea:  I’m trying tho console you, and u are stilll angry. 11:57 PM 

Me: I’m not angry but very disappointed 11:58 PM 

Andrea:  U wont explain? 11:59 PM 

Andrea:  I really dont understand y..u joke all day…i accept it, u bring up the past, i overlook it, if i do things like that you behave like this. 12:00 AM 

Me: You started it when getting upset a out the 20 year this, re read it 12:00 AM 

Andrea:   my text does nit ibdicate i was upset over this comment. 12:02 AM 

Andrea:  And im not, thats nothing to get upset about 12:02 AM 

Andrea:  Review the messages, im not upset, u were upset about my not fetting married comment. 12:03 AM 

Andrea:  Y were u accusing me of chatting with someone else? 12:03 AM 

Andrea:  But i don’t understand y this would make you so angry….then you find a rain tho argue with me. 12:04 AM 

Andrea:  .. This started with you asking me about trapping you. Then it wrnt down hill…. 12:09 AM 

Andrea:  R you just unhappy? 12:09 AM 

Me: I’m good, and you? 12:10 AM 

Andrea:  U can’t answer your phone…if your good. 12:11 AM 

Andrea:  Disappointment does not behave like this, anger does. 12:12 AM 

Andrea:  Am i bothering you right now? 12:13 AM 

Me: Driving 12:15 AM 

Andrea:  Well it appears I am bothering… And perhaps, this may be completely over…what r your thoughts? 12:20 AM 

Me: Scroll up, I said friends maybe and coffee 12:23 AM 

Andrea:  Maybe friends…i don’t understand that… 12:24 AM 

Me: Time will tell 12:25 AM 

Andrea:  Maybe indicates you not sure, so, if i have been reduced to a maybe, you can keep that. 12:25 AM 

Andrea:  Time by your watch? 12:26 AM 

Andrea:  If you are that disappointed, we can both agree to end all conversations 12:27 AM 

Andrea:  Rely weird after speaking with thou for three weeks. 12:27 AM 

Andrea:  Really weird after speaking with you for three weeks. 12:28 AM 

Andrea:  But …… This to shall pass. 12:28 AM 

Me: You kept doing this, you accused me again tonight, next victim, remember? And so on, just stop it 12:29 AM 

Andrea:  U not answering your phone….r u still driving 12:30 AM 

Andrea:  R you Simply dont gave 5 minutes for me. 12:31 AM 

Andrea:  Y won’t you answer…i guess there was no meaning at all in our conversations. 12:31 AM 

Me: Stop it 12:32 AM 

Andrea:  Ok….answer ur phone 12:33 AM 

Andrea:  Are u not willing to talk like mature adults? I though thou told me communication was important. 12:35 AM 

Me: Not in the middle of the night 12:38 AM 

Andrea:  So u not going tho answer? 12:39 AM 

Andrea:  This is not important to you? 12:39 AM 

Andrea:  If you can answer the above two questions, i will b ok.. 12:40 AM 

Andrea:  I’m hurt…but ok…i understand, i will let it go…. 12:44 AM 

Me: I told you this should not happen again but you did it again, talking about victims, getting upset about the 20 years of marriage thing and so on. So just stop 12:47 AM 

Andrea:  Its ok….i have accepted your decisions 12:48 AM 

Andrea:  I’m all good… 12:48 AM 

Me: You should be because you cannot do this to people 12:49 AM 

Andrea:  I said nothing wrong amour the 20 years, whereas, it was just a metaphor, indicating how often we are disagreeing. 12:50 AM 

Me: Oh, I know somebody who has the same job like you but he is doing other things… Seriously? 12:50 AM 

Andrea:  No i don’t do this f to people 12:50 AM 

Andrea:  And please don’t try tho place a guilt trip on me. 12:51 AM 

Me: Slow communicator, yes, because I was at work. If I take my break I have to stay 30 minutes longer so just stop doing this to people 12:51 AM 

Andrea:  You have a problem with letting go and forgiveness, u always assume and over anAlyze 12:52 AM 

Me: You are the Queen of over analysing and suspicion 12:52 AM 

Me: I have to get up at 7 so I need some sleep 12:53 AM 

Andrea:  Understood .. I’m not a match for you, you blow things out of proportion 12:54 AM 

Andrea:  Do you want to end this…i have to get up at 530 12:55 AM 

Me: If it’s my fault you’ll be fine with the next guy 12:55 AM 

Me: Gn8 12:55 AM 

Andrea:  What does that mean 12:56 AM 

Me: Gn8 = good night, I will turn my cell off now 12:56 AM 

Andrea:  Perhaps its noonez fault. 12:57 AM 

Andrea:  Ok 12:57 AM 

Andrea:  Rude 12:57 AM 

It was ok to have this type of conversations at work but it was somehow exhausting.

I never met somebody who is so caught up in details and can’t let go.

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