Trouble in paradise

We kept seeing each other but our work schedules clashed a lot and it turned out she was quite a jealous person. When I didn’t answer her texts within seconds she got mad. Darla: Gud mornin sexy 8:05 AM  Darla: U really didn’t talk to me last nite. 9:11 AM Continue Reading

Coronavirus (Covid-19) opportunities

People all over the world are suffering from the impacts of the coronavirus (Covid-19). In times like this you can sit at home and wait (if you’re not one of the lucky ones who still have a safe job and / or can work remote from home) or you goContinue Reading

Straight to the bedroom

We talked a lot on the phone the next 2 days and she invited me to come to her house. She seemed to be the nice / shy “let’s talk” kind of girl. That evening it took her 10 minutes to drag me into her bed. She was dressed upContinue Reading

Red flag

Since things didn’t go so well with Nina I actually wanted to wait for a while before going back into the dating scene but then, at a boring night at work, a colleague was browsing profiles in his dating app and I saw this woman Darla that caught my attention.Continue Reading

Joe Goldberg YOU

So I ended my last post saying when one door closes often another opens. This is true in life and of course in relationships. My “Hello Darla” unfortunately sounded a little bit like Joe Goldberg from the TV show “YOU” (great show if you like relationship drama and stalking andContinue Reading