Andrea - babies & marriage

Andrea – babies & marriage

Me: Good morning – rise and shine – the prince is waiting for answers to yesterdays questions 8:13 AM 

Andrea: The answer is, 8:30 AM 

Andrea: QUID PRO QUO….. 8:33 AM 

Me: I still would like to know how do you define our current relationship 8:47 AM 

Andrea: @2312 Oh, that means I can’t call you after midnight. You cant or you wont call after midnight… Is really the answer. 8:49 AM 

Andrea: What relationship….i have never seen you, and all i have is a bucket full of dreams. 8:50 AM 

Andrea: Thats my definition at this time. 8:50 AM 

Me: fair enough – it seems you got upset yesterday 8:55 AM 

Andrea: Nope…not at all 8:56 AM 

Andrea: For what… 8:56 AM 

Andrea: There is a song that once said…. 8:56 AM 

Andrea: You can’t miss what you never had. 8:56 AM 

Me: you said it several times ” Oh sorry, were not in a relationship” 8:57 AM 

Andrea: I AGREE, i told s you no more arguments, disagreements, blame games, childs play…..etc.. 8:57 AM 

Andrea: I need mature snd healthy relationships…..;-) 8:58 AM 

Andrea: Ok…yes i did…is there a problem with that?? Would u consider this a relationship…if your definition for friend is strong and more close….u cannot possibly believe THIS IS a RELATIONSHIP. 9:00 AM 

Me: and you think you can have that with me? You called me selfish yesterday, you believe me having a schedule, a daily routine, is bad. And then you even doubt that I am not a native speaker (“starvin’ like Marvin”) 9:01 AM 

Andrea: Ok…, i know what i said, what r u teething to say??? 9:04 AM 

Andrea: Again 9:05 AM 

Andrea: @0900 Ok…yes i did…is there a problem with that?? Would u consider this a relationship…if your definition for friend is strong and more close… u cannot possibly believe THIS IS a RELATIONSHIP. 9:05 AM 

Me: me picking up English phrases seem to have surprised you. Would you consider me more intelligent, average or below average? 9:05 AM 

Andrea: Do you believe you are in a relationship??? 9:06 AM 

Me: no, I was the one saying right now I am NOT in a relationship, this is why I stick with my daily routine and organized ways 9:07 AM 

Me: I tried to say that if I WOULD BE in a relationship I can adept and adjust, I am not selfish at all, every possible relationship needs time 9:08 AM 

Me: I’m just having a hard time with all the accusations, misunderstandings and suspicion. Also the “are you and your wife looking for a house”… seriously? 9:10 AM 

Me: I might be a little more sensitive to that while I am at work and / or tired but still… 9:11 AM 

Andrea: Ok…, i agree, we are not in a relationship, hence the reason you, can’t give out your number, or can’t talk after midnight. GOT IT… 9:15 AM 

Andrea: I UNDERSTAND 9:16 AM 

Andrea: DOES IT MAKE SENSE…. 9:16 AM 

Andrea: NO! 9:16 AM 

Andrea: but…. Ok…life keeps moving… 9:16 AM 

Andrea: No reason for me to be mad…lol 9:17 AM 

Andrea: Actually… HAPPY 9:18 AM 

Me: I actually asked you yesterday if you want to talk. I just wanted to say “Hello” once I got home and then go to bed – to get this out of the way. 9:19 AM 

Andrea: GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY….. 9:20 AM 

Me: get your suspicion out of the way 9:21 AM 

Andrea: YOU SAY THAT AS IF IT IS A THORN IN YOUR SIDE or something 9:21 AM 

Me: that I can’t talk after midnight 9:21 AM 

Me: your suspicion is a thorn in my side, yes 9:21 AM 

Andrea: I would rather it b your desire to call me after midnight…NOT you….TRYING TO PROVE A POINT. 9:22 AM 


Andrea: BUT….OK 9:23 AM 

Andrea: if you like it….i love it. 9:23 AM 

Andrea: Then fix it….if u are concerned that i am overly suspicious…….FIX IT….OR PERHAPS IT JUST DOES NOT MATTER. 9:24 AM 

Me: of course it matters but sometimes it’s not easy or even impossible to “fix” certain things 9:28 AM 

Andrea: Not sure what u mean 9:30 AM 

Me: are you a “all or nothing” person when it’s about men? Would you consider us being just “normal” friends in case things won’t lead any further? 9:30 AM 

Andrea: No…u are all or nonthing, we have had this conversation before….u stated, u want LTR, no text buddies or friends.. 9:32 AM 

Andrea: Lol……now you wish to say its me….lol 9:32 AM 

Andrea: Too funny… 9:33 AM 

Andrea: Im ok, being a friend 9:33 AM 

Andrea: However, if i never see yogi, u are a text buddy, however you veiw it….IM OK…WITH IT. 9:34 AM 

Me: I still want to meet you, don’t get me wrong. I’m just very concerned atm 9:36 AM 

Me: and who is yogi? That’s not my name! 9:37 AM 

Andrea: You. 9:38 AM 

Me: I think you just revealed that you are chatting with somebody else (yogi) 9:39 AM 

Me: tell me about yogi 9:46 AM 

Andrea: Stop..please stop the games..does it matter if i am chatting with someone we have no relationship. 9:49 AM 

Me: ok 9:52 AM 

Andrea: I nerd to give a class….ttyl 9:57 AM 

Me: you are a nerd? So you are just disappearing right now? I cannot call you? 9:59 AM 

Me: hello? 10:01 AM 

Me: you never gave classes – why today? 10:01 AM 

(She called me later and all of a sudden started talking about babies, totally random – with her I never knew what’s next!)

Andrea: So now were discussing babies and we have never met.. Lol…what An interesting thought…a euro afro american baby…..BEAUTIFUL 1:44 PM

Andrea: (sent me a picture of a little mixed baby) 1:47 PM 

Me: Cute 2:44 PM 

Andrea: Yes…. this is how our baby could look like 2:45 PM 

Andrea: Did i scare you…… 2:45 PM 

Andrea: Is this a bad joke….IT DID SHOW THE TEXT CAME FROM ME RIGHT? 2:46 PM 

Me: no joke, I said cute 2:46 PM 

Me: why should a cute baby picture scare me? 2:49 PM 

Andrea: No… Me implicating us having a baby. 2:59 PM 

Andrea: do u think I’m trying to trap you. 3:10 PM 

Me: how could you possible TRAP me? I’m not concerned about that at all. 4:03 PM 

Andrea: Ok…good 4:05 PM 

Andrea: did you make it to work 4:05 PM 

Me: almost too late for work, can people in Texas not drive in bad weather conditions??? 4:05 PM 

Andrea: Lol.. no they’re not used to it 4:06 PM 

Me: do you WANT to TRAP me? 4:06 PM 

Andrea: so what’s different about your look now? 4:06 PM 

Me: you’re really concerned about my look, aren’t you? 4:07 PM 

Me: maybe the prince turns out to be Rumpelstiltskin 4:07 PM 

Andrea: you said you look different…. so I’m asking how…. so simple 4:10 PM 

Me: open question: do you WANT to TRAP me? 4:11 PM 

Me: but to answer your question: just look older, more mean, lol – more facial hair 4:12 PM 

Andrea: what reason would I have to trap you.. why would I want to do that 4:13 PM 

Me: because you want me 4:13 PM 

Andrea: Lol… I don’t think you want me to want you. 4:14 PM 

Me: evading 4:14 PM 

Me: regardless what you think that I think…. 4:15 PM 

Andrea: I have no reason to trap you  4:16 PM 

Me: so you DON’T want me, I see 4:16 PM 

Andrea: I don’t even know you 4:16 PM 

Andrea: your conversation is changing…. again 4:17 PM 

Me: ok, ok, I’ll stop. But why is what I am doing “worse” than you writing “Me implicating us having a baby.” – I don’t understand 4:22 PM 

Andrea: if not work 4:23 PM 

Andrea: it’s not worse 4:24 PM 

Andrea: it makes no sense to trap someone you don’t know 4:25 PM 

Me: So help me understand, you can make jokes and I can’t? 4:25 PM 

Andrea: read 4:26 PM 

Andrea: Read 4:26 PM 

Andrea: it makes no sense to trap someone you don’t know 4:26 PM 

Andrea: oh and I lost for words now. 4:31 PM 

Me: I read it, it’s ok, I was not serious. If this is what happens after 20 years of marriage things need to change 4:32 PM 

Andrea: What…. 4:34 PM 

Andrea: What r you talking about???? 4:34 PM 

Andrea: 20 years…marriage….?????…r you talking About. 4:35 PM 

Andrea: Who r u talking about. 4:36 PM 

Andrea: Change in conversation .. . 4:37 PM 

Andrea: Im done 4:38 PM 

Me: referring to what you said earlier today – we sometimes sound like we’ve been married for 20 years. Pointing, pinning the blame… that’s what YOU said… 4:40 PM 

Me: much much earlier today 4:40 PM 

Me: I hope you’ll remember… 4:40 PM 

Me: I’m sure you remember – I asked “how do you know?” 4:43 PM 

Andrea: Something is very wrong with you…. 4:47 PM 

Me: are you still there or busy? 4:47 PM 

Andrea: Whats your prose for bringing that up. 4:48 PM 

Andrea: Purpose. 4:48 PM 

Me: do you remember you said that? 20 years? 4:48 PM 

Andrea: your problem is is that you don’t read all the text before responding 4:49 PM 

Andrea: then if I ask you a question you simply ignore it 4:49 PM 

Andrea: I’m not starting a new conversation with you about marriage  4:49 PM 

Andrea: I’m not starting a new conversation with you about marriage  4:49 PM 

Andrea: I’m not starting a new conversation with you about marriage  4:50 PM 

Andrea: we are not married nor are we getting married….. 4:50 PM 

Andrea: what the purpose to talk about it 4:50 PM 

Andrea: likewise we’re not having a baby 4:51 PM 

Me: nor are we getting married – I didn’t know that but it’s good to know what you think ok. 4:51 PM 

Andrea: so….. I’m not talking about the baby anymore. 4:51 PM 

Me: and again – earlier YOU brought it up basically saying “we argue LIKE a married couple” – it was an example and as such I took it, with humor 4:51 PM 

Andrea: Yes, i got that…. 4:52 PM 

Me: I probably misunderstood you earlier, I get it now, then there is nothing left to say I guess, ok. 4:52 PM 

Andrea: nor are we getting married – I didn’t know that but it’s good to know what you think ok. Would you want to consider someone for marriage that u don’t know. 4:53 PM 

Me: no – but at least leave it open for the future in case we would have gotten along and eventually fall in love. But if you already know that’s not gonna happen I totally understand that 4:54 PM 

Me: LTR for me means MARRIAGE (eventually) – after a certain amount of time of course, I don’t want to fool around, I’m too old for that, lol – no 21 year old interns or just wild sex for me 🙂 4:55 PM 

Me: if I wasn’t clear about that then I am sorry – I apologize (in this case I would probably kneel, I don’t want to mislead anybody) 4:56 PM 

Andrea: Lol…… 4:57 PM 

Andrea: U do not have to be 21 in order tho have wild sex…. 4:57 PM 

Me: but the intern was 21 (or 22), thats what I was referring to 4:57 PM 

Me: wild sex with a 21year old – that’s what I meant 4:58 PM 

Andrea: If it its with the right person, it can be wild, and good….: ) 4:58 PM 

Me: indeed 4:59 PM 

Andrea: Ok….well, perhaps you could have tamed her. 5:00 PM 

Andrea: Your meeting will start shortly right? 5:01 PM 

Me: you are missing the point that I don’t want casual sex. I am very aware that I can have it (somewhere) if I want to 5:01 PM 

Me: no, I already have my workorder for today, short and sweet 5:02 PM 

Andrea: I UNDERSTAND ….and i agree with you. 5:02 PM 

Me: good, ttyl 5:06 PM 

Reading those texts again really made me question myself!

Why exactly was I doing this? She could go from being nice to weird in seconds. Bipolar?

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