I was seriously thinking about ending the relationship with Darla. So much irrational behavior! Darla: Gud morning. Do u want to be handcuffed. 9:33 AM  Me: Good morning, Oh my, Idk 9:41 AM  Darla: I have no problem handcuffing yo ass when u talk shit. 9:46 AM  Darla: and inContinue Reading

Arguing with Darla

In person we actually never fought, she kept twisting my mind and was as sweet as can be. No conflicts in person, no fights, no stress. Me: Good morning gorgeous 10:35 AM  Darla: Mornin. 10:37 AM  Me: I was excited to see you again 10:44 AM  Darla: Yea ok. 10:46Continue Reading

I will tie you up!

Sometimes women keep men hooked with sex. I guess that’s what’s happening here. Me: Good morning, why the cussing, gonna be like what? 7:31 AM  Me: are you up? 10:59 AM  Darla: Yes i am. 11:15 AM  Me: How is it going? Did you get your power turned on andContinue Reading

Stop arguing!

I keep running into women who LOVE to argue! … and Darla sure was no exception Me: Good morning 10:33 PM  Me: u busy? 11:17 PM  Darla: GM. not for u. 11:18 PM  Me: well, you’re going to work soon 11:18 PM  Darla: Already here but can talk. 11:19 PM Continue Reading