She did not answer the phone

Darla – not answering the phone

Oh Darla, why are you so complicated?

I tried to call 3 times in the morning but she didn’t answer.

Me: Good morning 11:32 AM 

Darla: Hey. wyd 1:01 PM 

Me: I tried to call you, you didn’t answer. 1:05 PM

Darla: U cant talk today. Well ill talk to u some other time. Be safe at work. 1:31 PM 

Me: I can, I tried to call you earlier. 4:54 PM 

Me: guess u r busy 6:00 PM 

Darla: No u wasnt talking so i sais never mind. 6:02 PM 

Me: Oh, ok, I did my lawn earlier today but I tried to call you 6:19 PM 

Darla: Ok well i want bother u. 6:21 PM 

Me: you’re not 6:23 PM 

Darla: U want talk to me. Wat wrong 6:24 PM 

Me: I did stuff in the house 6:28 PM 

Darla: Oh well go ahead.We can talk some other time. 6:29 PM 

Me: ok then, as you wish 6:30 PM 

Darla: Ok. 6:32 PM 

Me: How has your day been? Do you have to work tomorrow? 4:29 PM 

Darla: Yes but i will be moving my stuff in my new apartment tomorrow. 4:30 PM 

Me: don’t overdo it. what time do you have to work? 4:36 PM 

Darla: Midnite 4:37 PM 

Me: seriously, so basically when I’m off, wow 4:38 PM 

Darla: I told u it just until the other guy come back from vacation. 4:40 PM 

Me: yeah, ok 4:41 PM 

Me: I hope then soon you can cook for me 4:46 PM 

Darla: And alot more. 4:47 PM 

Darla: I get my keys tomorrow. 4:48 PM 

Me: a lot more? 4:49 PM 

Darla: Yea 4:50 PM 

Me: what do you mean? like doing other things? 4:51 PM 

Darla: Of u dont know then never mind then. 4:52 PM 

Me: I don’t know what in particular you mean 4:55 PM 

Darla: Boy is it that obviously sex too. 4:57 PM 

Me: well, of course, I know that 4:59 PM 

Darla: Thats why i said alot more 5:01 PM 

Me: now I get it, ok. don’t forget that some things sound different in my language, I’m still translating when someone is talking to me. 5:27 PM 

Darla: Wat u mean someone talking to u. 5:29 PM 

Darla: When u tell me stuff like that i believe it. 5:33 PM 

Darla: Fwd:Wat u mean someone talking to u. 5:36 PM 

Me: when I’m watching TV or someone is talking to me (you, work, when I’m at the store), I always still translate it in my mind 5:41 PM 

Darla: Couldn’t be me we hardly talk. 5:44 PM 

Me: maybe I’m not saying it right, with “talking” I also mean everything in written form including texting with you 5:52 PM 

Me: texting gives me more time to think and perhaps reread it if necessary 5:53 PM 

Darla: If theres no communication, theres no understanding. 5:56 PM 

Me: you still don’t understand what I’m trying to say 6:06 PM 

Darla: I dont think i do. 6:09 PM 

Me: well, it’s hard to explain anyways to somebody who doesn’t speak a secret on language on a daily basis but don’t worry about it 6:10 PM 

Darla: Ok 6:11 PM 

Darla: I want. 6:11 PM 

Me: want what? 6:26 PM 

Darla: U said not to worry about it. 6:27 PM 

Me: Oh you meant “I won’t”, ok ☺ 6:50 PM 

Darla: Yea. 6:53 PM 

Me: well, I hope the weather is good tomorrow that you can move your stuff safely 7:03 PM 

Darla: Im pretty sure it will be nice i hope. 7:24 PM 

Me: ok, sounds good 7:28 PM 

Me: you didn’t say anything after my last text 11:27 PM 

Darla: I dont know wat u mean by sounds good. 11:30 PM 

Me: that was my answer to your last text. anyways, I was just wondering why you got quiet, that’s all 11:39 PM 

Darla: Probably had dose off a min. 11:42 PM 

Me: a minute? lol, that was hours ago but ok, no problem 11:46 PM 

Darla: Oh no it wasnt. 11:47 PM 

Me: ok 11:48 PM 

Darla: U always take so long to text me when i text u. 11:49 PM 

Me: well, it took you longer 11:58 PM 

Me: I said I hope the weather is good tomorrow and it took you like half an hour to answer, then I texted you within 4 minutes 11:59 PM 

Me: and then you got quiet for hours 12:00 AM 

Darla: Ok wat ever u say.u always want to blame me for things. 12:00 AM 

Me: just stating facts 12:00 AM 

Darla: Cause u dont answer me. Sometimes u act like u dont want to talk to me. 12:01 AM 

Me: but I did, you were the one answering slow and then stopped talking 12:03 AM 

Me: I hope all this gets better when we see each other 12:03 AM 

Darla: Me to but will it. Get better. 12:05 AM 

Me: yeah 12:08 AM 

Darla: Well i hope so 12:11 AM 

Me: Oh yes, me too 12:14 AM 

Me: I’m going to sleep, good night 12:16 AM 

Darla: Moving is not easy cause u have crap to move but i dont really have much stuff anyway. 12:16 AM 

Darla: Ok gud nite. 12:16 AM 

Somebody might have noticed that I kept mentioning “I tried to call you earlier today”.

She never said anything in response.

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