Don't let me catch you!

When you date somebody in the beginning it’s always the same, you ask questions, you’re trying to get to know the person and you hang out. With Darla it was not so easy to “hang out” because she worked 8 to 5 and I worked 4 (PM) till midnight, oftenContinue Reading

I can tie you up!

Me: Good morning. I’m starving’ like Marvin in Marvin’s garden. I haven’t had breakfast yet, how are you? 8:51 AM Darla: Gud morning starving like…..just kidding.Gud morning. 8:52 AM  Me: how is it going? 9:10 AM  Darla: Going washing. 9:10 AM  Me: washing what? 9:21 AM  Darla: My clothesContinue Reading