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Nina – the stalker, sex buddies and the breakdown

To politely answering my own question from my previous post – no, it was not, not even close!

It sure wasn’t for the sex! I know that sounds mean but it’s important to understand this!

Me: Good morning 9:05 AM 

Nina: Good morning 9:06 AM 

Me: how are you feeling? what’s new? 9:06 AM 

Nina: I’m good. Nothing is new. You? 9:07 AM 

Me: Same 9:09 AM 

Me: did you sleep well? 9:10 AM 

Nina: As best as I could 9:16 AM 

Me: and now? are you busy? 9:19 AM 

Nina: Now I am in this garage cleaning it out and building another freaking table because of all the boxes… smh. 9:22 AM 

Me: ok 9:23 AM 

Nina: So my garage feels extra small ? 9:23 AM 

Nina: But it’s built to work in not entertain right? 9:23 AM 

Me: You’ll probably stay in this house for the next 100 years 9:25 AM 

Me: I admit that’s why I’m sometimes having some doubts when you think about buying another house (or even buy something together) 9:26 AM 

Nina: At the rate I’m going I think it would take about $8000 to move just this craft room 9:29 AM 

Nina: So you’re right I’ll probably be here for another hundred years 9:29 AM 

Me: ??????? 9:29 AM 

Nina: Lol… well I would never pack this mess… If I ever have to move again I’d have to set this room on fire… lol 9:31 AM 

Nina: I guess all you would have to do is take out a loan on this house… and add to it so you can feel like “we did it together” and refinance in both our names…. 9:32 AM 

Nina: I have enough land to add on… but I’m already overpriced in the neighborhood… ? 9:32 AM 

Me: you said “I’ll be here….” not WE…. ????? 9:34 AM 

Nina: Well because you always said you were in moving here because of fear I might kick you out 9:39 AM 

Nina: In which I would never do because you’re just going to pay all the bills ??? 9:40 AM 

Me: very funny 9:41 AM 

Nina: Lol… it makes a lot of sense though. Isn’t that what couples do…. 9:42 AM 

Me: maybe I should buy myself a manufactured house and put in the backyard just in case I get kicked out 9:43 AM 

Nina: I have tried. City shot me down ? 9:43 AM 

Nina: An RV was my next thing 9:43 AM 

Nina: Lol 9:43 AM 

Nina: I wouldn’t kick you out. I hate living with my son… but his ass keeps coming back and I don’t kick him out ?? 9:44 AM 

Me: and you know that my salary probably wouldn’t cover all the monthly bills (I can only assume since I don’t know the numbers) 9:44 AM 

Me: how much is your mortgage? 9:45 AM 

Nina: We were i dont know your salary… but mortgage is 1400…with homeowners insurance $1660 No taxes, ever. Electric bill on a bad day $200-400 so far 9:46 AM 

Nina: $150… Water $80 Cable $130 (which I need to downsize today… glad we brought this up).. 2 internet companies $200 9:46 AM 

Nina: Lol throw in my two trucks… cost more then my mortgage ???? 9:46 AM 

Me: I don’t even have cable anymore, I’ll show you how you or the kids can watch everything without paying a dime 9:53 AM 

Me: and food??? 9:53 AM 

Nina: I know… 9:53 AM 

Nina: Food I spend about 800 a month 9:53 AM 

Nina: That was one thing my ex always made me do was buy food ???? 9:54 AM 

Nina: He thought it was insane… but he sure didn’t mind eating it ??? 9:54 AM 

Me: why? otherwise you wouldn’t do it? 9:54 AM 

Nina: Why won’t 9:55 AM 

Me: That was one thing my ex always made me do was buy food ???? – why did he have to “make you” buying it? 9:58 AM 

Nina: Oh lol because he said that was too much money… lol 9:58 AM 

Me: I guess one of the easiest ways to do this would be I’d pay the mortgage and you pay the utilities and food. 10:00 AM 

Me: oh and now you’re getting quiet? ????? 10:10 AM 

Nina: Lol… well I’m wondering if we added on to it… how much would the mortgage be… 10:13 AM 

Nina: Lol 10:13 AM 

Me: of course I don’t know 10:22 AM 

Me: well, we’ll see 10:22 AM 

Me: are you still busy? 10:27 AM 

Nina: I am writing two resumes for two people but am about done 10:46 AM 

Nina: I often wonder if I can even live with a man again. It’s been soo long 10:46 AM 

Me: here we go again, lol 10:52 AM 

Nina: Lol 10:52 AM 

Nina: I was just thinking out loud like could I 10:52 AM 

Nina: So you know this thing? The electrical thing… can I plug another one into it or no? 10:56 AM 

Me: usually there’s a maximum Watt the total of plugged in devices can be combined, it’s not about how many devices but how much Watt they use 11:04 AM 

Me: how would it make you feel if Im talking about babies, houses, living together and then casually throw in “I’m not sure if I can ever live with a woman again…” 11:05 AM 

Nina: I wouldn’t feel any type of way. You been living on your own for so long Imagine you wonder that too… 11:06 AM 

Nina: And I probably only wonder that because you’re not here very long when you are here… so I don’t feel you invading “my space” like it would be if you moved 11:07 AM 

Nina: in… 11:07 AM 

Nina: Speaking of I am not even really sure if I even want a baby anymore I mean maybe I do have a lot on my plate a lot of chaos a lot of drama 11:12 AM 

Me: seriously? now you’re also questioning this? 11:22 AM 

Nina: I mean I’ve been wanting this for about a year so a year later… as she gets older I’m wondering if it’s worth it anymore… if I want to do this all over 11:31 AM 

Nina: again… 11:31 AM 

Me: well, it hard to make plans if you flip flop so much, you don’t seem to know what you want 11:32 AM 

Nina: I know it 11:33 AM 

Me: has your stalker anything to do with this all? 11:34 AM 

Nina: Lol. No. Ha! He wants me to have a baby too… 11:36 AM 

Me: I guess with him and not me ?????? 11:36 AM 

Nina: Lol… yeah I’m sure it would be with him and not you… he’d probably kill me and our baby… if it were you. 11:37 AM 

Nina: Just kidding. He’s totally not my stalker and I haven’t even talked to him… 11:37 AM 

Me: ok, so here is what I learned today: most likely no baby and no living together. 11:42 AM 

Nina: It comes from the comments you made “jokingly” yesterday. I was upset by them because that is my life… that is “My Reality”. You’re joke was true in form… 11:46 AM 

Nina: kids frustrate me, I’m doing the best I can and could be doing- by myself. I’m working two jobs, trying to maintain a home, 3 vehicles, a personal life, finish college, 2 dogs… boys in college… and the list goes on. I feel like I have no room for errors, trial periods or anything… it’s not about you, about my stalker or anyone else. It’s about how much more can Nina take… 11:46 AM 

Me: well I thought I’d be of a lot of help, that we would share responsibilities which would hopefully result in your life becoming way easier. 11:47 AM 

Nina: I am a people pleaser and I am wore out… on top of everything I already go through daily I have to consider your jokes, his threats and how to protect my babies all in the same damn day… on top of getting migraines. I never said I didn’t want a baby, and I never wonder how it would feel… My own kids hate living with me because I have really bad OCD about cleaning ? 11:48 AM 

Me: well, I’m sure your kids would love me and your life would be easier but hey, I’m not here to “sell” anything. 11:50 AM 

Nina: Lol at selling anything. That’s funny 11:56 AM 

Me: I’m going for a swim, ttyl 12:07 PM 

Nina: Enjoy your swim. TTYL 12:08 PM 

Me: I was wondering if we can hang out, in the daytime for a change, lol. Thx 12:10 PM 

Nina: Oh absolutely babe , just let me get my shit together… making sure there is no baggage, chaos and or drama?. Soon. Enjoy swimming babe 12:31 PM 

Me: I’m back 2:32 PM 

Me: and it shouldn’t be a problem to see you in the midst of shit or chaos so that I can either help you or pull you out if all hope is lost ????? 2:33 PM 

Nina: Maybe so 2:34 PM 

Me: stop being so scared, cautious or whatever it is, that makes you think like that. So what baggage, drama or chaos could I witness? 2:40 PM 

Nina: I don’t know you said it yesterday 2:40 PM 

Me: forget about yesterday, that never happened. So again, what baggage, drama of chaos could I possibly witness? 2:47 PM 

Nina: Then I don’t know 2:51 PM 

Me: then don’t worry about it and let me come over and either help you or we go somewhere or whatever 2:54 PM 

Nina: And when would this suppose to be happening 2:58 PM 

Me: well this morning since I didn’t have to work (public holiday in Germany) but I’ll figure out another day 3:03 PM 

Me: you better also put a little effort in this if you’re still serious 3:03 PM 

Me: (wait, I forgot, you don’t know) 3:03 PM 

Nina: Correct, I don’t know… I’m still thinking, reflecting, observing, 3:05 PM 

Nina: and pondering… if you’re worth the risk or am I comfortable the way 3:05 PM 

Nina: I am… or should I just throw the whole idea of men away and commit to a female ? 3:05 PM 

Me: I see, ok. Let me know when you’ve made any progress in the whole process 3:11 PM 

Nina: Ha! Okay. 3:11 PM 

Me: I’m probably 100 years old by then so I also better look for some other options (no men though) 3:12 PM 

Nina: Enjoy the search babe  ?. May the best lady be out there for you ? 3:15 PM 

Nina: Always keep your options open. And lol at no men ? 3:16 PM 

Me: Right 3:21 PM 

Nina: You’re going to keep your options open and I said good luck 3:22 PM 

Me: you flip flop a lot, how about a little consistency and moving only in one direction, foward 3:24 PM 

Me: it was you today questioning babies and the possibility of living together. that sounded different before 3:24 PM 

Nina: A little more consistency? Says the guy who took his personal issues out on me… lol. Yes, sir I will be a little more consistent and I am questioning them things… I told you- you served me a fairly tale and yesterday I actually met face to face with what could be my reality… you snapping at Nina when shit goes wrong… frustrating ain’t it? 3:27 PM 

Nina: I always said choose your words wisely… I play off words… words either make you or break you (any person) I am the type of person that will make you eat 3:28 PM 

Nina: your words I will mentally shut down I will physically shut down I was emotionally shut down as my daughter how’s that working for her 3:28 PM 

Nina: It’s easier for you to say forget yesterday happened because you want the one affected by it 3:29 PM 

Nina: I say the same thing to my daughter for 6 weeks straight now: Come eat, take a shower, watch your siblings, clean your room/bathroom and clean the kitchen to my standards… not a single different word to her 3:32 PM 

Nina: I don’t know if what you said was to strike a nerve with me, get attention, push boundaries, test waters or what… but surely it wasn’t a joke… I don’t know maybe you’ll get fed up again and say you know Nina if you can’t get over it then we might as well part ways… or maybe you’ll just keep going on your search for something 3:36 PM 

Nina: better keeping me on the sidelines… knowing their really isn’t nothing better ?. I have you hooked and you know it. Either way good luck. I don’t wanna argue, fight or keep bickering about it… so I’m answering your thruthfully and with thought… 3:36 PM 

Me: You know there is no relationship or friendship with 100% peace and harmony. 3:41 PM 

Nina: If we stay as friends… then I’m good with it. Friends often say the most crazy things. Anything other then that and I need time 4:14 PM 

Nina: So if you wanna keep your options open babe  I am okay with that. 4:17 PM 

Me: Ok 4:17 PM 

Nina: I definitely think we need to build a friendship first.. create boundaries, and go from there. There isn’t a woman in the world who would commit to someone only seeing them a few times (each time after midnight) and texting a billion and one daydreams or future plans… (fairytales) lol. 4:19 PM 

Nina: And I’d like to add if there is a woman like that… she’d end up crazy ? 4:19 PM 

Me: you’re the one usually telling me that you don’t have time 4:19 PM 

Nina: Because it’s ALWAYS after midnight. I’m a single parent babe … I have kids to raise and shit to do. I can’t live day to day… I have a strict schedule 4:20 PM 

Nina: I have a hard time keeping up with it if I’m kicking it with you until 2 in the morning 4:20 PM 

Nina: If one thing in my day goes wrong- my whole week is then screwed… 4:21 PM 

Me: and like I said, days like today when I’m free you’re busy 4:21 PM 

Nina: Well you should of told me yesterday you were free today. You knew it 4:22 PM 

Me: Ok Nina 4:22 PM 

Nina: I am going to charge my phone and work on my sons birthday items… I’ll talk back to you in a few 4:22 PM 

Me: sure 4:23 PM 

Nina: understanding this 5 nights at Freddy shit… for invitations… 4:29 PM 

Nina: Actually I changed my mind… lol. Maybe you can help me ? 4:29 PM 

Nina: I don’t do digital art at all… I’m sure I could… but J. wants handmade invites and I’m not sure what it’s about… the show or whatever it is 4:30 PM 

Me: it’s a game 4:31 PM 

Me: a survival horror game 4:31 PM 

Nina: So would an hazard box invitation work? 4:32 PM 

Nina: Maybe not those colors?? 4:32 PM 

Nina: MMS Received (picture of an example invitation) 4:32 PM 

Me: the game is around a pizza place as far as I remember, it’s old 4:33 PM 

Me: it would be cool to have one or more animatronics on the invitation, that makes it clear 4:35 PM 

Me: every player knows them 4:35 PM 

Me: Freddy, Golden Freddy and what the heck the other guys names are 4:35 PM 

Nina: Absolutely. I was gonna put it on the actual invite inside the box… I see online it keeps saying “enter at your own risk. That’s why I asked if that box would 4:36 PM 

Nina: be suitable with a tag that had a character on it or something… i dont know.. 4:36 PM 

Nina: I only know paw patrol and Mickey Mouse ? 4:36 PM 

Me: put “open at your own risk” on the box 4:37 PM 

Nina: Right…. lol 4:37 PM 

Nina: He wants that pink doll thingy 4:38 PM 

Nina: I would ask him but he gets frustrated with me and tries to get on the game to “show me”… lol 4:38 PM 

Me: like I said, they’d love me, lol, I know my shit 4:39 PM 

Nina: Whatever…? 4:40 PM 

Nina: What about VIP passes? 4:40 PM 

Me: sounds good to me 4:40 PM 

Me: you could peobably making lots of money by making stuff for gamers 4:43 PM 

Nina: If I actually played video games… probably. I don’t know anything 4:44 PM 

Nina: except “sims” ? 4:44 PM 

Me: well yeah, that was 100 years ago 4:46 PM 

Nina: ? 4:46 PM 

Nina: Not true 4:46 PM 

Nina: Lol 4:46 PM 

Me: I just finished writing my book “how to make money”. 4:49 PM 

Me: Now I need some money to get it published 4:49 PM 

Nina: Lol 4:49 PM 

Nina: That’s like an Oxymoron 4:49 PM 

Me: I don’t see the contradiction ?????? 4:55 PM 

Nina: You need money to launch a book on how to make money… that’s 4:56 PM 

Nina: straight legit ?. So how many pages is this book? And have you looked 4:56 PM 

Nina: up grants? 4:56 PM 

Me: grants? 4:57 PM 

Nina: I do think if you don’t have over $100k in the bank people are gonna 4:57 PM 

Nina: be skeptical lol… because buying your book means they are $20.00 4:57 PM 

Nina: poorer ? 4:57 PM 

Nina: Yes, there are grants out there for writers, journalist, inventors etc… 4:57 PM 

Me: I was just joking, it would be stupid not having the money to publish a book with the title how to make money, you got that right in the first place 4:58 PM 

Nina: Lmfao 4:59 PM 

Nina: I was considering writing a book on how to quit smoking for dummies ? 4:59 PM 

Me: must be awesome, you’re still smoking 5:00 PM 

Nina: Lol 5:02 PM 

Nina: Imagine how long my book would be if I wrote one titled how to piss sex buddies for dummies or Dumb sex buddies…. not sure which one would sell better 5:03 PM 

Nina: I wouldn’t know where to begin with that… 5:13 PM 

Me: you lost count? or what did you mean 9:34 PM 

Nina: I’m trying to get house cleaned and you stopped texting me so I figured you were in the panic room 10:01 PM 

Me: I thought you were doing the invitations. I thought you send a picture?! 10:04 PM 

Nina: Oh since then it’s been hell. Had to cut it short. Electrician and my first sgt came by to prep for Saturday. 10:05 PM 

Nina: I had a mental breakdown because I am just so tired… my son held me for about 45 minutes and calmed me down. So I said today/night ima put my foot down… all day cleaning the inside of this house tonight… tomorrow I will do the yard… after tomorrow if the kids don’t keep it up I will start ridding shit that makes me stressed… first to go dogs… they tear up everything in the yard. They won’t clean up poop 10:06 PM 

Nina: Second will be the dining table… I tell them to clean up after themselves they don’t. I will did it they will stand and eat 10:07 PM 

Me: Oh my. Sounds like you need a man in the house for order and discipline, lol. Guess I’m not invited (Saturday) 10:12 PM 

Nina: Invited Saturday to help my first sgt and the electrician? 10:23 PM 

Nina: They both are starting to irritate the shit out of me too… ??. 10:24 PM 

Nina: That’s the killer part… 10:24 PM 

Nina: But I figured if can get this house in order and bitch about it all weekend… and micromanage they will get it. My son is about two second from having his birthday party cancelled… literally two seconds 10:25 PM 

Nina: I need a maid and a babysitter not an extra problem ???? 10:26 PM 

Nina: ((Just kidding)) 10:27 PM 

Me: whatever Nina 10:37 PM 

Me: if you have time go and see the movie Breaking in – about a black woman and how she’s fighting for her kids in her dad’s house when people break in. The house has an awesome security system. you’ll love that. 10:41 PM 

Nina: I never have time ? 10:42 PM 

Me: true 10:44 PM 

Me: I’m omw home 10:46 PM 

Nina: Well after tonight I’ll have all the time in the world… because I’ll leave for now on when they piss my off… go eat, a bar or something. 10:46 PM 

Nina: Nice you got off early 10:46 PM 

Me: ok 10:46 PM 

Me: I want to see that: Well after tonight I’ll have all the time in the world 11:00 PM 

Nina: Found the reason for the attitude?. I am having extremely nasty 11:01 PM 

Nina: cramps ??? 11:01 PM 

Me: what are you going to do about it? Meds? Epsom salt bath? 11:02 PM 

Nina: Cry 11:04 PM 

Me: awwww 11:04 PM 

Nina: Lol… if I were pregnant I wouldn’t have cramps ? 11:10 PM 

Me: too bad you’re not sure about babies anymore and haven’t gotten the procedure yet 11:18 PM 

Nina: Smoke break. Lol 11:18 PM 

Me: I’m home, I hope you can make those cramps go away and that you get everything done 11:19 PM 

Me: have a good night 11:19 PM 

Nina: Ok. You too. 11:19 PM 

Nina: So who am I suppose to talk shit too ?? 11:52 PM 

No big drama today but guess who brought up the “sex buddies” again?

That’s right, Nina! While on other days she claimed “I’m not doing sex buddies!”

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