Who cares about STDs

2 years ago I met this girl and she was really nice but also a little ghetto (I’m usually not judging or generalizing but she was a black girl who talked and acted ghetto). It was cute somehow in a way but we really didn’t have much in common butContinue Reading

Gold Digger Death Wish

From the day I met Sheva all she was doing was asking for money. More a less direct. The number of her kids varied from 3 to 6 in various conversations so either she was high at times or forgot how many kids she actually has. “They will turn myContinue Reading

I want sex

Nina:  See you say all the perfect things and i smile from ear to ear… And our number would grow by two babies at most… lol. I want a forever… and if we are buying together we’d have to double the square footage. And I’m not paying the bills (kidding)Continue Reading

Death is the only way out

Death is the only way out She really said that and I knew what happened to her former husband. Nina:  You answer me right now, dear! Do you think I am the one for you?10:07 PM  Me: Lol, I didn’t know that you’re a hobby dominatrix, so demanding. 10:09 PM Continue Reading

US flag

I had to work in the morning so I didn’t text much but then this… Yes, I wasn’t born here so I have an accent – since the day we spoke, Nina! Nina: Everything sucks in the US. Was talking to pool guy. He was complimenting my work. I doContinue Reading

I'll put my daughter in Foster care

We were talking about meeting and then this happened… Considering throwing my daughter into foster care. Me: So since today is not a good day on your end and then Friday / Saturday is usy at work – should we aim for Sunday? 8:04 PM  Nina: Yes that will work.Continue Reading

I am a big brat

We talked a lot about more common things and Nina was acting strange. This was not the first time that she called herself a “big brat”! Nina: Im a big brat- let you tell it ? 7:20 PM  Nina: Seriously I was setting up all my computers and stuff inContinue Reading

The kids are killing me

Another evening and more complaints about the kids I met the kids and I couldn’t see what’s “wrong” with them, they behaved very well Nina: Kids are killing me. All I see is red!! 7:24 PM  Nina: I seriously think my kids are why I can not get into aContinue Reading