Ninas downfall

Nina: Good morning 6:26 AM Me: Hey there, you were up early. 3:15 PM Nina: Oh now you answer? What were you doing this morning? 3:17 PM Me: I was busy, I went to the store, ran some errands and now I’m getting ready to drive to work. 3:25 PMContinue Reading

Sword of Damocles

Me: so what do you like? I love the Snickers blast and the Reeses 2:37 PM  Me: I’m getting ready to SSS 2:45 PM  Nina: Is that shit shower and shave lol 2:45 PM  Nina: ??? 2:45 PM  Me: that’s right 2:46 PM  Nina: Typical guy 2:46 PM  Nina: IContinue Reading