6 easy ways how to flirt with a girl

6 easy ways how to flirt with a girl

6 easy ways how to flirt with a girl – we all fear rejection! Unless you don’t care at all and you’re just hunting. After all, no one wants to ask a girl out on a date only to hear no.  Of course, you shouldn’t let rejection stop you from approaching a woman, but if it is a fear of yours flirt first.  By flirting with another girl or woman, you are able to see if she is interested in you before you take the plunge and ask for a date.

Unfortunately, when it comes to flirting, many guys don’t know where to start.  Females are the ones that have flirting mastered.  So, what should you do?

Here are the 6 easy ways how to flirt with a girl:

Separate yourself from the group! 

If you are at a high school sporting event or a bar, chances are you are with a group of friends.  Yes, it is possible to flirt when in a group, but your success rate improves when you separate yourself from the crowd.  Whether you head to another part of the establishment alone or make contact with the girl right away, do it!


If you want to meet someone and possibly score a first date, you need to smile.  It doesn’t matter what your mood is, smile.  Did you have a bad day at work?  Did you get a bad grade at school?  It does not matter, still smile.  Even if that smile is fake, it helps you meet girls.  Whether you flirt with someone up close or from afar, a smile is important.  Plus, a smile shows you are friendly, which will increase your chances of a girl flirting with you instead.

Make eye contact!

Eye contact is a great way to get the flirting started.  When you enter a room, scan the crowd to see who is present.  Chances are you will automatically lock eyes with a girl in the room.  Don’t freak out if she isn’t one who interests you.  Locking eyes with a stranger is common, but up-close is when it really matters.  Whether you keep checking a girl out or approach her for a conversation, make eye contact.  This shows you are interested in her.  You can wait for her to make the next move or jump right in yourself.

Say hi! 

So obvious isn’t it? This is where many guys make a mistake.  If a woman interests you, approach her and say hi.  Follow that greeting with a quick general question, such as “are you enjoying yourself?”  The mistake that many guys make is following hi with a cheesy pickup line.  Yes, using a pickup line is a great way to flirt with a girl, but many pickup lines are lame and borderline offensive.

Don’t panic!

So many guys switch to panic mode in the worst moment. When flirting with the opposite sex, it is common for awkward moments to occur.  You are likely to tell a bad joke, she may say something mildly offensive, or there may be pauses in the conversation.  If so, don’t panic.  Just continue the conversation or just laugh it off.

End the flirting on your terms!

Whether you aren’t interested after talking to her or if you are struggling for something to say, end the flirting on your terms.  Do so by saying you have to get going or get back to your friends.  Before you leave, give her your phone number.  This puts the ball in her court and takes the pressure off you.  If she is interested in a date, she will call.

Bonus tip – be nice to those who flirt with you!

That shouldn’t even be worth mentioning but common sense: Whether you are at a high school sports game or a bar, someone in the crowd should find you interesting.  This girl may approach you.  As previously stated, many girls have flirting mastered.  What if you were interested in someone else?  Don’t blow her off.  Share a dance, have a quick conversation, or let her buy you a drink.  Don’t waste too much time, as you want to flirt with the girl you like, but that girl may be watching you.  Women eye men in public settings; make sure she sees you being nice to others.

I hope the “6 easy ways – how to flirt with a girl” will help you, good luck!

A friend told me that he used to “train” flirting with a female friend. They spent so much time together “training” that they eventually ended up as a couple and after 8 years they are still together.

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