The night after sex

So we had sex that night and everything was great but in her world that doesn’t mean anything. Mood swings could happen at any time, my guard was up! Me: Good morning 8:27 AM  Nina: Good morning babe 8:30 AM  Me: How are you feeling? 8:46 AM  Me: Are youContinue Reading

A wild road on the rollercoaster with Nina

A new day on the Nina rollercoaster, this time the ride seemed to be smooth and without any drama. I guess it’s all good then! Me: Good morning 8:23 AM  Nina: Good morning babe 8:59 AM  Nina: I’m sorry I didn’t wake up last night I told you I wasContinue Reading

Talk about fuck buddies, sex and babies

Days passed by again – no word from Nina and I also stayed quiet. Then one morning… Nina: Babes, Guess what? It sucks not talking to you ? 10:07 PM  Me: I knew you would say that 11:18 PM  Me: But I guess now it’s all good, you seem toContinue Reading

Virtual Assistant

Have you ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant? This is one of the most in demand AND profitable side hustles and the good news is that you can literally work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop or tablet (preferably with keyboard) and anContinue Reading

Call 911

Would she even talk to me today after I “disappeared” without a word last night? Did I even want to talk to her? This has started to become stressful! Me: Good morning, I hope you got some rest?! 10:59 AM  Nina: I did get some rest but I’ve been outsideContinue Reading