Dating mistakes

3 worst mistakes women make

When it’s about dating we all make mistakes but some are more typical for women, some are more typical for men.

Today we are taking a look at the 3 worst mistakes women make:

  1. Jump from one relationship into the next

    I get it, nobody likes to be alone but dating too soon can set yourself up for failure. Here you are with baggage from your relationship that most likely will affect the way you talk to your new date.

    Maybe you’re still hurting which will affect the tone of your conversation and your appearance. Maybe you bring up your ex too often and talk about your past relationship.

    You might come across as a drama queen or bitter women.

    Worst case scenario: Men thinking you still have feelings for your ex.

    When you just came out of a relationship just hang out with friends, do things you love, write or simply have fun. Allow yourself to have some grief time in between. You need to process what happened but don’t be too hard on yourself and think it’s all your fault.

    Love yourself and send those signals out into the world that you are a lovable person.

  2. Being too mind driven and overanalyzing

    Dating and flirting is not for everyone, some people find it even hard yet it’s supposed to be fun.

    Don’t make the mistake and overanalyze everything, don’t interrogate your date and treat him (or her) as a suspect.

    Do things you like together, have fun, be a good friend, have a good time and see where in which direction things are heading.

    Maybe today you don’t find the love of your life but a good reliable friend. Don’t push it.

  3. Playing hard to get

    Playing games usually doesn’t pay off in the end. You might think making yourself unavailable will lead to feeling rejected in the other person and you are not the only fish in the pond and there are many fishermen and fisherwomen out there.

    Playing hard to get can be misinterpreted by people with low confidence and then they simply give up.

    The confident person on the other side might now start chasing you but this might make you think that those reach outs are a sign of weakness (“why is this person chasing me? That’s low, a confident person wouldn’t need to chase me!”). Women often don’t like “weak(er)” people so this can lead to disaster though you are the person who caused it in the beginning.

Simple solution – just say YES

No games, why risking everything? Pride comes before the fall.

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