Manners maketh man

5 things that people find attractive – #5: Good manners

One of the most obvious things but yet many people seem to forget about it: Good manners.

Some might remember that mom wanted you to “behave well” and be polite. Little things like saying “please” or “thank you” seem to be outdated for many but let’s face it – they are not.

Being nice, gracious, opening the door for another person (it doesn’t matter if that’s for a man or woman, old or young, some people are so surprised when I do that – they shouldn’t be, this should be the “normal”).

Don’t talk with your mouth full (especially not when you’re on a date). People will love being around you, all this will make you more attractive.

Attractive doesn’t mean good looking (ok, for some it does but those are the people you shouldn’t be with in the first place), the right habits, self-care and trying to be the best version of yourself – this is something that makes everyone attractive.

Manners maketh man

(Colin Firth / Kingsman)

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