5 biggest dating mistakes

  1. Too much or too little information in your profile

    Online dating starts with your profile. Too little information may cause a person to simply skip your profile and go to the next one.

    If your whole life story is in your profile people might not want to read everything. As always, the golden middle is the key.

  2. Going for the looks

    So obvious and yet the most common mistakes. We flip through the pictures, we swipe left or right, click “like” or “heck no!” without even reading the profiles. So we are probably missing out on wonderful people only because of a profile picture. On the other side, if you see a picture and you think like “heck, yes!” and then you read the profile you will get disappointed because you don’t have anything in common. It’s a complex topic, we are all visual beings, but if you really want to be in a successful long-term relationship you might want to spend a little more time before clicking “no way!”.

  3. Talking to too many people at the same time

    Some people are on several dating sites at the same time talking to a whole bunch of people. Keep your options open, they think. This can lead to disaster, you can’t really focus on one person, you don’t know who is who and what you have shared with this person, you get things mixed up, you get exhausted and frustrated and you might be missing out on the one good person who is the right one for you.

  4. Taking everything personally

    Just as you might not like every person you come across guess what, this is how you might appear to other people. Maybe they don’t like you, maybe they don’t like the way you look, it might not be anything personal. Of course, if you go on a date and you act like an @ss – then it is most likely personally!

    The bottom line is: Don’t take everything personal, sometimes 2 people are simply not meant to be together.

  5. Trying too hard

    Too much texting, wyd, where are you, are you still talking to other people? Why didn’t you text me back, I just texted you 10 seconds ago. Trying too hard is a huge turn-off, more about this in a future post.

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