3 worst mistakes men make

Of course, after talking about mistakes women make here we go with the men.

  1. Stop playing games

    Playing games seems to be very common these days on both sides, men and women.

    Seriously, what’s the purpose of complicated mind-games and arbitrary rules? What’s your endgame here?

    I even read it online that men should be as manipulative as possible. Seriously? Treat the woman with respect, treat her the way you want to be treated (assuming you are a sane person and not into some psycho stuff).

    Treat her as a friend, become her friend.

  2. Stop pinning the blame

    Oh cold, cold world, women are all players and they are against men. We are the victims and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Actually this is not a game where cards are dealt and we got a bad hand. Women are not crazy b*tches who can’t see value in a good man. Sure, there are some crazy ones out there but it’s not always other people’s fault.

    If you pursue a women like that then guess what – it’s because of YOUR CHOICE. That’s right, most of the times it’s just OUR CHOICES that will determine what happens next.

    It’s YOUR CHOICE, you can just sit there whining about your bad situation and how life is treating you bad or you can stand up and take matters in your own hand, take control of your own situation.

    Act, control your situation, control your life. But don’t try to control others!

  3. Stop being narcissistic

    Life is not about you, dating is not about you, we all have been there, we all had good and bad experiences, felt the hurt, got out heart broken and who knows what else.

    You might be nervous about going on a date but guess what, the other person is most likely in the same boat.

    Men often tend to talk endlessly about themselves on a date, they whine about their past relationships and what went wrong, they talk and talk but they don’t listen.

    Stop being narcissistic, stop making it all about you, open your eyes and ears for the person you are dating. Great things might happen then.

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