It is possible to invest in real estate online with little money. It’s legit and not one of the many scams that is out there. What is this about? Fundrise allows individual investors to invest in commercial real estate online through an eREIT (which is short for Real Estate InvestmentContinue Reading

The next door stalker

My neighbors had a young daughter (22) who always gave me a certain look or tried to find reasons to talk to me. One day she asked me for a ride and said she needs a ride to the park because she has to meet somebody there. I was thinkingContinue Reading

PTSD and red flags

Sex, then a nice talk afterwards and now “let’s just be friends”? Here is what happened… Me: Good morning 9:26 AM  Me: rise and shine 9:53 AM  Nina: Goodmorning dear 10:08 AM  Me: There you are, how are you? 10:13 AM  Nina: I’m driving 10:13 AM  Me: where are youContinue Reading

The day after...

It’s fair after reading the previous post to wonder – did they have sex or not It shall be revealed! Me: Good morning 8:23 AM  Nina:  Good morning 8:47 AM  Me: How are you feeling? 8:50 AM  Nina:  I am feeling good. A little tired. But I really have toContinue Reading

Nina was waiting for us to meet again

Nina:  Ugh wake up 2:49 PM  Me: ok 2:58 PM  Me: what’s going on? 2:58 PM  Nina:  I missed you 2:59 PM  Me: awwww 3:00 PM  Nina:  Did I wake you up? 3:02 PM  Nina:  I’m honestly sorry if I did? 3:03 PM  Me: kind of but it’s ok, IContinue Reading