Nina talking about suicide

I was wondering if she’d really go to bed that early but I was stuck at work and so it took me a while to answer. Nina going to bed so early? No way! Me: oh well, I thought with no school you could have stayed up. 10:52 PM  Nina:Continue Reading

Dating Nina

Despite of all the red flags I met Nina in person. She had a nice house, lots of kids and cameras everywhere (if you sit in a living room and a camera is pointing at you, how is that supposed to make me feel? I asked her about it andContinue Reading

Hello Nina!

So I was chatting on the dating app and had a conversation going for like 2 minutes. She seemed to be nice but then when I asked what she likes to do for fun she wrote this: Well, I’m xx years old, surely I haven’t got life figured out butContinue Reading

Gone like a ghost

I went on a date with this beautiful woman and everything went smooth. We had a great dinner with a friendly waiter, we went to see a movie that we both liked and decided to go to the park for a walk. So you read “robbery” in the headline andContinue Reading

Amazon Mechanical Turk

For those who never heard about the “Mechanical Turk” before you might be wondering what this is. Amazon (the “Mechanical Turk” is an Amazon company) describes it like this: “Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes andContinue Reading

Become a drone pilot

While this might not sound to be so easy it’s actually a great opportunity to make real good money. Obviously you would need a decent drone and with so many new options it’s best to google and see what’s out there after reading this post. Second you would need aContinue Reading

Odd date in the park

After a few conversations via text and on the phone I decided to meet this woman (let’s call her “Sandra”) who appeared to be really nice. We met in a park, walked and talked and all of a sudden she was pointing at an older man who was walking towardsContinue Reading

Of course, after talking about mistakes women make here we go with the men. Stop playing games Playing games seems to be very common these days on both sides, men and women. Seriously, what’s the purpose of complicated mind-games and arbitrary rules? What’s your endgame here? I even read itContinue Reading

Dating mistakes

When it’s about dating we all make mistakes but some are more typical for women, some are more typical for men. Today we are taking a look at the 3 worst mistakes women make: Jump from one relationship into the next I get it, nobody likes to be alone butContinue Reading